Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Free Motion Placemats

I done the placemats they from a pattern using the Tumbler Blocks, while they have come out smaller than the pattern & I would do them differently next time I did want smaller mats anyway
With these I had my first attempt at free motion quilting while it don't show very well partly photo & partly the thread I used which was variegated I know I need to improve but not too bad for my 1st attempt

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Here is some blocks I did yesterday, I had folded them in to their bags ready for them to be posted then remembered I hadn't taken a photo so I took them out this morning & took a photo of them.

There is a Teapot block which is for a swap that I am in, then the 2 heart ones will be going to the USA where others from my group are doing hearts to go towards a quilt for my DGD so of course I had to send 1 has from Nanny on & where I am the other has her name & DOB this will be something she can treasure.

I can't say much online some of you may already know the situation that been with this Granddaughter, she with my son now so this is why my group is doing the quilt which I am so thankful & appreciate it so much, anyway here the photos of the blocks

Friday, 20 April 2012

Correction to Block

The blocks I posted in the previous post well it was pointed out that I had made a mistake I had not even noticed it so here is the corrected block
If you look at the original post with the blocks & this you will see my mistake 

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blocks which will become Table Runners

Here are 6 blocks that I done these was from a KYO-BoM (Keep Your Own- Block of the Month) there is 12 but some I didn't like or others too fiddly for what I am going to use them for plus as I fell so far behind I not felt like doing them as I will want to start something else lol

I do have a correction to make to my previous post the Quilt is called Blue Willow not Hope as I said.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ideas for Use of Fabric

In my previous post I asked for ideas on how to use the fabric which has large images on this lot being floral
Well a friend had done a quilt which she called Batik Top it was from a pattern in 

"McCall's Quilting: America Quilts Hometown Favorites" May 2010

America Quilts Hometown Favorites

The pattern from this was called "Hope"  she says the following
Finished square is 16" the sashing is almost 3".The centre Batik square of each one is 8"(I think)

I think you will agree she done a beautiful job on this quilt & it would allow you to show off fabrics that have large print areas.

Being such larger blocks is something I never thought of doing using this or even some of my other fabrics which i not used not because I don't like them but because I just not been sure how to use them.

The block looks like Shoo Fly to me, so what other blocks would you suggest when you want to use fabrics with large prints to show it off I will look forward to hearing your suggestions

Linda's Quilt Batik Top

Monday, 16 April 2012

What would You Do

How do you all decide on how to use your fabric if it not bought with a project in mind.
I just received some fabric I ordered I forgot to save the image when ordering so can only show 3 of the 4 I got they all the same just different colours which are Pink, Red, Purple & Blue (not shown)

Now these are very nice fabrics but it larger prints that I thought so am not sure what the best to do with them yet.

I do find that I have ordered fabric which I like & it on sale so at a good price but a lot I have the print is larger so cutting it to make blocks tend to lose some of the pattern so how do you all over come this 

Also how do come up with your designs or pick your patterns for the quilt 

It will be interesting to hear what you all have to say

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sewing Workstation

I got the computer workstation & have it all set up so I hope to do some sewing later today well have to test drive it lol
As you see I have quite a bit of room & if I move the sewing machine that will take the 36 x 24 inch cutting mat so have room to cut as well
This has worked out much cheaper than a horn cabinet as if I got one it would have had to be one of the largest ones which no way could I afford so this is the next best thing
So if you need workspace think outside what they say is for sewing you never know what could be used to make it workable

Workstation more or less set for sewing

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Having a change around Again

Went out yesterday & in a charity shop I saw what they call a Office suite it a sort of one that goes in to a corner except it has two cupboards at the side well I thought after measuring it would be good as a sewing table so I am waiting on that to arrive. 

This to replace a table I been using I think it will take up less room in the bedroom while still allowing me to work around it when cutting & give me the room when sewing.

I also ordered 2 books 

  1. Bed Runners & More

Make Your Bed

Bed Runners & More

I have received Make your own bed this morning so Bed Runners & More will be in the next few days 

I am wanting to do some bed runners some which can also really go as table runners hope the links will work I not ordered from these places but used it to show the books off. 

I not been well lately what with the vertigo & since the week-end had bowel trouble but on the positive I lost 3lbs so that a bonus lol 

I am working on a teapot block for this month's person have it ready to just sew on I have fused it on but not sewn it yet well I hope is doing well & getting plenty of sewing done

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April

Happy April, I am hoping that April will be a better month as I been bad with a bout of Vertigo again so not been up to much

I do have the flannel lap quilt nearly done I have to quilt that, I also did a block for a swap which is Teacup/Pot one I also am waiting on a book which will help me with doing this as I have to do 1 block a month using either teacup or teapot 
I put a little button on the lid to make it look more finished, the book is Teapots 2 to Applique

So am looking forward to receiving this book in the mail.

Here is a  LINK  to a card for you all it will only be available for a time during April  

You all have a wonderful April & Easter