Saturday, 19 December 2015

Non Craft

This post is a non craft one, my DH has always said when he replaces wardrobes in his room he wants old/second-hand as he don't like the new stuff

Well a few weeks ago he saw a Wardrobe which was in a Charity shop still up for a lot of money so everytime he would go there it was there it had dropped a little

Last week I had gone with him & he said you have to look at it & must say it was really nice it had dropped but still expensive but not when you look at it if you know what i mean

They said there is a dressing table priced £300 also with it & showed us the maker is S&H Jewells of Holborn London the lady said they closed early 1900s the dressing table was beautiful as was the wardrobe  

So I asked if they do delivery & if they take an offer so with a bit of negotiation got it with a further drop, as much as the dressing table was beautiful we didn't have room for that 

But we saw a what i think is a Gentleman's cupboard so that was added with me getting a little off Below is photos of the Wardrobe which i think is Walnut or parts are then the cabinet which is a darker wood could be Oak 

I am sorry that I can't show the photo correctly but for some reason even with it being correct on my laptop when putting here it tends to load with it on it side so am sorry for that but I don't have the knowledge to correct this

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Here a cushion I have made it for a gift
But I didn't want it to be a Christmassy one so not done a Star or used Christmas fabric that said the red does have a little Christmas feel to it

While it is a square the photo is on it side the white bit should be on top as that my sewing machine

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

KYO Block December

I have done December's block which is a   Cluster of Stars   I hope you like it you find it at Quilterscache but if you click on the block name it the link
I still have January, Febuary, March & April left in this Keep your Own (KYO) block then I will turn all the blocks in to something may be a quilt not sure yet

I have also added the pair of socks I have done for a gift they are done in a denim colour 4 ply Regia