Sunday, 26 October 2008

Quilting Blocks

I have managed to do some Quilting Blocks i have done 4 the same as these are for a lottery on my quilting group, where members have signed up to do how ever many they wish for each block your name goes in, so lucky person is going to win quite a lot of block which will make a very nice quilt or two, i uesd cream on cream fabric with a sort of autumn colour for two blocks & deep red/burgundy for the other fabric the block is called Arrowhead Puzzle & can be found at if your interested to see it.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Sad news

Well it been a month since I last posted, & it been quite a month my mum came out of hospital but was still not well & I spent from end of September until she passed away on 5th Oct 2008 while I was there I did 1st of a pair of socks I finished it while she was able to see it & she loved it even while she was getting weaker she still wanted to see the pattern I would be doing for my next sweater & she had a copy with her patterns so I showed her it.
The day before she died in her sleep her hands was going as if she was knitting, I like to think Old Knitters Don't Die they Purl Their Way to Heaven which is where my mum is now she at peace & free of pain.
I have just finished the 2nd sock of the pair which is what the picture is of, it Regia yarn the self-patterning ones, I am pleased with the way they have come out.
I also have posted a photo of me & my Mum when we were on Holiday in Scotland some years back & just looking at the photo brings back some lovely memories of her & we had a great holiday to boot
So this post is in Memory of my mum Nellie Smith born 6th May 1911 died 5th Oct 2008 age 97 She was buried in the Prayer Shawl I had knitted her which is shown in a earlier posting, She will live on in my heart & my knitting as she is the one who taught me to Knit Thank You Mum