Monday, 5 March 2018

Not Posted For a While

I have not posted for ages I have in 2017 had health issues which is not fully resolved 
I had problems with my heart am undergoing tests I have a device in my chest which I guess that you could say is doing 24/7 ECG I was stopped from driving but am hoping that will change when I see the consultant in July after a tilt table test in May.
Then I had a problem as I have lichen sclerosis it flared up or so I thought so my GP refered me & in December I had a biopsy on the vulva 
That came back positive for cancer in January I had an operation to remove the tumour plus sentinel node but it came back positive for cancer so I will have another operation to remove the lymph nodes & we will see if that comes back clear 
So didn't really do any crafts I read a lot 
I am doing a pair of socks for me as while I do need some I need to get some that is loose as Lymphedema is a strong possibility as it's a 50/50 chance of getting it 
I will try to post more I go for my operation on 21st March so may not be before I go in