Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Angel for September

As we approach Autumn with it rich colours I hope that your life will reflex this
Wishing you a wonderful September & hope this angel will keep you safe throughout the month

On days when you're tired
Not sure you can go on
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in an Angel hug
To let you rest till your weariness is gone.
On days when you're down
Just feeling so blue
- Your Angel Knows -
And will tenderly take you in her arms
To cherish and help cheer you.

On days when you're hurting
Really feeling that pain
- Your Angel Knows -
And will wrap you in a blanket of love
To give you courage and help keep you sane.
On those nights when you're lonely
And there's no one to be found
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll gently enfold you in her wings
To give comfort and let you know
she'll always be around.

And on the days when you're happy
Things are going just right
- Your Angel Knows -
She'll smile and say a prayer of thanks
And give you an Angel hug so tight.
Day and night no matter what
Your Angel is always close by
To help guard you and protect you
Till someday you have your own wings to fly.

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