Sunday, 21 September 2008

Project Finished

Well I did finish the 2ND sock the other day, but my mum has gone in to hospital again so not had much time on the computer to post, I have also finished a cross between a dishcloth & a towel it just going to be used as a cover for DH PlayStation I used two oddballs of yarn a plain black which i did the rib in garter stitch then I changed to a variegated yarn which is black, grey & white & i did the body in that before changing back to the black the pattern of the body a free pattern i got off it was more a use up project than anything that I was going to use as a towel I do like the pattern & hope to do more of these out of some nice yarn, the yarn I used is fine for what i wanted it for but wouldn't really like it for a dishcloth or a towel, i may have used it for a mat for the tea tray it too dark for my taste but fine for things like a cover or tea tray.
I hope to start a new project later today not sure what as yet you know in my next post

Saturday, 13 September 2008

My First Knitted Heel Sock

I have finished my first sock with a heel that you knit as you are doing it, I have only in the past done tubular or 2 Needle ones which you sew up the heel I used 6ply Regia yarn, I had started using the pattern from Coats Crafts which is a free pattern for Regia yarn but when it came to the heel I just couldn't understand it & was going to give up it was as if little green men had written the pattern lol so i was going to do a tubular one so while looking at patterns I had printed off I found one that I could understand, & it used the same number of stitches that I had used on my one anyway so I could carry on the photo is the result.
I been to see my mum today & took her the shawl I knitted her & she loved it so I have to do more for her but will see if I can find a different pattern more of a wrap type but we see. She did ask to see her jumper again that is in her wardrobe & she even commented about me lending her the pattern to knit one but i don't think she would really be able to not now after all she is 97 & has trouble holding things but it would be nice as I remember her always knitting & she still was up to about a year or less ago

Monday, 8 September 2008

Knitted Prayer Shawl

Well I finished the Knitted Prayer Shawl for my mum, I was using the remainder of the Aran yarn I used in my Aran Sweater, so I ran out of yarn to be able to put the pockets on, if my mum likes it I & would like another I will do one with pockets, for those who wish to see the shawl with the pockets you can see it at the site I bought the pattern from which is at the link below
I will be taking this to my mum at the week-end, I now have to think what to start next I not made up my mind yet, so it may be a small item such as dishcloths, or socks (not that i am any good at doing them lol) or a larger item such as another Aran Sweater or Cardigan just thinking about it for the present