Friday, 26 June 2009

Pop Over for this Give-away

Here is a lovely blog in which the lady is doing a give-away for her birthday most of us receive presents she doing it reverse with her one so Many Happy Returns I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

Now by now your asking where do you go for this well click on Canton Village this take you there Good Luck to All

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I managed to pin 2 quilts today I hope to start working on them tomorrow after pinning the 3 layers it about done me in for the day.

I am working on a pair of socks for my DBIL this is the one who is in hospital still not sure as to when he will be coming out yet but he doing better than he was on Saturday & even on Sunday when we went to see him.

The socks well these will be the largest size I done as he 2 sizes bigger than DH so have to do them bigger.

We are having a nice spell of lovely weather it quite hot but they do say we can have some rain near the week-end well Glastonbury & Wimbledon is on & rain normally happens when they come round lol

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What a Day & Look at What I Got

Well it certainly be a day, First it was the meeting of the Quilting Group this is run by a lady call Jan She has a blog Jan's Musing well we met after being paired up in a Friends Swap run by Sew Prim Khris & it turned out we live about 15 miles apart.
Well I had given her package last meeting this meeting she gave me mine & boy was I spoilt

F = Frame Foto of Friends ( a photo we had taken last meeting) & Fabrications for Fun this is a magazine called Fabrication

R= Rainbow Reels of Thread

I- Inspirational Magazine (a Knitting magazine)

E- Easy to Remember (a notepad in a hand-made wallet) Embellishments for making a easy Postcard (not sure as to the easy part never done them)

N- Need a Button a pincushion covered on one side with buttons which you can take off if you need them & it has legs

D= Don't put your feet in the pockets well it was a beautiful Quillow this a pillow/cushion that you can open up to a lap quilt it so beautiful

S= Shopping Tote for a Shopaholic

As you can see I was so spoilt the quilt on it own would have done but all the other goodies Thank You Jan (You may have to click on older post to see all the letters)

While at the group we did two blocks which you can see I enjoyed doing these & must say they looked better from a distance I know that Jan will have photos of them on her blog with more blocks that other ladies did.

On a downside to the day I received a phone call to say that my DBIL had been taken ill he now in hospital not sure what is wrong with him at present we will go down tomorrow to see him unless we hear that we need to go down before.

Blocks that I did at Quilting Group

Closer look at the Open Quilt

Quillow Open








Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Birthday Wishes & Next Projects

Today is my Daughter Donna's 34th birthday now on her 21st birthday she had her Daughter Rebecca so my dear Granddaughter has become a Teenager today so Happy Birthday Donna & Rebecca.

Also today is Micki of Irish Muses so Happy Birthday Micki.

I have pulled out 2 quilt tops that I did last year it was for a Stash Challenge in which you had to complete the top from your stash well I was stupid enough to put myself in for 2 lol I didn't win but I never expected to but it has left me with 2 tops normally I never start another project until I finish what I am working on so I never have any UFOs unless I am waiting on something & have to just cut up or sew some blocks so these 2 quilts have been sitting waiting for something to be done well I spoke to my niece about would these two be okay for her 2 daughters as I have said I would do them one each I already done their brother one which was the log cabin one & she said they be pleased just to get one from me which I thought was so nice so I am going to use these tops for their quilts you can see them below.

Thimbleberry Quilt Top

Stepping Out Quilt Top

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Link to More Give-Away

It another day & it may be a nice day the sun is certainly trying to come out

Another Give-away this is by Miri at Milk & Honey Quilts Blog do go & take a look also Quilt Qua Has a Give-away

I am hoping that I may get some cutting of fabric done but until I have made up my mind as to what I want to do next I can't cut it lol

I haven't started anymore knitting yet thought I would take a little break I will possible do some dish/facecloths something easy or as they say mindless knitting well I don't have a mind so that about suits me lol

Monday, 15 June 2009

New Week & Link to Give-Away

It the beginning of another week, the year is flying by so quick it didn't do this when we was kids & it seems to go so slow when we are waiting for something lol

Here is a link to another give-away do look well worth it you can go to

I have finished the socks I was doing these are the same as the ones below same yarn just a different colour shows how different colours can make a pair look

I am trying to lose weight & have been for some time now, well not done as well as I hoped this week only lost a quarter of a pound I thought I would lose more oh well there is always next week.

I am not dieting as such just eating healthy & cutting down on portions plus eating less carbs just have to be more patience something I am not known for lol

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another Link to a Give-Away

Well I found another give away well I got the link from another blog who directed me to this one

I am sure you will all enjoy her blog plus a chance to win something

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sock Yarn Arrived

My sock yarn has arrived from Germany, the top 5 balls are the Emotion yarn the two to the left are Harlekin & the one to the right is called Sports all are by OnLine & are 100 gram balls so I have enough to do a pair of adults plus if i do heel & toe different can get a pair of trainer/sports socks if the first pair are not for too larger feet which so far I have not had to do largest size I done is a UK 8 shoe size

Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Socks

Here is the pair of socks that I started the other day, I finished them last night am well pleased with these, the yarn was called Twister & as you see it comes in blocks of colour then a a little random pattern & they nearly a perfect match which is an achievement in it self, I hope to do another pair possible in the same yarn just different colour as I still have a few balls left.

I have ordered some sock yarn from Germany from a very nice lady called Christine, we did have a few problems with the site as it not all been translated in to English but between us we managed to see what I wanted if you like to look at her yarn then here her web page
or if you go to her shop on ebay which may be easier to figure out it at
if you get anything do mention that I recommend you so she will know how you found her.

I am getting some of the Emotion Yarn, & also Harlekin & Sports yarn the Emotion yarn I have had before & love the other two yarns is more to see how they compare & if I like them as much.

Try this Give-Away

I just been to a blog that is having a fantistic give-away so pop over & try your luck, so good luck to all who enter at

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's Back

Well around 3 yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang & it was the friendly parcelman he had my Brother BM2600, so the shop had sent it back so I unpacked it & gave it a try & yes it working fine, I believe it just needed setting which I wasn't going to do, in fact I am going to take a photo of it so I will have the settings for when I do have to change the stitches, it a nice machine just not as easy to figure out as my own machine I have or even the last 2 but may be I am just getting old & things don't sink in so well lol
I have finished 1 sock & am up to the heel flap on the 2nd sock that I am working on, I have ordered some more sock yarn, I get this from a lovely lady in Germany we have had a few hic-cups so e-mails have been going back & forth but I managed to pay her this morning, I ordered some of the lovely yarn I already have plus a few balls of ones I not tried so I can see how they compare.
I plan to try to spend this morning after cutting some squares sewing the block on the new machine just so I can get use to the feel of it as I said before this is a machine I will be taking to Quilting Group more than using it all the time but I still needed it to be user friendly for me that why I went for this as it is a top loading bobbin I found that I struggle with front loading ones it my old hands don't want to do what I want them to lol
On other news my DH found in a charity shop a small exercise bike so we got that as I am trying to lose weight have big amount to lose so I need all the help I can get lol we had ordered a walking machine but after getting the bike cancel it & we saved over £100 the bike when he got it wouldn't tighten on the seat locking screw but he sorted it & as I say it old but for what I want it to do I am more than pleased & it only cost £3 so that can't be bad.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Another Pair of Socks For DH

Well I have finished the socks I was working on for DH last night they are a plain/solid colour he said he wear the self-patterning yarns as trainer/sports socks as they not seen but no way as socks he likes one colour or possible just heel & toe different but that it lol

This morning I have been chatting to Micki of thedote blog on Skype we had a video call so we could see & chat it was great she is an American who lives in Ireland she is on my quilting group

We was paired up for the potholder swap that we been doing so it was really nice to get to chat to her.

I am hoping that I will get to do some blocks in the week plus start a new sewing project not sure what yet will have to see what I come up with may be more socks or cloths.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Swaps Received

Below is a package I received yesterday from a knitting swap I was in this is from Canada from Pat it took over a month to arrive I guess it was on that slow boat from China & wanted to see more of the world lol

I received a dishcloth (that the must part of the swap) also a lovely scarf a little bag some some & some lacey doilies, also some soap & fridge magnets, Thank Pat for all these wonderful things.

Also yesterday I received my potholder swaps from Micki who is a American living in Ireland you can go to her blog which is great it at

The potholders above are a Christmas Theme Fabrics this was what I requested for my fabric well nothing like getting ready for the big event lol she also sent me some fabric & a lollipop so if I shave my hair & put it in my mouth I can be like Kojac " Who Luvs You Baby" lol

These packages came on a good day as after going shopping I had to go down to Houghton Regis which is in Bedfordshire to see the headstone which had gone back on my parent's Grave as had my mum's details added to it so while I am pleased that everything is now settled it is still sad that both have gone.

I went to see my two brothers to let them know that the headstone is now back & to give them details ect of final accounts of my mum's estate not that there really was a estate but that how they say it the headstone does look very nice & it was nice seeing my brothers as I don't always see them when I go down.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


My Machine has been picked up I am not sure if i should order another machine from them I am thinking of a silver Viscount 2021 or should I look at a store which is more expensive or at least you don't get the 15 year warranty.
Our weather has really changed & it much cooler with lower temperatures & no sun it very cloudy
I am still working on the first sock of a pair I am doing for DH hope to finish today or tomorrow at the latest then start the next sock as I have to wait in again tomorrow for another parcel to be picked up I am getting some knitting time

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Not a Happy Bunny

I am not a happy bunny this afternoon, the sewing machine came so unpacked it & started to sew & it didn't sew very well, in fact some of it came undone so I have phoned them saying to take it back had a few words with them shall we say anyway they are collecting it tomorrow & I am hoping for a full refund if not I will be having a arguement with them but I will wait & see what happens.
I think I will go to a shop & test some out before I buy I had used this shop before & was more than happy with them only reason I wanting another machine is to take to quilting group anyway I will let you know what happens

Look at This Blog

Well I was pointed to a blog & after going there I find she having a give away so you not only get to met a nice lady you have a chance of winning something so here is the link

Well worth taking a look at.

I am still waiting on my new machine it should be here either today or tomorrow not sure depends on the delivery company I know it would have been sent so I guess I just have to be patience & wait lol