Friday, 5 November 2010

Pot Holders/Hot Pads

I have been trying out some pot holders, I am not very good with hand sewing so if I can find a different method that I am happy with for the binding that also don't involve hand sewing them down I will.
We all know the basic method where you do it then get your binding & sew it to the front then flip over to the back & hand sew.
Well mine for some reason I feel that the binding is too wide I have bought ready done binding from sellers on eBay so it was 2.5" folded in half making 1.25" but I am not happy as if I do try to stitch in the ditch so I don't have to hand sew it don't look right.
So here are 3 methods I tried & the results

1st Method is where I just stitch the 3 layers together then go over with a zig zag stitch
1st Method
2nd Method is a bag method where I sewn it then turned it to the right side which leaves a opening of course which again didn't want to hand sew so I then zig zag stitch around the edges.
2nd Method
3rd Method is where I cut some fabric 1.5" wide & folded it in half so it 3/4" & I sewn it from the back then stitched on the front.
3rd Method
I will be trying a 4th method which will be as the 3rd but sew it on the front & flip to back but then sew stitch in the ditch from the front, but I haven't as yet done it & will post that when done.

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  1. Cute potholders.

    When I do the bindings for my quilts I cut my strips 2.5" and fold in half. I sew them to the back and then use the sewing machine to sew the front of the binding down. Sometimes it's fun to use a decorative stitch to hold the binding down.


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