Monday, 12 March 2012

Chilford Spring Quilting Show 2012

On Saturday my friend & I went to Chilford Quilting show it is in Cambridgeshire 

I put in the postcode to the Sat-Nav & off we went it took us a different route to what I was expecting which was nice as we went through small villages & towns & around the outskirts of Cambridge but it took much longer than expected so was a bit later than expected getting there.

The show well not that many bargains there I did get myself a new cutting mat was told it should have been £59.99 & was down to £29.99 this is a 35" x 23" I know I could have got one cheaper even one from them but the thickness of this is I would say double to what the others was & even the one I have so am pleased with it  
one side is in Inches & the other in Centimetres so both sides will be able to be used but I do tend to work in Inches rather than Cm

I also got some fabric which wasn't any cheaper really but it was the colour as I been looking for a colour for ages this is the nearest I have got the fabric is a sort of marble effect not taken a photo of it, I also picked up some Insul-Bright Wadding for some placemats I want to do it the wider one 44" not the 27" so a metre of that came home with me.

My friend who came with me well she spent much more than me with getting a FQ pack for a quilt she wants to do plus some other bits but her big purchase was a Horn Cabinet she don't have any room to sew so this will be great for her am so pleased she been wanting one for ages.

On the start of the journey back I thought I would set the Sat-Nav to fastest route so done that & it would have got us on motorway & A roads but guess what part of the route was shut due to roadworks so had to do a detour which took us similar way to what we came for part of the journey but because of this there was traffic jams or slow moving traffic so took even longer to get home than going so much for the fastest route.

To finish if you like to see some of the quilts that was at the show  here is a link to my   Chilford  Photo Album the quilts are very nice but will say a lot are way too Arty for me I like quilts that you would use on a bed not just for show or walls but that takes nothing away from the makers they are very talented & would love to be able to be that talented.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Would like your Input Please

I would like some input please, as I mention had a change around in the bedroom which is where I do my sewing it to give me more room anyway DH said about doing away with the fold down table which is has a old sewing cabinet under one leaf for support so it don't drop when sewing.
Anyway he said about making/creating something for me & I said I think the table is the wrong height as it kills my back especially when cutting.
So my question I like to ask you all is what height is your sewing/cutting table/work-surface & what is your height in comparison me I am 5ft 4inches so what sort of height would I need my table to to be.
Any Input you can give would be greatly appreciated & don't forget if you reply as Anonymous then I can't reply to you