Friday, 30 July 2010

6 Ply Socks Finished

I just finished a pair of socks using 6 ply Regia yarn this was sent to me in a swap I was involved in last year so it nice to use it.
Most socks I do use 4 ply but I do have some 6 ply & find that they knit up quite quickly
I am not sure if I will keep these or put them in to my Gift Stash that I need to start again well it won't be long to Christmas & if I don't start getting some gifts done they won't be done or it will be such a mad rush & I have to allow for things that happen to delay getting things done.
I have been reading which means no knitting so now I have started to just read for a little while in bed before I go to sleep if I feel up to it so I can then knit in the evenings while watching TV that how comes I have done the socks
6 Ply Socks

Friday, 23 July 2010

Fabric Arrived

The fabric I ordered from   Lynnette   has arrived I will use the top two fabrics for pinwheel the 2nd one down has a pink print on it, the next two I will use as layer cake size blocks with the last one being the border which I feel ties it all in the backing will be done in a pink flannel this is going to be a king-size one so will be done in rows & columns as much as I love the look of on-point it is too hard when it gets to that size to be able to do it.

Lynnette fabrics is of very good quality & she very good will accomadate when ever possible & she does do international shipping do go & look at her site & please do mention if you order that you seen it on here so she knows where interest is coming from

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What I have received in the Last Week

I been very lucky this week, First item was on Monday it was a birthday present from my very good friend Lesley in Harlow you can see it a lovely teddy

Then I had on Tuesday a lovely surprise it was a quilting book which was from my son Karl, not sure if this wasn't in when he was there in May or he forgot it or what but I do also have to thank my sister Julia as she posted it the week before so thank you to both of you for the lovely book you see below

Then Wednesday I received a swap package which was from New Zealand this was from my swap partner Donna who is on a knitting group DRUs I belong to & you see she sent me a quilting magazine from New Zealand plus some yarn which will make some lovely winter socks this would be the same as our double knitting yarn, plus I received a lovely cloth funny thing was the one I sent was same colour lol plus some lovely coasters also which not shown a pin for the lapel & some fabric
So it been a great week for me, & to top it all someone has told me a bit more about the photo on my parents which I have on my Genealogy blog so Thank you to that person

Sunday, 18 July 2010

My Week

What I have been up to since my last posting, well I will start with the boring bits to get them out the way lol
I have had to go for my eye check-up at the hospital as I have glaucoma, anyway the the check-up 2 before this one on the field vision it had changed the last one more or less the same this one well they didn't do it so I asked if I am okay to drive, well I have to tell the DVLA (driving licence people) so I come home to find out the number by going to their website & there is info on there seems I should have told them I have glaucoma when I first was told well no one told me.
Anyway downloaded the forms & filled them in as the Dr at the hospital said my vision is okay but it not up to them so I now have to wait to see if I can continue to drive until they say I will carry on.
During the week I had my upgrade to EQ7 this is what my DH paid for for my birthday which was yesterday, I also got from my friend Pat a June Taylor Shape cut Pro it is 20 by 23 inches & has slots every 2.5 inches this is something i will use a lot.
Yesterday I went to my Quilting group which was great so had lots of fun there we did a small runner but I hadn't cut enough for the 2nd border so I couldn't carry on with that so I finished sewing the triangles I had bought pre-cut together, when I got home DH had made me a trifle for after dinner really nice.
If you had seen my earlier post about the Missouri Star Quilting company & their video on Youtube, well I decided that I would get a 2 FQs & cut them up to different square sizes & do the pinwheel their method to see how they came out.
I have squares all up to near the inch or half inch in all but one,
10 inch squares I squared up to 12.5 inch block
8 inch squares I squared up to a 10 inch block 
6 inch squares I squared up to a 7 inch block
5 inch squares I just cut the ears off & it comes out to 5 3/4 inch block
4 inch squares I squared up to 4.5 inch block
The 7 inch squares I made a mistake in cutting & the 9 inch didn't have enough but it gives me a idea of what size squares to cut for what size block you can see the results below
So all in all not a bad end to a week where I done nothing craft wise

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Am I Lucky or What

I am still working on stupid computer so no sewing been done but on Tuesday I received a package from my friend   Lynnette   for a belated Christmas present plus my birthday & look what she sent some beautiful fabrics plus some thimbles so am I lucky or what you can see the lovely fabrics she sells if you click on her name above

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tutorial using YouTube

I haven't as yet loaded my camera on to the computer so I thought I would share a tutorial with you it not mine if you click on the link  TUTORIAL  l  it will take you to YouTube where you can see a quick table runner
If you look at the side (you may have to subscribe) it gives more tutorials, I found this after  ROBIN   sent me a link to a different tutorial on Pinwheels which I really want to try if you click on   PINWHEEL  you will see it I am very impressed so thank you Robin if you click on her name above you will go to her blog.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Angel Of July

It the First of July already, here is an Angel to watch over you throughout July have a good month

Angel Of July

~Sitting in splendor

In heaven's sweet place

Showing the beauty of wings

Made of lace

Surrounded by flowers

With swans in her midst

The beauty of nature

Her glorious gift

Playing a tune that

Comes from on high

Gentlest breezes

This angel July

Sends love with her heart

That whispers on land

As trees rustle gently

In harmony grand

An angel so peaceful

She's sent with great love

Angelic in nature

Reflected above

Let her just fill you with

Warmth and all care

An angel to bless you with

Dreams we can share

Look to her innocence

Her power and might

While gently she sends you

All love that is bright.~