Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Family History & Crafts

I have pinned the quilt for the on-point homespun & I am still working on DH short sleeved top.
I have been also doing some research on my family history & I have my Gt Gt Grandparents buried in this beautiful church the church is Holy Innocents Church Great Barton Suffolk they are James & Harriet Barnes nee Turner their son Jesse Frederick Barns is also buried there below is a family history report My line is James & Hannah Barnes who are my Gt Grandparents & it their daughter Julia born 1890 who is my grandmother.

Above Holy Inncent Church Great Barton Suffolk
Below the Headstone of Gt Gt Grandparents Jame & Harriet Barnes & one of their sons Jesse Frederick Barnes

1. James Barnes. Born on 2 May 1836 in Market Weston, Suffolk. James was baptized in Market Weston Suffolk on 4 May 1836. James died in Great Barton Suffolk on 29 Jan 1902, he was 65. Buried in cent Church Great Barton Suffolk. Occupation: Shoemaker (1859) Gamekeeper 1861 onwards

On 23 May 1859 when James was 23, he married Harriet Turner, daughter of William Turner (abt 1807-4 Qrt 1860) & Maria Macro (9 Sep 1809-2 Qrt 1875), in St James Church Bury St Edmunds Sfk. Born on 6 Jul 1834 in Denham, Suffolk. Harriet was baptized in Denham, Suffolk on 7 Sep 1834. Harriet died in Great Barton Suffolk on 19 Oct 1922, she was 88. Buried in Holy Innocent Church Great Barton Suffolk.

JF Barnes Son, of Great Barton was the informant of Harriet's death he was present at death

Census: 1911: Brocklyn Cottages Great Barton Near Bury St Eds - 4 rooms

BARNES, Harriet Head Widow F 76 1835 Old Age Pensioner Denham Suffolk

was married 52 years - had 10 children - 8 living

They had the following children:

2 i. James (1859-1928)

3 ii. William (1861-)

iii. Ada Rebecca. Born in Jun Qrt 1866 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Ada Rebecca died in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk on 17 Aug 1936, she was 70. Buried in 1936 in Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk.

Census: 1891 census, Cook at 39 Queen Anne St Cavendish Sq Marylebone Lnd

1901 census, wife at Meadow Lane Thurston Sfk

Spelling of middle name can be Rebeccah

On 24 Oct 1896 when Ada Rebecca was 30, she married Harry Game, son of Thomas Game (abt 1839-) & Lucy Rogers (Jun Qrt 1838-), in Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk. Born in Jun Qrt 1864 in Thurston Suffolk. Harry died in Suffolk on 28 Feb 1924, he was 59.4 Buried on 4 Mar 1924 in Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk.4

Census: 1901 census Groom on farm, lived at Meadow Lane Thurston Sfk

24 October 1896 by Banns Parish Church Gt Barton

Ada Rebecca BARNES age 30 Spinster Resident Gt Barton Father James BARNES Labourer


Harry GAME Age 34 Bachelor Labourer Residence Thurston Father Thomas GAME Labourer

Witnesses James PARNELL & A. GAME

4 iv. Charles (~1868-1959)

v. Henry John. Born abt 1870 in Horringer, Suffolk.

On the 1871 census it gives a year old child as Harry on later census it gives Henry

vi. Mary. Born abt 1873 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. At the age of 2, Mary was baptized in Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk on 31 Oct 1875.

vii. Jesse Frederick. Jesse Frederick was baptized in Holy Inocent Great Barton Suffolk on 31 Oct 1875. Born in Dec qrt 1875 in Barton, Suffolk. Jesse Frederick died in Brooklyn Cottage Great Barton on 10 Jan 1961, he was 85. Buried in Holy Innocent Great Barton Suffolk. Occupation: Roadman.

Jesse was the informant on his mother's death in 1922 he down as living in Great Barton

DG Barnes widow was present & the Informant of death

Occupation Retired Roadman

He is buried with his parents at Holy Innocent Church

Census: 1881 at home with parents

1891 at home with parents

Medical: Cause of death 1a Congestive heart failure, Auricular Fibrillation, Arteriosclerosos
In Dec Qrt 1936 when Jesse Frederick was 61, he married Doris Gertrude Gillings, daughter of George Gillings (abt 1858-) & Fanny Matilda (abt 1862-), in Bury St Edmund. Born on 31 Aug 1896 in Sudbury Suffolk. Doris Gertrude died in Blyth Suffolk in Jun Qrt 1978, she was 81.

On death reg. gives birth as 31st August 1896 in district of Sudbury Suffolk 4A 773

Death Jun Qrt 1978 didtrict Blyth 10 2052

Marriage Dec Qrt 1936 district Bury ST Edmunds 4a 2535

viii. Amelia Ann. Born in Dec Qrt 1877 in Barton, Suffolk.

Census: 1901 Census Amelia was a laundry maid in the household of the Bishop of Lichfield Augustus Legge

On 16 Apr 1910 when Amelia Ann was 32, she married William John Henry Deacon, son of William Deacon (abt 1852-) & Catherine Gibson (abt 1852-), in Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk. Born in 3 Qrt 1877 in Winslow Buckingham.

On Marriage both give St Edmunds Hill as residence
Witnesses Robert Hunt & Sarah Turner
Second Generation

2. James Barnes. Born on 16 Nov 1859 in Bradfield St George, Suffolk. James was baptized in Bradfield St George, Suffolk on 1 Apr 1860. James died in 46 Marsden Street St Pancras Lnd on 17 Apr 1928, he was 68. Occupation: Horsekeeper/Cab Driver/Cab Proprietor Horsekeeper.

Census: 1881: 6 Mayne Water Lane, Bury St Edmunds St Mary, Suffolk

On 10 Aug 1884 when James was 24, he married Hannah Pettit, daughter of John Pettit (1821-11 May 1889) & Julia Jane Stigwood (abt Oct 1825-4 Feb 1903), in Parish St George, Bloomsbury, Middlesex. Born on 2 May 1857 in Upend Cheveley, Cambridgeshire. At the age of 13, Hannah was baptized in Kirtling, Cambridge on 26 Jun 1870. Hannah died in 4 Kings Road Pancras London on 24 Feb 1928, she was 70.

Also used the surname of Poulter

Lived at 46 Marsden Street St Pancras

Census: on 1901 census with family but Emma is the name on census living at 28a South Crescent Mews St Pancras London

They had the following children:

i. Elizabeth (Step) (1879-)

ii. Annie (~1885-)

iii. Alice (~1888-1939)

iv. Ada (~1888-)

v. Julia (1890-1963)

vi. James (~1893-)

vii. John1 (1896-)

Both give their residence as 10 Kenton Street

Witnesses Harry Sale & Alice Sale

3. William Barnes. Born in 1 Qrt 1861 in Nowton Suffolk. Occupation: Traveller Leather Trade.

Nowton in Reg district Thingo Sfk

Traveller Leather Trade as given on 1881 census RG11 0242/ 4/ 1

1 & 2 Wellington Street Lnd Midd.

On 30 Dec 1884 when William was 23, he married Eliza Pollintine, daughter of Charles Pollintine (abt 1822-Sep Qrt 1903) & Sarah Mumford (abt 1824-), in Parish Church Great Barton Suffolk. Born on 17 Oct 1861 in Great Barton Suffolk.

They had the following children:

i. William (~1886-)

ii. Charles (~1888-)

William gives residence St Pancras London & Eliza Great Barton

Witnesses Walter Pollintine & Emma Pollintine

4. Charles Barnes. Born abt 1868 in Horringer, Suffolk. Charles died in Harrow Middlesex in 4 qrt 1959, he was 91. Occupation: Warehouse Man.

On 24 Dec 1897 when Charles was 29, he married Emma Crabb, daughter of Simon Crabb (1qrt 1845-) & Tryphena Cook/Cock (abt 1846-), in Parish Church Marylebone Lnd. Born in 2qrt 1867 in St Austell, Cornwall. Occupation: 1891 Servant.6

They had one child:

i. Mildred Harriet (1899-1993)

Charles was at 10 Balcombe St & Emma 102 Gloucester Pl
Witnesses were E Murkin & J Barnes

Above Charles Barnes son of James & Harriet Barnes nee Turner
Below is his daughter Mildred Barnes on her wedding day 1924

Monday, 17 May 2010

On-Point Homespun Top

I got the on-point top partly done still needs borders but this is my first attempt at a On-Point layout, it funny don't matter how much you try to smooth it out it never looks right once the photo has been taken lol
Anyway i have to do borders not fully sure what i will use yet as i know i don't have lenths of homespun so may use some Thimbleberry will see what will go with it.
The blocks there is 12 blocks using 6 different fabrics in the Homespun but the same background in all then the large squares I used 6 different ones, most of the fabrics are from FQs the only yardage i used so far is the backgroun for the blocks & the triangles around the edging which is another homespun fabric.
This will be a single quilt when finished & I will be doing another one the same but using Civil War fabric for the blocks & squares with some Thimbleberry for the background of the blocks will figure the rest out when I get that far lol.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

EQ7 Is Arriving

EQ7 is due out & the company do have a offer on if you pre-order by 31st of May well being in the UK we have extra postage to pay but for those who would like to still get it I have pre-ordered a upgrade from    RioDesigns  you can either order a upgrade if you have EQ6 or if not a full version both at discount prices if you pre-order by 31st May & this is a UK based company
My DH has agreed to give me money for my birthday in July so I can put this towards the cost of it so I shouldn't have much if anything to pay not sure how much he will give me yet will have to wait & see lol
On a different note I have to see the ENT specialist about a sort of lump in my throat that is going to be early June I am still waiting on the results of the MRI scan well report not even been done so the specialist there hasn't seen it so don't know when I will get to see him
I have got some double Knitting Yarn & have started a top for DH this is going to be a little like a sleeveless top but will have short sleeves this is so it will keep his back & shoulders down his arm warm as he in a lot of pain with it so hope that this will help.
I have also started doing bits for blocks which will be for a single quilt, I have to do triangles & for the life of me I can't remember the best way to do them I have the squares cut & drawn the lines from corner to corner but that where I am not sure so what I have done is sewn either side of one of the lines then I will cut them & then cut again & put the triangles back to a square I know I am doing this the long winded way but at least I am doing it lol funny how your mind just can't see it or as they say you can't see the wood for the trees lol

Thursday, 6 May 2010

For My Mum's Birthday

Today would have been my mum's 99th birthday she passed away 18 months ago & I miss her much more than I thought I would, when my dad passed in 1988 I of course missed him but I think that as mum was still here now Mum has gone as well I guess that it hit home more
The first photo is of my mum when she was 93 the 2nd photo is when she was about 40 she was with my dad at the Char Ladies Ball the 3rd was Christmas 1976 she would have been 65 she with my dad & my eldest 2 children you can see on the sidebar another photo of my mum with me that was taken in Scotland & she was in her late 80s then
So all that is left for me to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM

Saturday, 1 May 2010

May's Angel

Here is your angel for May I hope that she will put a spring in your step & may you be filled with Happiness as she guards over you through out the month on May

Angel Of May

~The angel of all motherhood

She kisses child each night

Wraps a child in special wings

Holds all children tight

She is a perfect answer to

A Mother's special prayer

Forever she is constantly

Hovering somewhere

A treasured gift this angel is

She'll always do her part

Protect each gift that you receive

That lives inside your heart

A gift from God He sent her here

To hold your child so close

The precious gift a child to love

A most angelic host

So say a prayer to her each night

Forever she'll be near

A Guardian to every child

Each one her heart will wear~