Monday, 30 August 2010

Last Pair of Order

This is the last pair of the order I had to fulfill
I used Irish Colour again just a different one from the range, it a US 12 (UK11.5) so another large one
Irish Colour Men's US 12

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Yarn

I just had the parcel man arrive & he has fetched me my new yarn I ordered it Online Yarn Canadian Colour Range & I think looking at the photos you have to agree that they are fantastic colours even better than I saw on the site & will make some beautiful socks.
The 1st photo is what I got from the website so you can see what it shows as knitted socks
The 2nd Photo is all of the yarn now I have it with 3rd & 4th showing closer views of lots of 4 balls at a time
Canadian Colour (From website)
Canadian Colour Arrived
Showing a closer view
Showing a closer view

Monday, 23 August 2010

An Order for Socks in Irish Colour Range

I have finished one of 2 pairs of very large men's socks I have to do, I have to do a US13 & US12 
For this pair which is the US13 size, I have used Online yarn called Irish Colour I think the colour is rather nice for a man with it autumn/earthy colours
The sock is part of an order I got my 1st paying order I needed to do 4 pairs I had mention I may be getting an order well I did for this & the other man's pair & 2 ladies pairs of socks
I must say not ever done socks this large it took longer than I thought which goes to show that it like knitting a extra sock with all the extra stitches & rows I done compared to other socks I have done lol
I have also had some luck this week with getting some bargains on more sock yarn, I got 2 pack of 10 x 100 grams balls of Regia 4 ply yarn I got one which is a dark green (olive) & also Denim blue both of these colours my DH will wear he fussy when it comes to colours he not in to the self-patterning yarns that said he did say he liked the ones below 
I am also waiting on another lot I got which is Online Yarn again but this time 8 x 100 gram balls of a new colour range called Canadian Colour so will have 8 different ones there have to wait for them to arrive from Germany.
Well below is the sock that I have just finished.
An order of a Man's socks US13 in Irish Colour

Sunday, 15 August 2010

More Cotton Socks

Here is another pair of cotton socks I have finished these are for a gift which will be sent in the next few days.
I used Regia Cotton yarn again & these are a bit bigger than the other ones I have done as the person size is bigger than me.
I have some other news I may be getting a sale for some socks it could be the other Cotton socks & the Bamboo socks I have knitted & posted recently they may be going along with 2 other pairs of Men's socks which I will have to knit so a order for 4 pairs of socks.
Okay I won't be rich but I will make enough to cover the yarn plus some for me I have been asking what prices do people think knitted socks go for & I have had prices range from as low as $12 up to $100 well working in USA dollars $12 wouldn't cover the yarn but while I would love to get a $100 I don't think I would.
Here in the UK people wouldn't buy them may be someone who had or knows how nice hand-knitted socks are may buy some but very rare so any sales I get I think will be from the USA possible Canada 
I am thinking of trying to sell on Etsy which is something I hope to try I would like to know what is the average sizes for your country, here in the UK 4-5 for a ladies & 8-9 for men are the most popular sizes I do knit my socks slightly smaller than the standard size as while I am that size for part I am shorter in the foot so at least hand-knitted socks will fit me lol 
Regia Cotton Socks

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bamboo Socks

I must say I am going great guns with the socks, I finished this pair Tuesday night & have already started a new pair of socks.
These are using the Regia Bamboo yarn it a 4 ply yarn & knits up well very similar to the cotton ones which I previously shown & I am working on another cotton pair.
I not done any sewing (smack hand lol) I do want to get the socks done as I want to do some reading so may have a little break from knitting or at least not doing it as much 
These Bamboo ones will be in my gift stash as not knitted for anyone in particular so they either be a gift or I will use them.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cotton Socks

I just finished a pair of sock using Regia Cotton yarn it 34% cotton 41% wool & 25% polyamide I think they knitted up well.
I have put them in my gift stash along with the other socks I have done recently not sure if they will be a gift or I will keep them but as I don't need them now I can decide later, I am now going to start a pair using Regia Bamboo yarn so watch out for those

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What Wadding/Batting do You Use

I was wondering what wadding/batting do you use for quilts & do you use different weights types depending on what you do.

I did a single quilt using some polyester type I used 270 grm weight which is 9.5 ozs, I can get the same wadding in weights of 200 grms 7 ozs or 70 grms which is nearly 2.5 ozs

I have used Warm & Natural 100% cotton which is nice but find it is a bit flat & also not warm enough for me when I use it as a quilt

I know you can also get 80/20 which is 80% cotton & 20% polyester & other waddings

So which do you go for & why & how do you find it wears, the single quilt I did I have found even that was a struggle to get in to the washing machine so I don't think I will use that thick wadding again may be when I have to get a new washing machine I know I will be going for one that is a much bigger load plus a wider door, so will look forward to some feed back on the Wadding/Batting

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Angel Of August

Here is your angel for August I hope that you have a wonderful month

Angel Of August

~She's regal in splendor

This angel of love

Cascading her flowers

From heaven above

To fall from the sky

To land with her peace

The angel of August

Her heart always seeks

To bring you a glow

That makes life complete

The flowers you gather

That fall from the sky

Her gift of the spirit

That soars way up high

A scent in the air

A petal that lands

In velvet she greets you

Wherever you stand

She touches your soul

With all of her love

Sprinkles her softness

With joy from above

Look up to the sky

To see heaven's light

It's the angel of August

That gives such delight~