Sunday, 19 August 2012

It is Not Fair

The subject of this post is it not fair why you may say, I seen some lovely yarn for socks at   Knit-Picks    click to see it well this place don't do international shipping so that not fair being tempted & can't buy even this morning I seen more lovely yarn on there at such a good price compared to the UK 

The good thing is that I have some coming as Friend is getting me some but still not fair that I have to do it in such a roundabout way of getting it plus couldn't get yarn from here all the time because of this.

The same problem happens with   Connecting Threads    They don't do international shipping either both of these have like pages on Facebook so why have pages that is on a international site & then not ship to them

It the same with some give-aways/competitions that are on FB I seen one this morning concerning a Amish book & yet it says you have to reside in USA, Canada or Australia well what about the rest of us

Moaning done, I am working on a Aran Sweater am hoping that I will finish the back today or tomorrow.

I still have my quilt which is for me to be quilted but DH had painted the hall & you all know what that like can you get me this or can you do that so didn't want to start & then get called away, he then had his last 7 teeth pulled so he struggling to eat while it healing 

I have joined   Pinterest   which gives photos of such lovely projects not just quilting but all sorts of things below is some photos from there these are some of which is on   My Board 
 Deck The Halls: Quilts to Celebrate Christmas, by Cheryl Almgren Taylor

Love needle-turn applique!

Detail Harlequin Stars 

Love all the Bonnet Girl patterns


so sweet - this is beautiful

 double wedding ring table runner

9 x 9 trivet

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Blog Help Needed

I am having trouble have Google+ & it seems that when i post a comment on someone's blog i am now on No Reply i tried to change it but i can't seem to find out how to

Someone said if i click on my profile picture i should get Blog Profile but i don't the only profile i get to is on Google+ & i have changed that so i can get replies but it made no difference

I even tried to ask on Blogger forum but no replies & what ever i have tried i have had no luck so can anyone help me please