Friday, 3 June 2011

Books I Got

I had ordered some books & 2 have arrived, the first one is The Best of Fons & Porter Table Top Quilts
The 2nd one is Scrap-Basket Surprise 
I have taken some photos of the & content I think you will agree with the FP one is great I especially like the round one that like a Dresden plate I don't have a round table or somewhere I could put this but it one that may be worth adpating what do you think, I also really like the Teapot & Cup one may do some of the applique in to pot holders think a teapot one would be nice


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Angel Of June

Here we are another new month today not only is the beginning of a new month but my DH's birthday so wishing him a very happy birthday, along wishing you all a wonderful month.

Angel Of June
~Angel of June
Precious in sky
Sending a promise of
Love from on high
Bringing to earth
Warmth from above
Showing how easy
To learn how to love
Sitting in silence
Watching in blue
Seeing all beauty
In summer's sweet hues
Breath from the sky
Sweet as the mist
With every dew drop
A heart never missed
Love in the air
Hearts in her care
Tenderly watching to
Guard all down here
Angel of June
Sends special tune
Winds in the mist
Harmonious bliss
Summer is scented