Monday, 23 August 2010

An Order for Socks in Irish Colour Range

I have finished one of 2 pairs of very large men's socks I have to do, I have to do a US13 & US12 
For this pair which is the US13 size, I have used Online yarn called Irish Colour I think the colour is rather nice for a man with it autumn/earthy colours
The sock is part of an order I got my 1st paying order I needed to do 4 pairs I had mention I may be getting an order well I did for this & the other man's pair & 2 ladies pairs of socks
I must say not ever done socks this large it took longer than I thought which goes to show that it like knitting a extra sock with all the extra stitches & rows I done compared to other socks I have done lol
I have also had some luck this week with getting some bargains on more sock yarn, I got 2 pack of 10 x 100 grams balls of Regia 4 ply yarn I got one which is a dark green (olive) & also Denim blue both of these colours my DH will wear he fussy when it comes to colours he not in to the self-patterning yarns that said he did say he liked the ones below 
I am also waiting on another lot I got which is Online Yarn again but this time 8 x 100 gram balls of a new colour range called Canadian Colour so will have 8 different ones there have to wait for them to arrive from Germany.
Well below is the sock that I have just finished.
An order of a Man's socks US13 in Irish Colour


  1. What gorgeous socks! My feet feel good just looking at 'em. Bravo:)

  2. I'm glad the order came through for you. The colour is great, but they do look v e r y big.


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