Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Table Runners

I have managed to do some sewing which I am very pleased about the first table runner is from a project which I was doing at Quilt Set which is the Quilting group I go to once a month I am very pleased I have finished it
As you will see it a scrappy one but I still feel it a nice one
Scrappy Table Runner
 The 2nd one is for a gift & I had asked the person what would she like for Christmas & she said a table runner for her coffee table to this is the result of it, I designed it on EQ7 
Browns & Creams Coffee Table Runner 

 I do hope to get some more sewing/quilting done plus a single quilt I have pinned ready to quilt one of the reasons I not done that was after my fall I know that I would struggle I do a when I am not bruised so don't want to push my luck.
I have ordered a long bath mat with a headrest & should have it by the end of the week my DH also says we need to get a small stool for me so it help me step in to & out of the bath, & as whether I have a bath or a shower I have to step in to the bath as the shower while not attached to the bath is a over the bath type so we will be looking for something that can take my weight but also won't slip.
Thank you all for your concern over my fall I am not too bad now thank you


  1. Glad to see you doing some quilting. I like your table runners, and I'm sure the person it's intended for will love it as well. It's good to hear that you're recovering from your fall.

  2. Glad to hear you're recovering from your fall.

    Your table runners are great, especially the brown and cream one.

  3. Happy to hear you're feeling better.

    Great job on the table runners. I like the first one best but then I am a scrappy kind of gal.

  4. The table runners are just lovely!


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