Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Wishing You all a Very Happy Healthy & Peaceful 2011

Clock is winding down now
We see the past go by
Thoughts and life's reflections
With very saddened sigh

Past year filled with sorrow
Our hope that new will show
Peace and life with kindness
Within each heart will flow

Clock of life keeps moving
Minutes go by fast
Hope for bright tomorrow
We pray for peace at last

Love that has been written
In words we say sincere
Brought with understanding
Hope is always near

May each of us be smitten
With love that reaches far
Hear the bells are ringing
Peace be where you are

Love through understanding
With each of us a start
Joined in new beginning
With each and every heart.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Seasons Greetings

Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas
A Happy Safe & Healthy New Year

Thank you all for taking a look at my blog
I Hope to see you all next Year 

Time for sharing happiness
Dancing in the wind
Moving all across the ice
With music our hearts sing

Carefree days of beauty
With warmth we feel inside
Always there's a friendly face
As wistfully we glide

Feel the music in you
Winter has begun
Snow is falling gently
Sparkling in the sun

Joy within this moment
That fills our heart with glee
Hear the laughter radiate
Life's pleasant harmony.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Facial Wash Mitten

We are well in to December with 2 weeks to Christmas so if you need a quick present how about a Facial Wash Mitten.
I done 2 out of one ball of cotton I cast on 64st  over 4 Dps needles size 4.5mm needles then changed to 3.5mm needles & did 10 rounds of 1x1 rib then changed to 4.5mm needles again & on needles 2 & 3 I knitted those & on needles 1 & 4 I did a moss stitch but any stitch pattern to give a bit of a raised patterns will do & I knitted until the length of hand then knitted needle 1 but putting it on with stitches on needle 4 then did same with 2 & 3 so you have stitches from needles 1 & 4 on one needles & stitches from 2 &3 on another needle & then did a 3 needle cast off.
I managed to get 2 from 1 ball I am showing both sides of the mitten in the photo as I don't have loads of solid colours I tried it out in the variegated yarn but think it would look better in solid colours
Facial Wash Mitten

Friday, 3 December 2010

Angel Of December

Wishing you all a wonderful month hoping that this will be a great month as we come to the end of the year

Angel Of December 
Angel of December sky
Gathers snowflakes way on high
Graciously with wings in air
Gathers precious gems to share

To trickle down to earth below
To shine like diamonds in the snow
What great beauty it will be
As angel sends these gems for me

A calm and peaceful night with snow
December angel's special glow
See her gliding through the air
This beauty of God's love so fair

Knows just what the snow will do
As peacefully it falls on you
Catch the diamonds in your hand
Where they sparkle God does stand

December's angel wings of snow
Sends her beauty here below
Catch the diamonds from the sky
Magnificently these wings do fly.~

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cosy Scarf

I not been as active of late but I just finished this scarf which is lovely & soft really a cosy scarf

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Single Pinwheel Quilt

I have finished the single quilt I been working on I am certainly no David Bailey as I don't take great photos well the camera while a good one is old must be about 10 years old but still going strong so no new one needed.
Anyway I taken 2 photos one so you can see it in full & the other a bit closer, the other problem I have for taking photos is where to put them to take it this is done on the floor in my sitting room
I have used mostly Civil War Repo fabric with a bit of Thimbleberries for the cream 
I done stitch in the ditch or diagonal stitch on it 

Pinwheel Quilt
Pinwheel Quilt

Sunday, 14 November 2010

2x2 Rib Socks

Here is a pair of socks I done they are 2x2 rib down to the heel, it the first time I have tried this as I thought I would try something different.
The photo is not a great one seems that dark brown/chocolate colour is not great for taking a photo of but if you click on the photo it does come up larger & you may get a better view
2x2 Rib socks

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A Go AccuQuilt Give-Away

Here is another Give-away of the AccuQuilt
No I don't want you all rushing over there as I would love to win this but next to me winning I would love it to be one of my followers.

Now you be biting at the bit to find out how you can win one you go to Lavender Ridge to enter best hurry it ends on the 10th November Good Luck to All

Friday, 5 November 2010

Pot Holders/Hot Pads

I have been trying out some pot holders, I am not very good with hand sewing so if I can find a different method that I am happy with for the binding that also don't involve hand sewing them down I will.
We all know the basic method where you do it then get your binding & sew it to the front then flip over to the back & hand sew.
Well mine for some reason I feel that the binding is too wide I have bought ready done binding from sellers on eBay so it was 2.5" folded in half making 1.25" but I am not happy as if I do try to stitch in the ditch so I don't have to hand sew it don't look right.
So here are 3 methods I tried & the results

1st Method is where I just stitch the 3 layers together then go over with a zig zag stitch
1st Method
2nd Method is a bag method where I sewn it then turned it to the right side which leaves a opening of course which again didn't want to hand sew so I then zig zag stitch around the edges.
2nd Method
3rd Method is where I cut some fabric 1.5" wide & folded it in half so it 3/4" & I sewn it from the back then stitched on the front.
3rd Method
I will be trying a 4th method which will be as the 3rd but sew it on the front & flip to back but then sew stitch in the ditch from the front, but I haven't as yet done it & will post that when done.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Table Runners

I have managed to do some sewing which I am very pleased about the first table runner is from a project which I was doing at Quilt Set which is the Quilting group I go to once a month I am very pleased I have finished it
As you will see it a scrappy one but I still feel it a nice one
Scrappy Table Runner
 The 2nd one is for a gift & I had asked the person what would she like for Christmas & she said a table runner for her coffee table to this is the result of it, I designed it on EQ7 
Browns & Creams Coffee Table Runner 

 I do hope to get some more sewing/quilting done plus a single quilt I have pinned ready to quilt one of the reasons I not done that was after my fall I know that I would struggle I do a when I am not bruised so don't want to push my luck.
I have ordered a long bath mat with a headrest & should have it by the end of the week my DH also says we need to get a small stool for me so it help me step in to & out of the bath, & as whether I have a bath or a shower I have to step in to the bath as the shower while not attached to the bath is a over the bath type so we will be looking for something that can take my weight but also won't slip.
Thank you all for your concern over my fall I am not too bad now thank you

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Ist Postcard & Feeling Old

I agreed to go in to a postcard swap so this is my 1st attempt at doing one to send, I did one when I was at Quilting Group as Janet made me she had fetched the stuff along but this was my 1st one on my own with nothing but me to work it out & design it, now it is in the mail on it way to the USA.
My 1st Postcard

Last night I got in the bath & don't ask how as I am not even sure but I got in & was standing ready to sit & I slipped & fell out, I managed to knock the plastic edging off the shower screen DH made & not sure if it was on that or what but I cut my elbow or just under it & have badly bruised it with it feeling like I have bruises elsewhere.

DH heard me & came rushing in so had to say don't or he would have whacked my head as we have a bathroom that you can't swing a cat in lol
Anyway he starts to get angry saying I have to wait for him to get in the bath ect he only got bad because he was worried & scared I done some real damage, he did ask if I had come over dizzy & said no it was slipping in the bath
Anyway I am well padded as my mum would say so no damage done nothing broken just sore & hurts like mad when I move my arm so having to take it easy, why is it that when I want to sew something else happens lol

Monday, 25 October 2010

Canadian Colour Socks

I have used the Online yarn again & for the first time I been disappointed, as I had nearly finished the 1st sock which is the one on the bottom out of the 2.
I had a join in the yarn it was when i was on the green it had a little of the washed out pink bit then went back to green so cut out that bit & joined it so it be all green & finished the sock which wasn't that much more anyway.
Go to try to get to the start for the 2nd sock & it was out of order the yellow came after the green not before so had to undo the whole ball & re-wind it so it now in correct order.
But for those who have a keen eye will notice a slight difference with the yellow it has much more green in it so it not quite the same as the first so I am not a very happy bunny.
The socks were done in Online Yarn Canadian Colour 4 ply yarn
On a happier note I got some sewing done yesterday I managed to do a table runner top so now have 2 table runners & a single quilt to quilt which I hope to do this week.
I was looking for some labels I have well it took a good hour I thought I knew where they were so I looked & looked in all the places I have fabric & I finally found them yes you guessed it where I thought they were they were hiding under some FQs looking like FQs lol
As you may have guessed I am feeling better than I have been I still have to watch what I do no sudden head movements & if I have to look up or down I have to be careful but am better than I have been Thank You all for your kind thoughts, prayers & concern.
Canadian Colour 4 ply

Saturday, 23 October 2010

AccuQuilt Give-Away

Letting you all know that there is a give-away for the AccuQuilt at   Irish Muses  Blog now don't everyone rush over there as I have entered & would love to win this but if you do good luck 
I am sure that once you visited the blog you will return even after the Give-Away is finished which is on 5th November which also happens to be Guy Fawkes Day here in the UK the day some guy tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605 so may be I will have my own explosion with me winning the AccuQuilt lol
You can read more about the  AccuQuilt   at their website

Monday, 18 October 2010

Emotion Socks

I have felt better this week in as much as the room not spinning but do still feel as I am on the edge of it starting as if I move my head too quick I don't feel great even turning in bed can make me feel a bit off.
I haven't done any sewing well seeing a needle going up & down won't help I know you don't actually look at but as you are watching your work it is in the eye line.
I been knitting so finished a pair of socks I used Online 4 ply yarn the Emotion Range these are for a gift so will be put aside to be given for Christmas.
I didn't go to my Quilting Group on Saturday & I have to finish the table runner that we started last month well no sewing since then.
I do hope to attempt some sewing this week as I really want to sew plus I have a fair bit I need to get done in time for Christmas which is getting closer 
Well the socks I mention are below
Emotion Socks

Monday, 11 October 2010

More Socks

Not done much in the way of crafts I still not been too good, I been to the doctors this morning who try to see if she can move the crystals back which this is what she saying is causing the problem with the dizziness.
I now can't bend my head low or look up high plus have to sleep nearly upright for a few days.
I done a pair of socks which is for my DH for Christmas they are done in Regia 4 ply yarn in a dark brown colour 
I must say I do prefer to do knitting with the yarns that are self-patterning as while it mindless knitting when you are doing knit it changes as you go along so it not so boring plus being such a dark brown was harder to work with.
Here in the UK the clocks will be going back by an hour on the week-end 30/31st I always say it on the Saturday which is the 30th but officially it 2am on Sunday 31st I wonder will that make it that my son who's birthday is on the 31st get a extra hour for his birthday lol 
Dark Brown Regia 4 Ply Socks

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In Memory of my Mum

It been two years today since my mum passed away so here are some photos of her
She was 97 when she passed
Mum taken July 2004

My mum & Dad taken abt 1956/57

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Socks Finished

It been a funny week what with me not being great with the vertigo, I have stopped taking the tablets for it now & will see how I do without them well need to know if it cleared up off medications & not just while I am on medication for it.
I have finished a pair of socks these are for a order in the UK I used the Online Make the Emotion Colour range this is from the 1st of the 3 different colour ranges in the emotion colour as there is emotion II, & III each having 8 different colours in their range it made from 50% merino wool, 25% bamboo & 25% Polyamide the same make up is in all of the Emotion colour ranges.
Well below is the socks I finished, I will taking a break to start a couple of books I want to read so won't be starting anything new for a few days or a week depends on how much reading time I can get in.
Emotion Colour Range a 4 Ply yarn

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hat & Me

Well it been a week where I am not well I have in the past had bouts of Labyrinthitis which is a sort of vertigo well the room started to spin on Tuesday, & was in bed, & while it not as bad as I have had as I took some tablets I have I still felt rough so Thursday went to the doctors who says I have Imbalance Vertigo & gave me some different tablets she thinks they are better.
Well I am still rough I find when I am in bed & go to move or turn over it worst during the day it a case of not moving too quickly so am not doing much or going anywhere can't even do any sewing as I can't take the needle going up & down & of course watching where I am sewing
I have managed to do my knitting so finished the 2nd hat so that is the 2 hats for the order done & have them packed up & ready to go in to the Mail.
You see by the photo below it the same as the one on the previous post just a different colour.
The size looks different but it the colour that makes it look like that as I did the same amount of rows for the rib then for the body so it goes to show that colours can make things look different.

2nd Hat done in Online Spot Range yarn

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Postcard & Hat

Saturday was my Quilting Group that I go to Well Janet who runs it is also on my online quilting group & she been hosting a postcard swap, which I have said no way am I doing one plus don't know how to do it.
Well she had fetched the stuff & got me doing one myself I think it okay nothing to write home about (for give the pun lol) but there again as everyone says you never think your own work is as good as others.
I also have finished the 1st hat of a 2 hat order I will be doing the 2nd in the same yarn just different colour the yarn is Online Spot Colour range
My 1st Postcard   

Hat Online 4 ply yarn in Spot Colour Range

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maple Leaf Blocks

This week-end is my Online Quilting Group's Retreat well we are all around the World so we do it online & post & show what we are doing.
Myself on Saturday I will be at my Quilting Group so will be out for the day but still quilting.
The retreat starts from Friday until Sunday & we have a block lotto this time round it is the Maple Leaf Block below are 4 that I done.
I must say this is a block I do like I think it would make a great quilt or runner or just about anything don't you agree.
9.5 Inch Maple Leaf blocks

Monday, 13 September 2010

1st Hat

Here is the 1st hat I have knitted I did it on Double Pointed Needles (DPs) I started off with the stitches being over 4 needles but found it a bit awkward so went down to having them on 3 needles.
The pattern is from Lion Brand & is called Lake District   Hat   If you click on hat it will take you there it does say do it as garter stitch which is every row knit but they using straight needles by using DPs or even circular you knit every round but it comes out as stocking stitch.
I had wanted to use circular needles but the set I have are 100cm (40 inches) which was way too long I have ordered a set which is 50 cm these will be bamboo like the other set of circular plus my needles & DPs since I started using bamboo needles I really like them.
Anyway below is my 1st attempt of doing a hat, the yarn is not one I would normally gone for it is a 4 ply but I hate knitting with it when I knitted socks once the socks are done & washed they fine just not as nice & soft as some of my sock yarns

My 1st knitted Hat

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Emotion 4 Ply Socks & other Bits

I hope all those who had a holiday week-end last week enjoy it, our one in the UK was at the end of August.
I been busy I been working on a quilt & have the top done & cut backing fabric which I have made the width the length by joining 2 pieces then the length has become the width I am hoping to get it pin on Friday when my friend comes over.
I have finished the socks I started on Sunday these are made from the Online make the Emotion range yarn which is a 4 ply yarn 
These will be a gift for Christmas, well I have to start getting the Christmas gifts done or it will be here before you know it & we be rushing around trying to get things done where if I can make a start now I hope that I will avoid this I guess I just have to see if I succeed lol
Emotion 4 ply Yarn

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Angel for September

As we approach Autumn with it rich colours I hope that your life will reflex this
Wishing you a wonderful September & hope this angel will keep you safe throughout the month

On days when you're tired
Not sure you can go on
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in an Angel hug
To let you rest till your weariness is gone.
On days when you're down
Just feeling so blue
- Your Angel Knows -
And will tenderly take you in her arms
To cherish and help cheer you.

On days when you're hurting
Really feeling that pain
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in a blanket of love
To give you courage and help keep you sane.
On those nights when you're lonely
And there's no one to be found
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll gently enfold you in her wings
To give comfort and let you know
she'll always be around.

And on the days when you're happy
Things are going just right
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll smile and say a prayer of thanks
And give you an Angel hug so tight.
Day and night no matter what
Your Angel is always close by
To help guard you and protect you
Till someday you have your own wings to fly.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Last Pair of Order

This is the last pair of the order I had to fulfill
I used Irish Colour again just a different one from the range, it a US 12 (UK11.5) so another large one
Irish Colour Men's US 12

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Yarn

I just had the parcel man arrive & he has fetched me my new yarn I ordered it Online Yarn Canadian Colour Range & I think looking at the photos you have to agree that they are fantastic colours even better than I saw on the site & will make some beautiful socks.
The 1st photo is what I got from the website so you can see what it shows as knitted socks
The 2nd Photo is all of the yarn now I have it with 3rd & 4th showing closer views of lots of 4 balls at a time
Canadian Colour (From website)
Canadian Colour Arrived
Showing a closer view
Showing a closer view

Monday, 23 August 2010

An Order for Socks in Irish Colour Range

I have finished one of 2 pairs of very large men's socks I have to do, I have to do a US13 & US12 
For this pair which is the US13 size, I have used Online yarn called Irish Colour I think the colour is rather nice for a man with it autumn/earthy colours
The sock is part of an order I got my 1st paying order I needed to do 4 pairs I had mention I may be getting an order well I did for this & the other man's pair & 2 ladies pairs of socks
I must say not ever done socks this large it took longer than I thought which goes to show that it like knitting a extra sock with all the extra stitches & rows I done compared to other socks I have done lol
I have also had some luck this week with getting some bargains on more sock yarn, I got 2 pack of 10 x 100 grams balls of Regia 4 ply yarn I got one which is a dark green (olive) & also Denim blue both of these colours my DH will wear he fussy when it comes to colours he not in to the self-patterning yarns that said he did say he liked the ones below 
I am also waiting on another lot I got which is Online Yarn again but this time 8 x 100 gram balls of a new colour range called Canadian Colour so will have 8 different ones there have to wait for them to arrive from Germany.
Well below is the sock that I have just finished.
An order of a Man's socks US13 in Irish Colour

Sunday, 15 August 2010

More Cotton Socks

Here is another pair of cotton socks I have finished these are for a gift which will be sent in the next few days.
I used Regia Cotton yarn again & these are a bit bigger than the other ones I have done as the person size is bigger than me.
I have some other news I may be getting a sale for some socks it could be the other Cotton socks & the Bamboo socks I have knitted & posted recently they may be going along with 2 other pairs of Men's socks which I will have to knit so a order for 4 pairs of socks.
Okay I won't be rich but I will make enough to cover the yarn plus some for me I have been asking what prices do people think knitted socks go for & I have had prices range from as low as $12 up to $100 well working in USA dollars $12 wouldn't cover the yarn but while I would love to get a $100 I don't think I would.
Here in the UK people wouldn't buy them may be someone who had or knows how nice hand-knitted socks are may buy some but very rare so any sales I get I think will be from the USA possible Canada 
I am thinking of trying to sell on Etsy which is something I hope to try I would like to know what is the average sizes for your country, here in the UK 4-5 for a ladies & 8-9 for men are the most popular sizes I do knit my socks slightly smaller than the standard size as while I am that size for part I am shorter in the foot so at least hand-knitted socks will fit me lol 
Regia Cotton Socks

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bamboo Socks

I must say I am going great guns with the socks, I finished this pair Tuesday night & have already started a new pair of socks.
These are using the Regia Bamboo yarn it a 4 ply yarn & knits up well very similar to the cotton ones which I previously shown & I am working on another cotton pair.
I not done any sewing (smack hand lol) I do want to get the socks done as I want to do some reading so may have a little break from knitting or at least not doing it as much 
These Bamboo ones will be in my gift stash as not knitted for anyone in particular so they either be a gift or I will use them.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cotton Socks

I just finished a pair of sock using Regia Cotton yarn it 34% cotton 41% wool & 25% polyamide I think they knitted up well.
I have put them in my gift stash along with the other socks I have done recently not sure if they will be a gift or I will keep them but as I don't need them now I can decide later, I am now going to start a pair using Regia Bamboo yarn so watch out for those

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What Wadding/Batting do You Use

I was wondering what wadding/batting do you use for quilts & do you use different weights types depending on what you do.

I did a single quilt using some polyester type I used 270 grm weight which is 9.5 ozs, I can get the same wadding in weights of 200 grms 7 ozs or 70 grms which is nearly 2.5 ozs

I have used Warm & Natural 100% cotton which is nice but find it is a bit flat & also not warm enough for me when I use it as a quilt

I know you can also get 80/20 which is 80% cotton & 20% polyester & other waddings

So which do you go for & why & how do you find it wears, the single quilt I did I have found even that was a struggle to get in to the washing machine so I don't think I will use that thick wadding again may be when I have to get a new washing machine I know I will be going for one that is a much bigger load plus a wider door, so will look forward to some feed back on the Wadding/Batting

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Angel Of August

Here is your angel for August I hope that you have a wonderful month

Angel Of August

~She's regal in splendor

This angel of love

Cascading her flowers

From heaven above

To fall from the sky

To land with her peace

The angel of August

Her heart always seeks

To bring you a glow

That makes life complete

The flowers you gather

That fall from the sky

Her gift of the spirit

That soars way up high

A scent in the air

A petal that lands

In velvet she greets you

Wherever you stand

She touches your soul

With all of her love

Sprinkles her softness

With joy from above

Look up to the sky

To see heaven's light

It's the angel of August

That gives such delight~

Friday, 30 July 2010

6 Ply Socks Finished

I just finished a pair of socks using 6 ply Regia yarn this was sent to me in a swap I was involved in last year so it nice to use it.
Most socks I do use 4 ply but I do have some 6 ply & find that they knit up quite quickly
I am not sure if I will keep these or put them in to my Gift Stash that I need to start again well it won't be long to Christmas & if I don't start getting some gifts done they won't be done or it will be such a mad rush & I have to allow for things that happen to delay getting things done.
I have been reading which means no knitting so now I have started to just read for a little while in bed before I go to sleep if I feel up to it so I can then knit in the evenings while watching TV that how comes I have done the socks
6 Ply Socks

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fabric Arrived

The fabric I ordered from   Lynnette   has arrived I will use the top two fabrics for pinwheel the 2nd one down has a pink print on it, the next two I will use as layer cake size blocks with the last one being the border which I feel ties it all in the backing will be done in a pink flannel this is going to be a king-size one so will be done in rows & columns as much as I love the look of on-point it is too hard when it gets to that size to be able to do it.

Lynnette fabrics is of very good quality & she very good will accomadate when ever possible & she does do international shipping do go & look at her site & please do mention if you order that you seen it on here so she knows where interest is coming from