Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Chevron Quilt

I have been working on a Chevron Quilt for a while most of the time or at least since before Christmas it just sat with no work being done on it

I had some jewel tone layer cake size squares (10 inches) so cut black to match then I sewn them together to cut diagonal to make half colour half black square

I then made them in to the chevron pattern, I used my walking foot to do the stitching on the colour part of the chevron then i did FMQ for the black borders i used a variegated thread I have used a Black flannel for the backing I still just have to add the black binding to finish the quilt


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Belated Happy 2017

A Belated Happy 2017 I haven't posted in a while 

Before Christmas DH & me both came down with colds/flu & coughs I collaplased in the hall after getting up so all DH said was he heard a thump & found me naked in the hall so spent time in bed the fall didn't do me any harm 

I have been reading a lot i found a author Jean Fullerton who has wrote a series starting with  "Call Nurse Millie"  there is 3 more in the series 2 of which is more e-books she also done a spin of starting with "Fetch Nurse Connie" there is two in this series I am on the last one of this both start as WW2 ends if you like Call the Midwife TV series these are set around the same sort of area just 10-15 years before as at the beginning there is no NHS

I have knitted a pair of socks for DH i do have to do some more for him as he needs some, these ones are 2x2 rib as he wanted a looser top i cast on 72 stitches then when rib is done i decreased on every 5th row so he seems to be happy with them 

I haven't done any sewing/quilting since before Christmas i have to quilt the Black & jewel tone Chevron quilt i have done so have to get that quilted plus do the binding to get it finished 

I am so glad that i have a rule that i can't start a new project before i finish the one i am working on or i would have started another one which while i am itching to start i am being so slow finishing the quilt lol 

I hope i will do better on posting