Sunday, 20 July 2008

Aran Sweater Finished

Well I have finished the Peach Aran sweater today it all sewn up this one has taken a little over 3 weeks where the other one which was 2 sizes smaller took 4 weeks so am either knitting more or getting faster lol
Am not sure what I will start next I got a pattern for a jacket which you can wear on a cold winters day it uses thick chunky yarn & is done on 8mm needles but getting the yarn here in the UK is not quite so easy unless you wish to pay a lot per ball.
I do have some Mint Green Aran yarn so may do a cardigan for my next big item, in the mean while I could do some dishcloths on the knitting front.
I do want to get some quilting items done & make a start on items for Christmas so will be doing some sewing more during the day for a little while & just doing any knitting in the evening.
Our weather is still all over the show & while it warm we not really seeing summer yet hope we get one as so far we haven't had it well I hope that this finds you all well & your family take care & thank you for reading my Blog

Friday, 4 July 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all who celebrate it, as I am a Brit & in the UK may be we should celebrate losing you lol
I hope to finish the back of the Aran sweater today if so it would have taken a week to do the back I hope then to have at least the rib done on the front done as well by tonight.
our weather is not too bad today with it being a sunny start but then it rain for the next four days if the forecasters have it right, as well that I don't have any plans for the week-end.
I am doing some of the boring stuff first thing this morning laundry, vacuum, sorting out something for dinner this evening then it will be leg up & knit, I am not sure what it is but back of leg is hurting like I have over stretched or something.
I am getting a couple of dishcloth knitting books so I can do some dishcloths I do use the cotton such as Sugar'N'Creme that is available in America I belong to a group & have been lucky enough that when I done swaps that I have had some sent to me so while I can't get it here in the UK & I can't just go in to the shops like they do in the USA to pick my colours I do have some lovely colours, I guess now it back to boring old housework have a good day

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Shopping Day

Today is our shopping day so we been off to get the groceries & it had some heavy pour downs while out but at least now we are home in the dry, the forecast for our part of the UK is going to be heavy showers today with rain or showers over the week-end.
I am this afternoon just going to rest after doing the shopping I find that it takes it out of me so I will be watching some property programs that I have taped while knitting.
I am about 3/4 of the way up the back of the Aran sweater so not sure how much I will get done today but hope that I will be starting the front sometime over the week-end.
I had a pattern arrive today that I got it for legwarmers, mittens, hat & scarf all done in chunky yarn, I have a pack of Chunky yarn that I had thought of doing a jacket or cardigan with so if I have any left over from that then I can use it up on that pattern or I may do some sets for Christmas presents for my two granddaughters not sure yet.
I am hoping that I can get some Christmas projects done this month & my online quilting group which is at are having Christmas in July & we are going to have a day sewing I think on 26th instead of the 25th because it a Friday so we can get some Christmas projects done.
I don't know about anyone else but the year or years seem to fly by we already in the 7th month & half way through the year it won't be long before Christmas is upon us & we will be rushing around trying to get things done for the festive season & I guess those who start to celebrate Thanksgiving it will be even sooner so why not start now by either doing project craft wise or start to buy the odd gift ready for the season who knows you may see some good bargains if you start now.
Well you all take care thank you for reading this & wishing you a wonderful day

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Got some sewing done

I have been busy today working on a quilt top which is for a Stash Challenge this will be for a contest so can't share photos yet but at least I manage to finish the top.
I did some knitting last night & will be knitting today I think the back is going slower than the one I did for mum may be being 2 sizes bigger does make a bigger difference than you think.
I hope that I will get the back done by early next week, now I finished the quilt top I can knit more well I am off to knit instead of being on the computer lol I hope that this finds all who reads this well & in good health take care all