Saturday, 25 February 2012

What I am not doing Sewing

I still not be doing much sewing it a case of the mind is willing the body isn't lol as my back been hurting a lot, plus my DH had a hand operation on Monday so he in plaster which means he restricted on what he can do as it is his right hand & he is right handed.
My friend Pat came over & she shared a link to a site which while you have to register to be able to view the free videos or if you wish you can pay a monthly fee which you can cancel after the month & you then get access to more videos ect there is some very good tips on the free part which that alone is worth watching so if you click   HERE  to go to the site.
As I haven't be able to do any sewing I have played around a little on the EQ as I want to do a quilt for me as I will be getting a new bed I am changing from 2 single beds bolted together to a normal double we decided to change as DH has said with some changes in the room i could have more room for doing my sewing funny he comes up with this yet he moans about my stuff lol
Another friend from online done a beautiful quilt which I just have to share I love the whole thing & it one she designed shows how talented she is i love the birds on the edging/borders 

It looks so right in the room with that bed well done Ashton
I hope to be back to sewing soon as I am really wanting to get on & do more.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

This That & More

Well here goes me posting, what I been working on well not a lot i have done a few pairs of socks for DH which have been the same colour as previous ones i did a 2x2 rib down to the start of the heel flap then changed in to knit which gives a stocking stitch effect 
I don't think i shared the wedding quilt i did for my DD who got married in October it Red White & Black using The Lover's Knot Blocks with the borders in Valentine fabrics
Donna & Simon's Wedding Quilt 

DD loved it as it even when on honeymoon with them well they did go to Scotland lol

I am working on a flannel quilt it more for DH to either lay on or just cover up with if he laying on the floor so it won't be very big i guess you can say it more lap size here is the image i got from EQ showing the design it uses Broken Dishes Block i will only do 3 across & 5 down as not sure if i miss calculated or the flannel shrank more also if the cut was more generous on some colours either way didn't quite have enough to do 20 blocks i wanted
Broken Dishes Blocks
I am also in the stages of thinking what design & colours i want for a quilt for me as at present i have 2 3ft beds bolted together to make one very large bed we have decided to go back to a normal double which is 4ft 6inches so i won't have to make such large quilts as i really have struggle & not even done one that will do the 2 beds together 
DH came up with the idea & with moving the room around a bit it will give me more room for my quilting as i have a table i sew on in there but once i get to the stage where all 3 layers are together then i been doing it in the sitting room on a fold-away picnic table i may be able to set it up in the bedroom once we done the changes so i can set it up when i get to that stage & leave it up to i finish it without having to put it away every day.

Here is a friend's  blog  which you may like to go & see & even follow 

To Finish here is some more photos of Thumper this week i have my eldest granddaughter Kayleigh staying she nearly 18 & making a great fuss of Thumper 
Kayleigh & Thumper

Kayleigh & Thumper

Thumper 12th Feb 2012
My eldest DS said who looks the saddest Kayleigh or Thumper lol

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Am Learning but Getting there

As you will see I am managing to change the blog i done the background & plus i am now on Google Chrome as that seems to have done thank you all for your help
I hope to be able to post more soon, this week have my eldest granddaughter staying so while she nearly 18 so don't need looking after i not been on the computer so much
Thanks Again for all your help & if you have any suggestions on how to improve the blog please do let me know

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thinking of closing Blog

I am thinking of closing all my blogs as since they changed it i can't do much & when i even go to other's blogs it won't let me leave comments anymore
I keep getting directed to google which i do have a google account but i can't figure it out the whole thing with the blog now days seems like you need a degree just to figure it out all the background stuff has gone it just hard to figure out now
I managed to post this but it taken a while just to get to be able to post