Friday, 20 May 2011

Gifts & a Book I ordered

This past week has been a funny one now I am not in to believing in Friday the 13th but DH lost his keys which included the spare for the car so after a week of searching & him saying he don't take them out the house, reporting it to police & asking the bus station if anyone has handed them in plus searching the house & his clothes, we went & got them copied yesterday.
This Morning he went to get his zip up cardigan/jacket which he wears sometimes & what is in the pocket yes that right his keys lol
Well to compensate the postman has been very good to me a friend has sent me a lovely package I had been asking about calico as what the USA calls calico & what we do is different so she said she would send me some well she gone way above that
I received not only some Calico she sent 3 pieces of fabric which has some really lovely outdoor scenic prints a Hot Iron Transfer of Bird Houses 2 patterns plus 2 books one for Breast Cancer & the other Christmas the first 3 photos shows the goodies.
I also received the book I ordered I had got the DVD for this which is Reversible Quilts & was waiting on the book so now I have both 
I did a Pot Holder/Hot Pad yesterday using the method as far as the block was concerned didn't do a reversible binding just wanted to try out doing the block.
So all in all this week is ending much better than last week when the keys was lost lol

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Wash Set

I have knitted a wash set I did the hand towel using   Basket Rib Pattern   I also did a Back Scrubber  plus a face mitt which I was given the pattern for which is done on DP I cast on 40 stitches over 4 needles did a rib for 10 rows & then on dps 1 & 4 i did moss stitch & DPs 2 & 3 was knit until required length & put 1 & 4 on to one needle & 2 &3 on to another & cast off, i used 4.5mm for the rib & 3.5 for the body.
If you want other patterns for various items then click  Here  for link below is the photo of my set which is done in Bernat Cotton Pale Yellow
Wash Set

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Quilt Finished

I finally finished the 1930s Pinwheel Quilt which is a wedding gift finished it with just over a week to spare so I guess that a good result lol
I used the Missouri Star method to do the pinwheels one I have mention in earlier post so here is the finish quilt not really got the room to show it off or take a great photo but you see it anyway

Friday, 6 May 2011

My Mum

Today I am dedicating this post to my mum
as today would have been her 100th birthday she sadly passed away in October 2008 so below is some photos of her
Happy Birthday Mum
My Mum & Dad about 1956
Mum & Dad with my eldest 2 children Christmas 1976
Me & Mum in Scotland about mid 1990s
Mum in our garden
Mum taken in July 2004

Monday, 2 May 2011

Blocks & Socks

I hope that you enjoyed our Royal Wedding which was on Friday us Brits do Pomp & Ceremony well I wish the couple a very Happy Life Together.
Well I am still working on the quilt which is for a wedding gift should be finished later this week.
I have done some blocks it for a swap on my Online Quilting Group the block is called Next Door Neighbour  & this is what is going to the 2 names drawn this month.

I also done a pair of socks in Bamboo it Happy Yarn which is 75% bamboo 25% nylon (polyamide) the colour is Jupiter (2513)

I haven't had any further sock orders so not knitting any at present, which is okay with the quilt I need to finish
Also on my group we are doing a KYO-BOM which is Keep your own Block of the Month in this those who signed up for it pick a block for one of the months so May's one is
called   Lover's Knot  This one I rather like & if you look on page 2 & at what some have done there is a lovely quilt done using Black White & Floral it the one done by Julia I may do this for my DD wedding quilt but using red not a 100% as I am also liking one or 2 other ones so not made up my mind yet
On the KYO-BoM I have to choose June's one have a few ideas but not decided yet, I am hoping to make decisions on blocks & quilt once the quilt is done & may be even after the 2 weddings this month the 1st will be for the one I done the quilt for which I will show later in the week, then a week after that wedding we have another one to attend so a busy month for weddings
I just ordered a new dress hoping it arrives in time & that it will suit me I will look for something else for DD wedding in October

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Angel Of May

Today is May Day wishing you all a wonderful month full of love laughter & happiness with all the joys of Spring
Angel Of May
~The angel of all motherhood
She kisses child each night
Wraps a child in special wings
Holds all children tight

She is a perfect answer to
A Mother's special prayer
Forever she is constantly
Hovering somewhere

A treasured gift this angel is
She'll always do her part
Protect each gift that you receive
That lives inside your heart

A gift from God He sent her here
To hold your child so close
The precious gift a child to love
A most angelic host

So say a prayer to her each night
Forever she'll be near
A Guardian to every child
Each one her heart will wear~