Monday, 25 April 2011


I hope everyone had a Happy Easter, this post will be about links for you to check out
First is from  
Missouri Star Quilt Co 
they are great for their videos one is  
Summer in the Park  
which is really nice, the other one is a 
Log Cabin    
if you click on the names you can go to YouTube or you can click on the company name & go from there they do use YouTube but not had any problems with this links 
The next bit was me looking at ways around doing the quilting when you are doing large quilts I am really struggling & that only doing stitch in the ditch part of it is the space on the throat of the machine standard machines don't really give you much room well I found something that I thought may be of use a frame system I will give you the link if you go down the page & click on the video & watch it you see what it like it from the 
Flynn Quilt Frame Company
Well I have been asking & the feedback I am is that it not worth it, due to space that is needed when doing larger quilts plus trying to move it people who either seen it or know people who have it have said that it not as easy as he makes it look 
So I am still looking at ways around doing quilting I would like to get a machine that has a much deeper throat but they aren't cheap & can't afford it now so still thinking lol
Some have said about Quilt As You Go still can't really get my head around that one as not sure if you just do the top & the wadding/batting then when all done put backing on if so how do you secure it from being loose in the middle of the quilt, if you do all three how do you do it so no seams are showing have to look in to that one more.
Got no photos this time as the Pinwheel Quilt is not finished yet so until next time take care

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter

A Very Happy Easter to you all, check out these couple of YouTube videos the first is a beautiful song On My Father's Side the 2nd one is The Power of Words will make you think.
I been working on the pinwheel quilt & have managed to get most of it done even the quilting even if it is only stitch in the ditch
I think I could do with having a nice win fall so I could get a new sewing mahcine which has a deep throat as I am finding that trying to do quilting on a standard machine is hard still I haven't so have to manage with what I have lol
I also done a pair of socks which I used my usual ONline yarn this one is Fancy Colour Range one I haven't used before it colour 1348 
Fancy Colour Range
Fancy Colour Range 1348

Friday, 8 April 2011

Pinwheel Blocks & Table Runner Challenge & a Link to a Give-away

I have done 36 blocks of Pinwheels using 1930s fabric & WoW this is going for a quilt I am doing the method I used was one that been shown on   Missouri Star Quilt Co   click on it to take you to the YouTube video I really like this method I may change some of the blocks around from this photo
 There is a new needlecraft group open up in the village where I live I went to the meeting last night a very friendly bunch of ladies, there is a couple of them who done quilting, some knit or crochet & some do embroidery or cross stitch it a wide selection of crafts & they will be meeting twice a month 
On my Online Quilting Group  Q4A  I have set them a Table Runner Challenge it is to do a runner which the patter calls Fresh Pears if you  click here   it will take you to a page where if you scroll down you see it.
They can change the fruit, size of it but they must use the rail fence part of the pattern below is what i designed on EQ not what i done lol the 2 are one for summer & other for autumn


May be you like to take up the challenge my group has until end of July to get their ones done if you do the runner please do let me know so I can share it on here.
There is also give-away on at Raggedy Station
Now last but not least my friend Sissy has enter the world of blogging so I hope that you will all take a look at her blog & give her the support that I know you all can the blog is called  Sewing From the Heart  what a lovely name I am sure she will have loads of followers soon with your help of getting the word out 

Friday, 1 April 2011

An Angel for April

Today is April Fool's Day but no jokes here, I want to give you all an Angel for April.
Angel Of April
~Precious beauty April brings
With gentle touch of hand
The beauty of the earth we see
In heaven's guarded land

Where she tends the flowers
With gentlest of care
This angel of the April rains
Brings flowers always near

Smell the fragrance in the air
Let her touch your heart
Once she gives you precious gift
Her beauty never parts

Rays of light are breaking through
To show the gifts so rare
Where velvet is the precious gift
The flowers crown her hair

She waits to send these treasures
From earth they soon will spring
A flower of the treasures
That the April angel brings

With so much love and gentleness
Her hands will give repair
To soothe your soul in rapture sent
Her love is everywhere~