Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Reversible Triangles Dish/Face Cloth

As you can see I have been busy, I finished a dish/face cloth last night it is called Reversible Triangles a interesting one to do only 6 rows to the pattern so a fairly easy one which I needed to do as the evening before we had visitors who stayed overnight so while I was chatting I needed something that I didn't have worry too much about.

I may start another pair of socks but using some yarn I haven't tried yet it feels so soft & I am hoping it knits as well as it feels, these will be for me.

I hope to get a block done as I need to get at least one block done for a swap I do have I think about 6 to do so all the blocks are done but one will keep me on track for now.

Plain Coloured Back Scrubber

Here is another back scrubber but done in a Plain colour it a Mint Green colour & it looks nice just in a plain colour as it does in Variegate yarns

Friday, 26 December 2008

Knitted Back Scrubber

Wishing you all the very best for the Season, well I have been knitting Back Scrubbers or as some call it a Loafer I did one which I gave as part of a Christmas present to my DSIL where we was for Christmas dinner, I done another one which you can see, the pattern is from http://knittingbunny.blogspot.com/2008/10/scrubber.html I quite like knitting these as it mindless knitting while watching TV so it handy.

I am not sure what my next project will be it will be knitting as I know i won't do any quilting until at least the New Year, I have ordered some wadding ready for projects next year I ordered some Insul Bright which is a Heat Resistant one plus I ordered some Soft & Bright & Warm & Natural I have not used either of these two so it be nice to try, I have used the Insul Bright before & as i want to do some Pot Holders (Hot Pads) plus some Placemats I know I will need some, I got a book called 101 Fun-To-Quilt Pot Holders so will have plenty of ideas from the book to do them.

Well if I don't post again before the New Year I would like to take this time to wish all of you & your families a Very Healthy Happy New Year

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Kayleigh's Socks

Here is the latest pair of socks these are for my eldest granddaughter who is 14 the colour is not too good they are browns going from dark to light beige colour.

Well I am glad to say that I now got all the 3 pairs I needed to do done & will wrap them & post them off for their Christmas present I didn't take them when I went to see all of them last week as i wanted to make sure I had all done.
If I don't get a chance to wish all of those who read this here is Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas & a Extra Happy New Year

Friday, 12 December 2008

Aiden's & Rebecca's Socks

Well I have finished 2 of the 3 pairs of socks I have to do for 3 of my DGC these are my daughter's 3 children, I have done Aiden who will be 10 in January the same as DH's socks as I had enough yarn over from them to do the same & what boy don't like camoflauge, Rebecca's socks are bright as that is what she likes she is a bubble 12 year old girl, while the last pair I have to do which will be for Kayleigh who is 14 are more subdue dark colours as that is more her type of colours.

I have decided that once the holidays are over that I really need to get down to doing more I have a fabric & a yarn stash so come next year some of it will be turned in to a gift stash so I may be ready for next Christmas even if I wasn't for this one plus with the way things are going financially all over the world it may be a wise thing to do plus I don't know about any of you reading this but i would rather have something that cost a little but was hand-made than something that cost a lot that was shop bought.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Greg's Camouflage Socks

Well I have finished my DH's 2nd pair of socks these are more like commando socks with the camouflage colouring lol I use a 4 ply yarn it called Twister it yarn I got from Germany it knits up nice & is good length for a 100g ball.
I think I may have enough over to do a small adults pair of socks so may do myself a pair at a later date.
Not sure what is next on the needles, had to laugh as I took the socks to take the photo & then went back in to the sitting room with them & DH said well can I have MY socks back they are mine lol this is someone who is not bothered if I knitted him a pair or not lol, I do think I will stick to plain colours for him while he will wear these & another colour in same yarn I know he much prefers plain colours so it depends on if I can get the colours in sock yarn at a good price as it does seem that this self-patterning type yarn is much more available or at least where I am looking on the net, if I do find some then it does tend to be much more expensive.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Toddler's Aran Cardigan

I finished the Toddler's Aran Cardigan, what a nightmare the knitting of the parts was fine but the bands well the pattern wasn't very good it called for way too little stitches to be picked up & the way they say to do it seem to me wrong comparing to other patterns i have done cardigans with so i have decided not to do the leggings if i have the trouble with them like i have with the cardigan & i done cardigans before i would get really annoyed with them so am not going to bother, as luck has it it is a cardigan that looks okay on it own.

I will at least be able to now start something else not sure if i will do some more socks or what yet will decide later, after i have done some housework well i been putting it off so better do it while i can lol

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Aran Cardigan/Jacket so Far

I have finished the back & left front on the Aran Cardigan/Jacket that I am working on I should finish the right front & possible one sleeve today if I can knit & not have to do or go anywhere.

This is a toddlers set that I am doing it will have leggings to match something I can't say I remember doing before if I have it was when my children was small & the youngest is 32 lol the set also has a hat & mittens which can be done depending on how I feel & how long it takes will depend on if they get done

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Black Socks

Well I have finished the pair of socks I was doing for my DH he being as he is didn't want any self-patterning yarn & only likes plain colours for the main part I do have some yarn he said he may like but would wait to see it knitted up.
So I used some black 4 ply yarn & as you can see finished the pair I have this time used a row counter so I know that the size for both socks will be the same as I find that measuring when on the DPs needles can be a little inaccurate.

Bless him when I have given them to him today he said that one pair won't last very long, but I said that I will wait to see how he gets on with them he is diabetic so has very sensitive feet if they are okay I will of course be knitting many more pairs but hope to use a little lighter yarn as I found that I need extra lights on when knitting in the evenings.

My next project well have a few ideas I am thinking of doing a toddlers jacket for my Niece's daughter she 8 months old not sure as to what yarn I will I will decide when I look through all my patterns I have the yarn in my stash, i am thinking a Lilac chunky yarn or a Mint Green or a beige/Tampa colour Aran I will know when I sorted the pattern out so watch this space

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Special Olympic Scarf

I have finished the scarf for the special Olympics details can be found at

http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Features/Special+Olympics.htm I like to thank my friend Karen who was kind enough to send me the yarn as we don't get this over here in the UK so it not just my efforts it her's as well.
I don't know if many of you find the smaller items seem to take longer to do than say a adults garment for the size i am not sure if it just me who may be don't knit as much if i am working on a smaller item rather than a adults or even a child's jacket.

I heard on Friday that my Niece is expecting again so i will be a Great Aunt yet again i am in fact a Great Great aunt makes me sound so old lol i am of course also a Grandmother & will be off to see them tomorrow (Monday 3rd)

Here in the UK on Wednesday is Bonefire Night also know as Guy Fawkes this is where he & others in 1605 tried to blow up our Houses of Parliament you can read more at http://www.bonfirenight.net/gunpowder.php now as kids we use to make a Guy this is a like a scarecrow & in days before the 5th of November we would be in the street saying Penny for the Guy & with all the money we collected we could buy our fireworks or more if our parents had got us some, i have not seen kids doing this for Many Years now but i know that i use to enjoy it it was fun it was a time when things were safer & innocent now everyone says it begging but if i saw children doing i give them a little something but i don't think a Penny would go far not like when i was a kid lol

I am hoping to make a start on my next knitting project this afternoon possible my DH socks to see how they come out it will be in some black 4 ply yarn & i will let you know how they go

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Quilting Blocks

I have managed to do some Quilting Blocks i have done 4 the same as these are for a lottery on my quilting group, where members have signed up to do how ever many they wish for each block your name goes in, so lucky person is going to win quite a lot of block which will make a very nice quilt or two, i uesd cream on cream fabric with a sort of autumn colour for two blocks & deep red/burgundy for the other fabric the block is called Arrowhead Puzzle & can be found at http://www.quilterscache.com/A/ArrowheadPuzzleBlock.html if your interested to see it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sad news

Well it been a month since I last posted, & it been quite a month my mum came out of hospital but was still not well & I spent from end of September until she passed away on 5th Oct 2008 while I was there I did 1st of a pair of socks I finished it while she was able to see it & she loved it even while she was getting weaker she still wanted to see the pattern I would be doing for my next sweater & she had a copy with her patterns so I showed her it.
The day before she died in her sleep her hands was going as if she was knitting, I like to think Old Knitters Don't Die they Purl Their Way to Heaven which is where my mum is now she at peace & free of pain.
I have just finished the 2nd sock of the pair which is what the picture is of, it Regia yarn the self-patterning ones, I am pleased with the way they have come out.
I also have posted a photo of me & my Mum when we were on Holiday in Scotland some years back & just looking at the photo brings back some lovely memories of her & we had a great holiday to boot
So this post is in Memory of my mum Nellie Smith born 6th May 1911 died 5th Oct 2008 age 97 She was buried in the Prayer Shawl I had knitted her which is shown in a earlier posting, She will live on in my heart & my knitting as she is the one who taught me to Knit Thank You Mum

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Project Finished

Well I did finish the 2ND sock the other day, but my mum has gone in to hospital again so not had much time on the computer to post, I have also finished a cross between a dishcloth & a towel it just going to be used as a cover for DH PlayStation I used two oddballs of yarn a plain black which i did the rib in garter stitch then I changed to a variegated yarn which is black, grey & white & i did the body in that before changing back to the black the pattern of the body a free pattern i got off http://traciknits.blogspot.com/2008/05/basket-rib-hand-towel-free-pattern.html it was more a use up project than anything that I was going to use as a towel I do like the pattern & hope to do more of these out of some nice yarn, the yarn I used is fine for what i wanted it for but wouldn't really like it for a dishcloth or a towel, i may have used it for a mat for the tea tray it too dark for my taste but fine for things like a cover or tea tray.
I hope to start a new project later today not sure what as yet you know in my next post

Saturday, 13 September 2008

My First Knitted Heel Sock

I have finished my first sock with a heel that you knit as you are doing it, I have only in the past done tubular or 2 Needle ones which you sew up the heel I used 6ply Regia yarn, I had started using the pattern from Coats Crafts which is a free pattern for Regia yarn but when it came to the heel I just couldn't understand it & was going to give up it was as if little green men had written the pattern lol so i was going to do a tubular one so while looking at patterns I had printed off I found one that I could understand, & it used the same number of stitches that I had used on my one anyway so I could carry on the photo is the result.
I been to see my mum today & took her the shawl I knitted her & she loved it so I have to do more for her but will see if I can find a different pattern more of a wrap type but we see. She did ask to see her jumper again that is in her wardrobe & she even commented about me lending her the pattern to knit one but i don't think she would really be able to not now after all she is 97 & has trouble holding things but it would be nice as I remember her always knitting & she still was up to about a year or less ago

Monday, 8 September 2008

Knitted Prayer Shawl

Well I finished the Knitted Prayer Shawl for my mum, I was using the remainder of the Aran yarn I used in my Aran Sweater, so I ran out of yarn to be able to put the pockets on, if my mum likes it I & would like another I will do one with pockets, for those who wish to see the shawl with the pockets you can see it at the site I bought the pattern from which is at the link below
I will be taking this to my mum at the week-end, I now have to think what to start next I not made up my mind yet, so it may be a small item such as dishcloths, or socks (not that i am any good at doing them lol) or a larger item such as another Aran Sweater or Cardigan just thinking about it for the present

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Winter Jacket/Coat Finished

Well I have just finished my winter Jacket/coat this morning I just put on the buttons. i am sort of pleased with it the yarn wasn't as nice as i hoped it was not the sort that was well twisted so had to be careful when knitting with it & even sewing up but it done which i am glad of.It taken longer than i expected but having 3 of my grandchildren here for a few weeks & my daughter for a week it cut in to my knitting.I hope to get started on a shawl for my mum today i will use the remainder of the peach Aran yarn i use for my Aran sweater so it will be warm for her the pattern comes from the Knitted Prayer Shawls pattern book which i got off e-pattern central it has pockets each side so it should be handy but i will wait to do the pockets until i finish the shawl as you never know being that i am using a different yarn well i can't get most of the yarns that USA get here in the UK i have to substitute yarns.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Still have the grandchildren here & their mum, she taken them to London for the day so we have a peaceful day which is nice, it great having the grandchildren here but it will be great also when they go I think 3 weeks is a long time to have them here we not as young as we was lol also I really need to give the place a good clean but all I am doing is moving things from one place to another lol
I found a nice site today which was sent to me by my friend Ruth it has quilting, knitting & other crafts & you can buy patterns which are either singular or in a book or even e-magazines & so if your in a different country it don't matter as you download them, i got a Knitted Prayer Shawl book & a quilting one Log Cabin Treasures both are great books & i got a 20% discount on the price so am happy the site if you wish to look at it go to http://www.e-patternscentral.com/ it certainly has a few different crafts to choose from.
Here in the UK we still waiting on Summer it feels more like Autumn & we been having & still will have showers some very heavy & lasting hours i think we missing Summer this year at this rate, i am still working on my winter jacket/coat & at this rate will need it sooner rather than later i am at least on the last sleeve so once that finished it then put it all together & do the bands & collar not sure if that will be before the week-end i have some buttons but not sure if the size is right i do want something that makes it look like a coat rather than just any old button so we see how i do when i get to that point.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Granddaughter's Placemat

I have had my 3 grandchildren here for the last 2 weeks with their mum coming tonight so they will all still be here for another week, the middle one Rebecca well she wanted to have a go at doing some placemats for her mum.

She never really used a sewing machine so while she not perfect for a 12 year old i think she done a good job may be when she older she will want to quilt.

Having a 14, 12 & a 91/2 year old here is certainly exhausting makes you appreciate the peace & quiet when they do go
I manage to do a sleeve on the jacket so i now only have to knit a sleeve before the beginning of the putting it all together

Monday, 4 August 2008

Back is Done

I finished the back of the jacket i am doing photo not so good not had time to do much with it so just taken a photo of it so you can see it.

I hope to start on the front today but as i have one of my granddaughter's staying & she wishes to do some quilting i am not sure how much knitting time i will have, as i have to be with her if she using my sewing machine also help her do what she wants to do nothing fancy just a small project i hope to get photos to share when she done

Friday, 1 August 2008

Knitting & Quilting

Well I have been rather busy this last week or so as my mum who 97 went in to hospital so I have been travelling to see her she lives a hour's drive away, so this has cut in to craft time.
I have done some cotton dishcloths, I also didn't win the stash challenge on my quilting group not that I expected to as there was far better ones than mine, the quilt top I am showing is one of the entries I did I used Thimbleberries fabric I only have the top done so far.
I started last night a jacket for myself it uses super chunky yarn & 6 & 8mm needles it is in Misty Green I managed to get about 8 inches done so far it will be a nice coat style jacket for the winter especially in the car it a easy pattern & I hope to take a photo of the back when done

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Aran Sweater Finished

Well I have finished the Peach Aran sweater today it all sewn up this one has taken a little over 3 weeks where the other one which was 2 sizes smaller took 4 weeks so am either knitting more or getting faster lol
Am not sure what I will start next I got a pattern for a jacket which you can wear on a cold winters day it uses thick chunky yarn & is done on 8mm needles but getting the yarn here in the UK is not quite so easy unless you wish to pay a lot per ball.
I do have some Mint Green Aran yarn so may do a cardigan for my next big item, in the mean while I could do some dishcloths on the knitting front.
I do want to get some quilting items done & make a start on items for Christmas so will be doing some sewing more during the day for a little while & just doing any knitting in the evening.
Our weather is still all over the show & while it warm we not really seeing summer yet hope we get one as so far we haven't had it well I hope that this finds you all well & your family take care & thank you for reading my Blog

Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all who celebrate it, as I am a Brit & in the UK may be we should celebrate losing you lol
I hope to finish the back of the Aran sweater today if so it would have taken a week to do the back I hope then to have at least the rib done on the front done as well by tonight.
our weather is not too bad today with it being a sunny start but then it rain for the next four days if the forecasters have it right, as well that I don't have any plans for the week-end.
I am doing some of the boring stuff first thing this morning laundry, vacuum, sorting out something for dinner this evening then it will be leg up & knit, I am not sure what it is but back of leg is hurting like I have over stretched or something.
I am getting a couple of dishcloth knitting books so I can do some dishcloths I do use the cotton such as Sugar'N'Creme that is available in America I belong to a group & have been lucky enough that when I done swaps that I have had some sent to me so while I can't get it here in the UK & I can't just go in to the shops like they do in the USA to pick my colours I do have some lovely colours, I guess now it back to boring old housework have a good day

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Shopping Day

Today is our shopping day so we been off to get the groceries & it had some heavy pour downs while out but at least now we are home in the dry, the forecast for our part of the UK is going to be heavy showers today with rain or showers over the week-end.
I am this afternoon just going to rest after doing the shopping I find that it takes it out of me so I will be watching some property programs that I have taped while knitting.
I am about 3/4 of the way up the back of the Aran sweater so not sure how much I will get done today but hope that I will be starting the front sometime over the week-end.
I had a pattern arrive today that I got it for legwarmers, mittens, hat & scarf all done in chunky yarn, I have a pack of Chunky yarn that I had thought of doing a jacket or cardigan with so if I have any left over from that then I can use it up on that pattern or I may do some sets for Christmas presents for my two granddaughters not sure yet.
I am hoping that I can get some Christmas projects done this month & my online quilting group which is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuiltingForAll/ are having Christmas in July & we are going to have a day sewing I think on 26th instead of the 25th because it a Friday so we can get some Christmas projects done.
I don't know about anyone else but the year or years seem to fly by we already in the 7th month & half way through the year it won't be long before Christmas is upon us & we will be rushing around trying to get things done for the festive season & I guess those who start to celebrate Thanksgiving it will be even sooner so why not start now by either doing project craft wise or start to buy the odd gift ready for the season who knows you may see some good bargains if you start now.
Well you all take care thank you for reading this & wishing you a wonderful day

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Got some sewing done

I have been busy today working on a quilt top which is for a Stash Challenge this will be for a contest so can't share photos yet but at least I manage to finish the top.
I did some knitting last night & will be knitting today I think the back is going slower than the one I did for mum may be being 2 sizes bigger does make a bigger difference than you think.
I hope that I will get the back done by early next week, now I finished the quilt top I can knit more well I am off to knit instead of being on the computer lol I hope that this finds all who reads this well & in good health take care all

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Introduction to my Blog

Welcome to this first posting, I live in a village in Northamptonshire in the UK
I decided to create a blog after a lot of other people seem to be doing it.
I do knitting, Quilting & Genealogy, I use to knit a lot mostly by machine but with lack of space plus hand trouble I had to give it up & then hand knitting also had to be given up due to hand problems.
I have just finished my first large knitting project in several years as I have not knitted anything since my hand operation back in 2005 & I been doing a few dishcloths using the American cotton such as Sugar 'N' Crème or Peaches 'N' Crème plus I have done a couple of pairs of socks, two needle ones & tubular ones not manage to be able to do ones with heels in as yet.
I have just started on the 2nd Aran sweater which is in a baby Aran yarn in peach colour I am doing it in the same pattern as I did the 1st one which was for my 97 year old mum.
I also do quilting but am very much a novice & while I have done some quilts I am learning all the time.
My other hobby is Genealogy I love researching the family history & finding out where I came from & if there are any family skeletons in the cupboard, I do have a bigamist in the family but as this was mid 1800s no need to go & tell the law lol I have not got any rich or famous relatives well none I have found they come from good old working stock & have been servants & general labourers my Grandfather won some medals in World War 1 & went on to become boxing trainer to his regiment who won the All India Inter-Regiment Tournament in 1920 he was with the Kings Royal Rifle Corp & was in India 1920/21
I hope that I will share what knitting, quilting & family research I am doing as well how life is going in the UK thank you reading this