Friday, 29 October 2010

My Ist Postcard & Feeling Old

I agreed to go in to a postcard swap so this is my 1st attempt at doing one to send, I did one when I was at Quilting Group as Janet made me she had fetched the stuff along but this was my 1st one on my own with nothing but me to work it out & design it, now it is in the mail on it way to the USA.
My 1st Postcard

Last night I got in the bath & don't ask how as I am not even sure but I got in & was standing ready to sit & I slipped & fell out, I managed to knock the plastic edging off the shower screen DH made & not sure if it was on that or what but I cut my elbow or just under it & have badly bruised it with it feeling like I have bruises elsewhere.

DH heard me & came rushing in so had to say don't or he would have whacked my head as we have a bathroom that you can't swing a cat in lol
Anyway he starts to get angry saying I have to wait for him to get in the bath ect he only got bad because he was worried & scared I done some real damage, he did ask if I had come over dizzy & said no it was slipping in the bath
Anyway I am well padded as my mum would say so no damage done nothing broken just sore & hurts like mad when I move my arm so having to take it easy, why is it that when I want to sew something else happens lol


  1. Regards your star chart I would not argue on that, and you do need a slip mat in your bath at your age you cannot take chances anymore.

  2. I'm so glad you didn't break anything, but oh I bet you're sore. Take care, and buy a bath mat so you don't slip again.

  3. I got so involved in your story of the bath that I completely forgot about the post card. It looks great. You've found a new creative outlet!

  4. Hello Janice, I hope you recover quickly from your fall.....hmmm when we were away...there was a bath mat in the bath and I actually slipped on the bath not sure that is the solution...please be your postcard...Hugs Lyn

  5. Poor you, I hope all the bruises and hurty bits get better quickly.

    Your postcard is great.

  6. Your post card looks great!

    I hope your bruises heal quickly. We have textured showers but when we had tubs I always had a non slip something in there. I preferred those sticky shapes over bath mats. I don't care for the way water gets caught under the mats.

    My Hubby would yell at me too out of concern. I think he would find me on the floor in fits of laughter (as long as nothing was seriously hurt) and think I was nuts.

  7. I fall sometimes too...I think I am going to go one way and then I go the other.....I am glad you are ok and I love your postcard too!


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