Thursday, 24 February 2011

Table Runner

I not been on the computer much or doing any sewing of late but managed to finish a table runner the photo is not so great but still that me.
I been doing a lot of knitting lately as i have had some sock orders to do so been busy with them 
I have also got some nice yarns in for sock knitting
So here are some photos for you to see hope you like them
Spring Tulip Table Runner
Canadian-Colour 1285
Canadian-Colour 1288   
Emotion-Colour 1274


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Angel Of February

Here is a Angel for February
 Angels Are Always With Us  

Angel Of February 
~February's angel~
Filled with so much love
Bearing all the fruit of life
God's greatest gift above

She offers with extended hand
The joy of love in peace
Only when you seek her out
Her loyalty will reach

To show you how to care for all
To love from deep inside
Knowing all that she can give
She is your perfect guide

Teaches how to truly love
From deep within your soul
To know this beauty of her gift
A heart can always hold

To capture hearts with so much love
To hold them all steadfast
Forever to be grateful for
This love that always lasts

Learn from her this way of life
Your destiny be told
The love that she does give to you
Will capture hearts with gold.~