Sunday, 26 September 2010

Hat & Me

Well it been a week where I am not well I have in the past had bouts of Labyrinthitis which is a sort of vertigo well the room started to spin on Tuesday, & was in bed, & while it not as bad as I have had as I took some tablets I have I still felt rough so Thursday went to the doctors who says I have Imbalance Vertigo & gave me some different tablets she thinks they are better.
Well I am still rough I find when I am in bed & go to move or turn over it worst during the day it a case of not moving too quickly so am not doing much or going anywhere can't even do any sewing as I can't take the needle going up & down & of course watching where I am sewing
I have managed to do my knitting so finished the 2nd hat so that is the 2 hats for the order done & have them packed up & ready to go in to the Mail.
You see by the photo below it the same as the one on the previous post just a different colour.
The size looks different but it the colour that makes it look like that as I did the same amount of rows for the rib then for the body so it goes to show that colours can make things look different.

2nd Hat done in Online Spot Range yarn


  1. So sorry to hear that you've been ill. I hope you're over it soon so that you can get back to your normal activitie. I love the hat.

  2. OH's never fun being sick. I hope your vertigo goes away soon.

    Another wonderful hat. I find knitting hats very relaxing. I need to start on a couple for the grandkids for Christmas soon. I've managed to choose a pattern and purchase the yarn so the hard part is over.

  3. Hi Janice, Sorry to hear you've been poorly. Hope you'll soon be feeling better. Thinking of you too as your mum's second anniversary is soon.
    God bless, Ros

  4. Sorry you haven't been well. Hope the pills do the trick and you recover quickly.


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