Friday, 23 July 2010

Fabric Arrived

The fabric I ordered from   Lynnette   has arrived I will use the top two fabrics for pinwheel the 2nd one down has a pink print on it, the next two I will use as layer cake size blocks with the last one being the border which I feel ties it all in the backing will be done in a pink flannel this is going to be a king-size one so will be done in rows & columns as much as I love the look of on-point it is too hard when it gets to that size to be able to do it.

Lynnette fabrics is of very good quality & she very good will accomadate when ever possible & she does do international shipping do go & look at her site & please do mention if you order that you seen it on here so she knows where interest is coming from


  1. The fabrics are beautiful. I'll check out her site; I guess I'm always looking for fabric.

  2. What pretty fabrics. The quilt will look lovely.

  3. Your new fabrics will make a lovely quilt. Have fun quiltng!


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