Wednesday, 30 June 2010

End of the Month

Well it the last day of the month & we halfway through the year, I guess we should be thinking of getting projects done for Christmas so we don't get caught out when you think of it, it not like we don't know when it is or it is coming yet so many of us have that last minute rush.
I haven't done much I did a mini back scrubber more to use some yarn up I do find that the smaller balls of cotton are a little small but as I can't just pop out to get some I don't have more than 1 ball of a colour so it does make it harder but I always do the handles first that way I don't run out before I finish.
On the sewing side went to Quilting group on Saturday as I been in pain with my back plus with all the computer problems I just took the precut triangles I had bought & started to sew them together.
Janet at the group asked what I was going to do with them & I said Pinwheel & she suggested getting 2 of the sew triangles & put them together but oposite so if i was say using red & black I would have them face right sides together but oposite fabric then draw a line corner to corner (oposite the sewn corner to corner) then sew quarter inch either side of the line & then cut on line & I would have 2 blocks with 4 triangles in.
I will be getting some scraps of fabric & cutting some triangles of the size I have & doing them so I can check the size of the blocks when done also same with doing one pinwheel so I can check the size of that block then I can decide on what I will do with them.
There no photos to share as not taken any plus I not got the camera set on the computer yet.
I have to put on my EQ5 & then the upgrade 6 I going to do that as I am not sure when mu upgrade to EQ7 will be arriving & I am unable to play so need to do that
Well Happy Sewing/Knitting/Crafting & don't forget to start making your Christmas to do List

Friday, 25 June 2010

Computers Love Them or Hate Them

I have had computer problems, I went to switch on the computer on Tuesday & while the light came on & what sounded like the fan nothing screen was okay as it came up with the message it does when the tower is not on.
Anyway so off I go looking for a new computer well the other one was being a bit slow anyway & been saying I may have to get a new one
I went to one place had a nice one which had a 24 inch screen but didn't get too much with it & with the warranty pushed it up so went next door & saw another one not quite as high spec but still good with a 20 inch screen they would let me get Office 2010 business one as I wanted Outlook for my e-mails at a good price plus they had Norton on half price & I asked for them to throw it in but got it for half again plus the waranty so came away with the computer.
Set it all up & switched the power on puff the tower blew so took it back & got a new one which I got them to try plus the mains lead well you never know.
Came home & set it up & put my disc I have to for the internet & it tells me that the operation sytem is not one it uses so phones my provider up thinking it be a week before I get a new version of the disc & the guy talked me through it you don't need a disc now so got online.
I have now had to try to figure out how to use the new computer & gone to Outlook & even that is different to the version I had on Office 2000 so still trying to figure all that out plus getting programs back on one won't as it was for windows 98 but it did work on XP but no way on Windows 7
With all this going on I haven't done much crafts so hope my next post will be more craft related

Monday, 21 June 2010

6 Ply Socks

I have not been feeling great the past few days been feeling light headed/dizzy that sort of thing when the room starts to spin sometimes when you get up quickly from bending down.
Not sure but I have in the past had a bad bouts of this with the room spining & being sick I was in bed with it for a week I have had this a few times like that so I do have some sick tablets so I been taking them as I feel as I am on the edge it not kicked off but could so best to start to take them.
While feeling like this I not been knitting or even reading as I think eye movement don't help.
I had done a pair of socks these are done in 6ply yarn it the Online Welliness II range it has Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E in the yarn it 75% Superwash Wool & 25% Polyamid
They knitted up quickly & was nice to knit I did them by casting on using 4mm needles & doing 1 row knit then I changed to 3.50mm ones & started to do the knit 1 purl 1 rib I do all my socks in this sort of method that I use a larger size needle to cast on & do the first row I use the Double Pointed needles so use 4 (3 with stitches on 1 to knit with) I also never measure now I tend to knit by rows I count the rows as I find that I do then get both socks the same size yet the first ones I did I measured & no matter how I tried I found that I could still be out slightly so this way I just click each row then when done each section I just reset to zero & click on the next section.
I am not sure if these will be a gift as DH may like my socks he certainly not in to multi colours he says he can't wear jazzy socks he likes the plain/solid colours & even then if they are too light he not happy he more fussy than a woman lol
I think these may be a gift for a family member who has a birthday in a few months
I am hoping that I will be doing some sewing later I want to do a Knitting Needle case plus need to do a sort of roll for DH back

Monday, 14 June 2010

Crafts & This & That

I finished a pair of socks using from the last lot of yarn I got I posted a photo on 4th June about the yarn 
I have also done a cloth & a back scrubber using Sugar N Creme cotton
I not been as busy on crafts of late as I have been spending more time on Genealogy (see my other blog) so have't got as much done as I would like I am hoping to start on another single quilt plus I am waiting on some pre-cut triangles I bought off Ebay I bought 4 packs each pack contains 80 that 2 of each fabric which is in a Civil War Repo with the 4 packs thought I would turn them in to Pinwheel blocks for a quilt
I know that some have received there EQ7 already but that those in the USA here they saying July well that okay don't pay until it ready to send.
Apart from having a shock with my Sky (Satellite Channels) account they sent a bill for way more than they should nearly £113 well I phoned them as I had been told I could have it on a special offer for 6 months well after sorting it out I have to pay this month £46.10 that because I have to also pay in advance but they had over charged last month as well but from next bill it only be £23.25 plus I have the offer now for 12 months so we have cricket for the Ashes end of the year in to next plus we have the movies not that I am too bothered if we never had them but as a few months ago I was paying £23 for just the entertainment ones no sports or movies & I took some of the channels off so I think I have a good deal lol

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

On-Point Quilt

Here is my On-Point Quilt that I had been working, I used homespum fabrics plus some Thimbleberries.
This is a single quilt I am rather pleased with it the way it has come out.
The two photos are one with it laid on the floor the other is my friend holding it up

Friday, 4 June 2010

New Blog & Knitting Yarn

First I like to tell you I have created a new blog I decided to have one for my Family History so if that is what you are interested in then you can click on the link on the side bar, I only just done a welcome post today but do check back after today to see what is new.
Well I got the sock yarn I had won on ebay this was from a seller I get my yarn from in Germany I really did get a bargain as it was just a auction lot & not a buy now lot.
I have 8 balls of of a 100 grms each the range is called Spot-Colour & is a 4 ply yarn 75% Virgin Wool Superwash & 25% polyamide, I have a lot of the Online yarn just in different ranges & colours
I do really like the colours of course some much more than others funny how I tend to lean towards the browns, greys, blues more than the Pinks
I have taken time out to do some reading mostly Mills & Boon books as they are what I call easy reading & have finished 7 books I got from the library last week & have now taken them back but not got anymore out as I need to sew the binding on my quilt plus I will get on to some knitting some cloths & socks well I have to start to use my sock stash up & I have now with this lot got at least 3 different ranges that I haven't knitted one range is a 6 ply so should be interesting to see how it does.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

DH's Vee-Neck Top

This is the Vee-Neck sweater I done for DH I used a sleeveless pattern for it & then when it said pick up stitches for rib around armholes I cast on that & then changed to stocking stitch & did the short sleeve
Well this wasn't such a great idea as the short sleeves came out way too big so what I did was sewn the excess then cut the sleeve so it was a cut & sew sleeve I use to use this method on necks when I machine Knitted but haven't done anything like that for at least 10 years
The sweater is just to keep DH shoulders warm not for going out in as he does have other sweaters but needed this for when he indoors or working about outside
All in all it hasn't turned out too bad I am pleased with the Vee part & with DH not being a small man I knew he needed room around the arms otherwise he do nothing but moan lol
I taken the photo by putting it on a dressmaker's dummy well best way of doing it lol it a nicer green than the photo really shows.
I am glad that I have finished it as now I can get back to smaller items of knitting, but before that I am taking a bit of time to do some reading as I am giving the hands a rest before I have to start sewing the binding on the quilt.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Angel for June

Today not only is it the 1st of the month it also my DH's birthday so Happy Birthday to him.
Here is your Angel of the month

Angel Of June

~Angel of June

Precious in sky
Sending a promise of
Love from on high
Bringing to earth
Warmth from above
Showing how easy
To learn how to love
Sitting in silence
Watching in blue
Seeing all beauty

In summer's sweet hues
Breath from the sky
Sweet as the mist
With every dew drop
A heart never missed

Love in the air
Hearts in her care
Tenderly watching to
Guard all down here

Angel of June
Sends special tune
Winds in the mist
Harmonious bliss
Summer is scented
From angel's sweet kiss.~