Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Winter Jacket/Coat Finished

Well I have just finished my winter Jacket/coat this morning I just put on the buttons. i am sort of pleased with it the yarn wasn't as nice as i hoped it was not the sort that was well twisted so had to be careful when knitting with it & even sewing up but it done which i am glad of.It taken longer than i expected but having 3 of my grandchildren here for a few weeks & my daughter for a week it cut in to my knitting.I hope to get started on a shawl for my mum today i will use the remainder of the peach Aran yarn i use for my Aran sweater so it will be warm for her the pattern comes from the Knitted Prayer Shawls pattern book which i got off e-pattern central it has pockets each side so it should be handy but i will wait to do the pockets until i finish the shawl as you never know being that i am using a different yarn well i can't get most of the yarns that USA get here in the UK i have to substitute yarns.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Still have the grandchildren here & their mum, she taken them to London for the day so we have a peaceful day which is nice, it great having the grandchildren here but it will be great also when they go I think 3 weeks is a long time to have them here we not as young as we was lol also I really need to give the place a good clean but all I am doing is moving things from one place to another lol
I found a nice site today which was sent to me by my friend Ruth it has quilting, knitting & other crafts & you can buy patterns which are either singular or in a book or even e-magazines & so if your in a different country it don't matter as you download them, i got a Knitted Prayer Shawl book & a quilting one Log Cabin Treasures both are great books & i got a 20% discount on the price so am happy the site if you wish to look at it go to it certainly has a few different crafts to choose from.
Here in the UK we still waiting on Summer it feels more like Autumn & we been having & still will have showers some very heavy & lasting hours i think we missing Summer this year at this rate, i am still working on my winter jacket/coat & at this rate will need it sooner rather than later i am at least on the last sleeve so once that finished it then put it all together & do the bands & collar not sure if that will be before the week-end i have some buttons but not sure if the size is right i do want something that makes it look like a coat rather than just any old button so we see how i do when i get to that point.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Granddaughter's Placemat

I have had my 3 grandchildren here for the last 2 weeks with their mum coming tonight so they will all still be here for another week, the middle one Rebecca well she wanted to have a go at doing some placemats for her mum.

She never really used a sewing machine so while she not perfect for a 12 year old i think she done a good job may be when she older she will want to quilt.

Having a 14, 12 & a 91/2 year old here is certainly exhausting makes you appreciate the peace & quiet when they do go
I manage to do a sleeve on the jacket so i now only have to knit a sleeve before the beginning of the putting it all together

Monday, 4 August 2008

Back is Done

I finished the back of the jacket i am doing photo not so good not had time to do much with it so just taken a photo of it so you can see it.

I hope to start on the front today but as i have one of my granddaughter's staying & she wishes to do some quilting i am not sure how much knitting time i will have, as i have to be with her if she using my sewing machine also help her do what she wants to do nothing fancy just a small project i hope to get photos to share when she done

Friday, 1 August 2008

Knitting & Quilting

Well I have been rather busy this last week or so as my mum who 97 went in to hospital so I have been travelling to see her she lives a hour's drive away, so this has cut in to craft time.
I have done some cotton dishcloths, I also didn't win the stash challenge on my quilting group not that I expected to as there was far better ones than mine, the quilt top I am showing is one of the entries I did I used Thimbleberries fabric I only have the top done so far.
I started last night a jacket for myself it uses super chunky yarn & 6 & 8mm needles it is in Misty Green I managed to get about 8 inches done so far it will be a nice coat style jacket for the winter especially in the car it a easy pattern & I hope to take a photo of the back when done