Saturday, 29 August 2015

Work on our Bungalow

This post is about our bungalow it will have more photos than chat as i will show the before & after images

We had a sort of gravel but it bonded so no loose gravel also we had it done in red so we think it looks nice

Back part of bungalow

Side from front gate 

Side to front

front of bungalow 

From back looking down to front gate

Looking up from around half way 
Back from corner of side path 

Back looking towards next door 

Back from fence to gate to garage & greenhouse 

Side from inside the gate  

Side view from road 

front of Bungalow

Side path view from just past the street door 

Monday, 24 August 2015

New Dish/Wash Cloths

I have done 2 more cloths the Cross was easy as I had tried to do the Praying Hands & two thirds of the way I realised I had gone wrong but couldn't see which row I had either done twice or jumped a row as I was doing odd when I should be doing even rows i just got lost in the rows so I got a magnetic board with strips so I could move down as I did the rows.

But in the mean while I did the cross which was as I said much easier this was in a leisure Arts book which can be got at   Amazon  You should be able to get this book on your countries Amazon

The Praying Hands cloth is available on Ravelry or Knitwits Heaven  this pay be a paying pattern

 I will be starting Aran knitting now as we have booked to go to Scotland on a coach holiday in Late October so need some winter Woollies to take with me

Monday, 17 August 2015

Bell Wash Cloth plus a Back Scrubber

I have done another wash cloth of a bell but using a different pattern which is Here i will point out the mistake i was trying to finish this late evening plus didn't have the best light so some how instead of the garter stitch on the side i did a row wrong

I also done a Back Scrubber to go with the Holly Jolly towel which i did in Seed/Moss Stitch i previously posted about 


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bell with Holly Washcloth

I have done a washcloth not sure if you can really see that it is
Bell with Holly i used a dark green with a gold thread going through it the pattern is
one of  Knitwit    patterns if you click on the link & go down the page a bit you will see the pattern hit home & you can select different themes these are all patterns you have to buy & i don't have anything to do with the site or company

So do you think it looks like a bell i will see if i can do a better photo don't forget that if you are on Noreply then i can't reply to you

Monday, 10 August 2015

More Knitting

I been doing more knitting I did a seed Stitch Towel i used the Palm Beach dish/washcloth pattern which i shared which you can find  at   what i did for the towel was add 20 stitches i did 10 rows & 10 stitches either side in garter stitch before starting the seed/moss stitch then when to required length i did 10 rows of garter stitch the finish is approx 13.5 x 17.5 inches

I have also done a   Paw Cloth   i have used a thinner cotton i am not sure if the paw does show up

I am hoping to do some quilting items i been getting some Christmas fabric well waiting for most to come i also got some books one arrived today still waiting on the other Christmas book both are quilting ones
I am putting the cloths in my gift stash, as i been doing it that i have to do at least one gift a month so do get to go before Christmas if i need a gift but am building a Christmas gift stash i been also buying in little bits which will go for gifts & swaps that i am doing

So at least i will be ready for Christmas plus no sudden big outlay.

I have been getting as i said fabric but also some thread for FMQ plus some yarns some is cotton for the wash cloths ect but also 3 lots of Aran so i can knit myself some garments all came out of money i had for my birthday 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Seed Stitch Chevron Knitted Towel

I did a knitted towel i like the pattern but as i don't have enough solid colours i did this in a variegate yarn & it don't really work 

I forgot to take the reverse side but you see in the photo the pattern don't show the next two images are not my work but from the pattern which is on  Ravelry

 From Pattern
 From Pattern
Here is my towel as you can compare not the same & the pattern is not shown so much 
My Towel