Thursday, 27 November 2008

Greg's Camouflage Socks

Well I have finished my DH's 2nd pair of socks these are more like commando socks with the camouflage colouring lol I use a 4 ply yarn it called Twister it yarn I got from Germany it knits up nice & is good length for a 100g ball.
I think I may have enough over to do a small adults pair of socks so may do myself a pair at a later date.
Not sure what is next on the needles, had to laugh as I took the socks to take the photo & then went back in to the sitting room with them & DH said well can I have MY socks back they are mine lol this is someone who is not bothered if I knitted him a pair or not lol, I do think I will stick to plain colours for him while he will wear these & another colour in same yarn I know he much prefers plain colours so it depends on if I can get the colours in sock yarn at a good price as it does seem that this self-patterning type yarn is much more available or at least where I am looking on the net, if I do find some then it does tend to be much more expensive.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Toddler's Aran Cardigan

I finished the Toddler's Aran Cardigan, what a nightmare the knitting of the parts was fine but the bands well the pattern wasn't very good it called for way too little stitches to be picked up & the way they say to do it seem to me wrong comparing to other patterns i have done cardigans with so i have decided not to do the leggings if i have the trouble with them like i have with the cardigan & i done cardigans before i would get really annoyed with them so am not going to bother, as luck has it it is a cardigan that looks okay on it own.

I will at least be able to now start something else not sure if i will do some more socks or what yet will decide later, after i have done some housework well i been putting it off so better do it while i can lol

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Aran Cardigan/Jacket so Far

I have finished the back & left front on the Aran Cardigan/Jacket that I am working on I should finish the right front & possible one sleeve today if I can knit & not have to do or go anywhere.

This is a toddlers set that I am doing it will have leggings to match something I can't say I remember doing before if I have it was when my children was small & the youngest is 32 lol the set also has a hat & mittens which can be done depending on how I feel & how long it takes will depend on if they get done

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Black Socks

Well I have finished the pair of socks I was doing for my DH he being as he is didn't want any self-patterning yarn & only likes plain colours for the main part I do have some yarn he said he may like but would wait to see it knitted up.
So I used some black 4 ply yarn & as you can see finished the pair I have this time used a row counter so I know that the size for both socks will be the same as I find that measuring when on the DPs needles can be a little inaccurate.

Bless him when I have given them to him today he said that one pair won't last very long, but I said that I will wait to see how he gets on with them he is diabetic so has very sensitive feet if they are okay I will of course be knitting many more pairs but hope to use a little lighter yarn as I found that I need extra lights on when knitting in the evenings.

My next project well have a few ideas I am thinking of doing a toddlers jacket for my Niece's daughter she 8 months old not sure as to what yarn I will I will decide when I look through all my patterns I have the yarn in my stash, i am thinking a Lilac chunky yarn or a Mint Green or a beige/Tampa colour Aran I will know when I sorted the pattern out so watch this space

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Special Olympic Scarf

I have finished the scarf for the special Olympics details can be found at I like to thank my friend Karen who was kind enough to send me the yarn as we don't get this over here in the UK so it not just my efforts it her's as well.
I don't know if many of you find the smaller items seem to take longer to do than say a adults garment for the size i am not sure if it just me who may be don't knit as much if i am working on a smaller item rather than a adults or even a child's jacket.

I heard on Friday that my Niece is expecting again so i will be a Great Aunt yet again i am in fact a Great Great aunt makes me sound so old lol i am of course also a Grandmother & will be off to see them tomorrow (Monday 3rd)

Here in the UK on Wednesday is Bonefire Night also know as Guy Fawkes this is where he & others in 1605 tried to blow up our Houses of Parliament you can read more at now as kids we use to make a Guy this is a like a scarecrow & in days before the 5th of November we would be in the street saying Penny for the Guy & with all the money we collected we could buy our fireworks or more if our parents had got us some, i have not seen kids doing this for Many Years now but i know that i use to enjoy it it was fun it was a time when things were safer & innocent now everyone says it begging but if i saw children doing i give them a little something but i don't think a Penny would go far not like when i was a kid lol

I am hoping to make a start on my next knitting project this afternoon possible my DH socks to see how they come out it will be in some black 4 ply yarn & i will let you know how they go