Friday, 9 November 2012

Stained Glass Window Table Runner

I have just completed a Table Runner for a swap I am in 
I thought I would do a sort of Stained Glass window one as last year I went to local exhibitions & saw some lovely ones which I took photos of which the link is on an older post you can get to the lin by clicking her

Anyway  it was from seeing them that I took my inspiration from the one I mean is photo 35, I done Free Motion quilting on the runner which will be off early next week to the person who is getting it

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Books & Knitting

I haven't been doing much sewing of late not that I not been looking & having ideas

I am in a couple of Christmas Swaps so ideas been rattling around in my head (well just shows how empty it really is lol) 

I got a new book come that i got from Amazon you can look inside here

Pot Holders, Pinchers and More: 20 Colorful Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen 

I also got this e-book from e-pattern Central you can see further images the above

Sewing Season's Greetings 

I have also knitted a pair of socks the socks are done in yarn from Knit Picks the yarn is  felici  yarn I have used Rainbow for this pair doing a Waffle pair of socks


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aran Sweater

Here is the Aran Sweater i been working on I finished it yesterday Wednesday 5th Sept, I started it on Saturday 11th August so it taken just over 3 weeks to do

I used Robin Aran 75% acrylic & 25% Wool the pattern is 8 row repeat, this is going to be a gift am hoping that the person will like it I hope to get it sent soon

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Angel for September

Here is an Angel for September for you All

Angel Of September 

~Waiting to hear call
To come from the sky
September's sweet angel
Is ready to fly
Bringing you peace and
Love on the way
Kissing you softly
As gently you pray
Asking for guidance
With eyes cast above
Looking to Jesus
To guide all with love
Wanting to be there
Close to your side
September's sweet angel
Your friend and your guide
Reach out to touch
The gentlest wings
Know that you're greeted
With love that will sing
High in the clouds
So peaceful and fair
September's sweet angel
A beauty so rare
Soar to the heavens
With peace of a dove
A most special gift
From God in His Love~

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It is Not Fair

The subject of this post is it not fair why you may say, I seen some lovely yarn for socks at   Knit-Picks    click to see it well this place don't do international shipping so that not fair being tempted & can't buy even this morning I seen more lovely yarn on there at such a good price compared to the UK 

The good thing is that I have some coming as Friend is getting me some but still not fair that I have to do it in such a roundabout way of getting it plus couldn't get yarn from here all the time because of this.

The same problem happens with   Connecting Threads    They don't do international shipping either both of these have like pages on Facebook so why have pages that is on a international site & then not ship to them

It the same with some give-aways/competitions that are on FB I seen one this morning concerning a Amish book & yet it says you have to reside in USA, Canada or Australia well what about the rest of us

Moaning done, I am working on a Aran Sweater am hoping that I will finish the back today or tomorrow.

I still have my quilt which is for me to be quilted but DH had painted the hall & you all know what that like can you get me this or can you do that so didn't want to start & then get called away, he then had his last 7 teeth pulled so he struggling to eat while it healing 

I have joined   Pinterest   which gives photos of such lovely projects not just quilting but all sorts of things below is some photos from there these are some of which is on   My Board 
 Deck The Halls: Quilts to Celebrate Christmas, by Cheryl Almgren Taylor

Love needle-turn applique!

Detail Harlequin Stars 

Love all the Bonnet Girl patterns


so sweet - this is beautiful

 double wedding ring table runner

9 x 9 trivet

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Blog Help Needed

I am having trouble have Google+ & it seems that when i post a comment on someone's blog i am now on No Reply i tried to change it but i can't seem to find out how to

Someone said if i click on my profile picture i should get Blog Profile but i don't the only profile i get to is on Google+ & i have changed that so i can get replies but it made no difference

I even tried to ask on Blogger forum but no replies & what ever i have tried i have had no luck so can anyone help me please

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Little of This & That

Since my last post, we taken up the quilt which I mention in the previous post to my Granddaughter she loved it so did son 

We had gone up for Sunday Dinner as he asked us to go up as it was my birthday the Tuesday after (17th) so a nice day & it was a rare dry sunny day in the middle of a lot of very wet weather.

My birthday came & I got sick so not a great birthday, had to laugh the first time I was getting sick the dog came up to the toilet & heard me so he started to bark to let DH know i wasn't well lol

On the nice side of the birthday DH had got me a Fujifilm camera so I can hopefully take better photos of my quilts as it not a compact camera it a little like the old ones you could change lens but without being able to I believe they call them bridge cameras

I also got some money & vouchers so have ordered some books & DVDs the DVDs are not quilted related, I also signed up to two courses on Craftsy.Com one is called Big Quilts on a Small Machine & the other is Free Motion quilting I got them half price so the 2 only cost what the normal cost of 1 would be.

I have been working on a pot holder for a swap I did an applique one but a round one never done that shape before & with some FMQ on it  here are some photos with closer view & reverse side views

I also did a pair of socks for the person I was hoping that the size would be okay not knowing it & as it was going to be a surprise I couldn't ask I used Regia Galaxy Yarn which is a 4ply yarn

I am now working back on my quilt I had done the blocks & put them together & now I am working on doing the borders.

The fabric I have used was a large floral one which I got I do like it but it was larger than I expected so I done Large blocks to be able to show the flowers better, the block is called diamond in a square I used a cream for the corners & I must say they stand out more than I expected them to. 

I used 2 of the 4 fabrics I have this is a Pink & a Red one the other two I have are Blue & Purple I don't have one of the blue but it similar to the Pink & Red in that it has green leaves on it & not like the purple one where it more one colour

I am adding 3 borders the 1st & Last are similar with a different one but still similar in the middle I will be doing the top border on the last one much wider than the rest of the ones in the last as I did this on some other quilt which was gifts & rather like it so wanted to do it for myself plus I think it looks good when it covers the pillows

I am going to back it with a flannel backing so it warm to the touch I got a wide flannel backing fabric from the USA at a good price a while ago knowing I would be doing myself a quilt as at the time I didn't know colour ect I went for a cream mottle effect 

I am hoping that I will be able to put the layers together soon so watch out for the finished quilt

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My DGD Quilt

Without going in to too much detail my youngest granddaughter was taken from her mum & after 18 month my youngest son (her father) has her living with him

Well my online   Quilting Group    did Heart blogs the members who did them signed them & put where they are & these which include ones I did & sent them to Nancy Hamm

She did a beautiful job of doing the quilt top, being that Nancy is in the USA & with cost of postage plus import duty ect it was decided to send the top to me & members had given me some money to help towards the cost of getting backing fabric wadding ect

Well got the fabric & Sew Simple Wadding & I was going to attempt to FMQ it myself well I chicken out as I knew I would not do it justice

So the lady who gave me a FMQ lesson Jan I asked her to quilt it well she done a beautiful job & if there anyone who wishes to have quilting done I can recommend her you can see further photos of the quilt on her blog at   Jan's Musing 

Here are some of the photos that I taken but do go to Jan's blog & stand by to be in for a treat, the quilt will be going up to DGD next month when I go & see her

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I have been on TV

Hi All
I know that this is not craft but a quilt is shown in this lol
Take a look at this if you can watch the video report then you see me on our local news

The documents was actually left over our gate so on our property

Thursday, 14 June 2012

FMQ Table Runners

I done a couple of table runners I done I used a early birthday present from DH he got me a new camera so as I have just finished these I could try out the camera

These are before I had a FMQ lesson from my friend Jan who has a blog which you can find   Here   I did one of the runners doing a pattern with the other more meandering

The other news is I got myself a Laptop so in the future I will hook it up to the TV so when I want to watch a Video from the net I be able to see it on the big screen 

Well here are the runners I used some BoM that I had I took photos of them plus a closer look at the FMQ


Thursday, 31 May 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Have edited this post so I could put in better photos which my husband Greg took he takes better ones than me lol

I am posting not crafts but something a bit different well it is craft but not by me.
A Lady (Kathy Bowman) near me has decorated her front garden for the coming Diamond Jubilee this week-end.
Our Queen came to the throne in 1952 & had her Coronation June 1953 so this week-end is a extra long week-end for us in the UK we have the Monday & Tuesday off.
Just to say that 1st is also my DH 60th birthday so it is his diamond birthday lol
The lady has knitted most of the dolls clothes or the dolls she said she had great pleasure doing it over the winter what more is there than getting pleasure from what you do
She has on the tier (2nd photo) "Proud to be British"
Happy Jubilee to our Queen 
So here are the photos I took

Sunday, 27 May 2012

FMQ Hot Pads

Well I done some hot pads I used blocks that I had from different swaps had them a very long time so I thought I would turn them in to hot pads so I could practice my FMQ & here are the results 
The 2nd one you can't see the FMQ as I used a navy thread but on the 3rd & 4th you can see it better & I did a bit different pattern on the 5th one