Saturday, 29 August 2009

Jacob's Ladder

Hurray most of you say it the Week-end, here in the England it a holiday week-end I say England I know it not in Scotland but I think Wales & possible Northern Ireland have it, it called August Bank Holiday this is our last one until Christmas.
A friend Ros she in a Friday Block Party & I have comment on the lovely blocks she does well we were chatting & she sent me the fabric with it marked out to do Jacob's Ladder block this is one I haven't done before she said it good as a scrappy one.
Well the fabric she sent is the bottom block she had marked out the triangles seams on the fabric for me to sew & cut & sent the 4 patch squares so that the result, of course I had another set of triangles over so I cut some more squares for the 4 patch & did the top one using my fabric it is a easy block & very interesting the blocks I have done are 8 inch but I guess like all blocks you can do them what ever size you wish
Thanks Again Ros it nice trying new blocks & if they are ready to do then it even better for the first attempt.
I have no plans for the week-end well it looks like it will be our usual holiday weather not so good well I hope to cut some fabric out for some blocks for the DJ Quilt it not going to be small blocks I am doing them 9 inch finish if you check out my post in March you see some I have already done I do really need to push on with these, now while I don't have any UFOs this is a sort of WIP & UFO as I don't work on it as much as I should so may be I can this week-end, What will you all be doing this week-end & what will you be working do tell, what ever you are doing have a good one.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bear Paw Bag

Well I been trying out doing a bag, I used the Bear Paw block finish size 20 inches, as you will see by the photos working from the top one which is the rotary cut, next is one of the 2 blocks I did then with the wadding/batting on the back & I had quilted stitch in the ditch, & last the finished results.
Now I will share what I found first to do a smaller block & add borders as I have lost some of the block with assemble, next, I would put fabric on the back of the wadding okay yes you can get away with it but I was using a Polyester one & it gets caught on the feet may be okay with a different wadding but as I was using what I can get locally rather than the good stuff what I would use for quilts I think it needs some fabric on back even if it something I hate as it not seen.
I also know I made some mistakes first the handles put them on wrong I think I should have put them on the block but on the wrong side not the right side just me as I can see the mistakes, the inside fabric is the green which is in the block I not taken a photo of that as while I suppose you can reverse it what would be the point if you done all that work on the block well I will be trying more bags using blocks but will do it like I said smaller block with borders.

Above Rotary Cutting sheet
Below block

Below block once quilted with wadding

Below Finished Bag

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Online Retreat

Above Inside Reversable bag
Above Outside of Reversable bag

Above Coasters/Mug Mats

This Week-end is my Online Quilting Group's Online Retreat as we are in all different parts of the world a proper retreat is out of the question so one of my modators came up with a Online Retreat which we do around 3 or 4 times a year.
The photos are of what I have been doing since yesterday there is coasters/mug mats & a reversable bag I learnt this at Jan's Bag Day last week-end & this is the 2nd bag that I did plus of course the embellishment one.
I can't say who these are for as they will be going off to a friend & she may read this so Mum's the word lol
I hope to do some other bits tomorrow for the last day, if you look down at a earlier post you see the Friendship blocks which is for the lottery drawn which is being done tomorrow evening Canadian time

Friday, 21 August 2009

Festival Of Quilts Gala Dinner

Below are the photos what I took at the Hilton in Birmingham, which I went to for the Festival of Quilts Gala Dinner.
It was a great night I really enoyed it, I got to meet Kim & Marc from TBLOVERS2 which was great also Kim's friend from Jersey in the Channel Islands (sorry can't remember her name) Kim is from Jersey & is the list owner of the Group & Marc a member from Luxembourg.
The other photo is of Gillian (assistant Editor) & Katy (Web Editor) of the UK Quilting Magazine Popular Patchwork I was on their table as I won the ticket for the gala dinner from the magazine.
Now to the dinner I did try to take a photo of the function room but it came out way too dark, I was on a table that had a 3rd prize winner in one of the catergories I did think her one was better than the runner up she was with her friends & they all came from Devon.
The meal was very nice & I enjoyed it very much but you wouldn't get fat on the portion sizes that for sure but it was right for me especially as we didn't start to eat until 8pm so that was fine now here is what we had
Starter: Warm Goat's Cheese & Sun Blushed Tomato Tart with Saffron Cream Sauce
Main: Pan Fried Cornfed Chicken with Pancetta & Wild Mushrooms in a Red Wine Sauce, Crushed Roasted Potatoes with Herbs Cougette, Brocolli & Babycorn.
Dessert: Mango Bavarois with Meringue Topping ( I am sure it was Cream not meringue as on the menue)
Followed by coffee & Mints
The dessert was really nice that i enjoyed very much but I have always been a sweet person lol the Babycorn were really baby & I don't think I had more than one potatoe if you put it together & not much brocolli but as I said it was enough for me but I am sure if you had not eaten you could be left feeling hungry.
After the meal came the Speeches & Awards, there was one catergory which was for Young Quilter/Young Embrodier first ages was 5-8 yes I was surprised & when I saw their work puts my to shame next was 9-11 then 12-16 looking at all their work I can see that we have some good Quilters & Embrodiers coming up, there was also one for Primary Schools & Secondary Schools
The drive up to the Hotel was not too bad but I did miss the turning as roadworks ect but I just went to next junction & came back on myself coming back was much better as not as much traffic even if it was dark i got home around 11pm as I left before it complete giving out the awards because of the drive home, I can say that I really enjoyed myself & had a great time & like to thank Popular Patchwork for the ticket.
Above from Left Gillian & katy from Popular Patchwork Magazine
Above Kim, Marc & Me (TBLovers2 Group)

Above Kim & her friend from Jersey plus Me
Below is Kim & Me

Below me before heading off to the Hilton Hotel

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Going to a Gala Dinner at the Hilton Hotel

You never guess what I have won a ticket to the Festival of Quilts (UK) Gala dinner tomorrow night it being held at the Birmingham Hilton I will be on a table with the web editor & assistant editor of the UK magazine Popular Patchwork I only found out late this afternoon am over the moon with it will be eating posh nosh I guess should have some healthy choices I hope I will be driving there & back tomorrow so no drink for me either.
This is the dinner that the show gives out all the awards to the winners of quilts ect in the different categories I will let you all know more about it on Friday

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My 15 Minutes of Fame

On the UK Popular Patchwork Quilting Magazine website there was a piece called Conversation Piece & there had been a questionnaire which i filled in & set to them well I had a e-mail today saying that I am their first one you can see it their website if you click on this link it will take you there.
You will see what I had wrote for my answers & some of my work, so I am famous for all of 15 minutes or as long as I am there lol
The Magazine's website attracts quilters from all over the world so while there you may like to browse their site as well

Monday, 17 August 2009

It a Pot Holder Monday

No I not gone mad or no more mad than I already am lol what I been doing is making a pot holder or as I call them Hot Pads I decided to do one more because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do while doing laundry so it had to be something I could stop & pick up.
I had previously printed out a Shoo Fly block 6.5" unfinished (6" finished) so I thought that be a nice size with a 2" piece of fabric all around (when sewn it 1.5") this is going to someone I am involved in a swap with so I hope they like it
I am rather pleased with the way it turned out, I still a chicken when it comes to quilting but I did do more than just in the ditch I will really have to try to do something more that stitch in the ditch & diagonal, I know that it not just that it what thread colour should I use if i have more than one colour of fabric & how should I do it I guess I have to see what I can do on test pieces as I said I chicken out as I think if i mess it up I could ruin the work I done do any of you have this problem

Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Quilting Day

Above the inside of the bag
Above the outside of the bag
& below
Embellishment bag

What a day I had yesterday went off to quilting it was a extra one it was a bag day, well after Jan twisted my arm to go I wondered why I was hurting lol off I went for the day.
In the morning we did a bag now I always said I am not a bag person in that I am not making them well must say am rather pleased with the way the reverseable bag came out as you can see by my lousy photos lol.
In the afternoon Jan decided that we do a embellished one well that was a game & half first I forgot to take more fabric but Jan graciously gave me some so the other one has that sheer fabric over the outside fabric & it has some beads, feathers & a teddy in I am not sure if I Love it or Hate it but surprisingly DH said oh you can make some of them on a larger scale lol
The reverseable bag I must say I have had lots of thoughts on how to do different ones such as do a blocks instead of using just the size of fabric I think I can see more Christmas presents getting done lol do leave your comments good or bad as I love to read them

Friday, 14 August 2009

Grandmother's Puzzle & Some Socks

I have been working on another block this is for a Thimbleberries online quilting group I joined as I said before Thimbleberries is my favourite anyway I did this block for their August Lottery it is called Grandmother's Puzzle Block & of course I used TB fabric.
I have won off ebay 3 Thimbleberry books they are not the thick hardback but ones that has a few patterns in the 3 are titled" Cosy Quilts II" a collection of flannel quilts, "Farmhouse Flannels" Classic Country & last " North Bay Quilts" Classic Country, now I don't expect that I will use flannel on any but thought I could use the cotton reason i doubt I use flannel it harder to get here & when you do it will be expensive so if I want to do them i think I will use cotton TB fabric, I did get the books at a good price which is why I got them i doubt I would have if they been full price.
I finished a pair of socks these are going in to the Gift Stash which is for Christmas, I hope to start another pair shortly I do find I enjoy knitting them no pattern i just let the yarn do the pattern as you can see how it knitted up the yarn was Twister which I got from Germany.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Early Christmas Tips

I was having a bit of a bad night last night & got up for a bit then I went back to bed & it then I started to think about Christmas I just looked at how many days it is until Christmas so I got to start think & this is what I have come up with.
Now we all say oh is it Christmas already I not ready for it, well we all know it on the 25th December it not like it changes like Easter or anything so I thought of a way of helping with the following tips, Christmas is now in November if we say this then we won't be rushing around at the last minute.
Make a To Do List so you know what to do & tick off when you done it.
Start making gifts now, if you do cloths make some, get some baskets & put say a cloth & back scrubber in there with some bath/shower gel soap ect you can be picking these up at the local pound/dollar store so you don't have to spend a lot or may be you make your own.
If you have large items to do start now so you are not up all night trying to finish them at the last minute.
Make a list of who you send cards to & or gifts & get the cards in now & write a few at a time I know I hate having to do all the lot in one go also start to get in the stamps so you don't have a lot to buy at one time.
If you have someone in a care home or even just don't need anymore gifts as such how about a toiletry basket like I said earlier or a family photo of you & your family in a nice frame so they have a nice reminder of you, if it someone on their own or in need a small hamper you can start to get things in your shopping each week so you won't notice the cost of a extra tin or 2 plus if they have a pet put something in there for them so it will help them as they won't have to buy it themselves or may be get a supermarket saving book & put a stamp or two on each week it will soon mount up as until Christmas there is nearly 19 weeks so that can be a nice amount.
Start to pick up food for yourselves for Christmas all the ones that will keep not only will you not have such a big lay out when it comes to the holidays but it be less to do & will help avoid the big rush as everyone thinks the shops will be shut forever lol
Start your Christmas cake & or Pudding also possible the mincemeat for your sweet pies it will make it easier & can taste better as they had longer to mature, you can also possible a head of making the pies themselves make the pastry & freeze or in November make the pies & cook & then freeze them you won't have to then do them at the last minute plus you only need to take out as many as you need each time so they will be fresh each time.
Make sure you know the last posting date for items that need to go in to the post, if you have large items that need to go overseas by sending early you can use surface mail which is cheaper than going air so again saving money it does take much longer that is why you have to send it so much earlier here in the UK last post for say the USA surface is normally in October
The last tip is not so much for this Christmas but next, once Christmas is over get a tin or a jar & start putting the small loose change in it this will help with the cost, also if you got one supermarket stamp a week you have over 50 that can help pay for the groceries ect & once the sales are on look for the Christmas cards & wrapping they are on sale so you get the bargains again you be ahead of the game for next year.
I hope that these tips will help & if not blame lack of sleep on my part lol

Friday, 7 August 2009

David's Crown

Today as my back is hurting a lot not as much as yesterday but it not allowing me to even think of doing any cutting of fabric.

So I been playing what you may ask yourself well it my quilting program, I saw a block that I thought was nice but it not in the EQ6 program so I decided to draw it using the program & now I am sharing it with you I worked on a 12 inch finish block just so I can see what I am doing the size don't come up in the images the block is called David's Crown now this may be known by some of you as something else if so please do let me know

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Friendship Star Block

Yesterday (Wednesday) I was busy I cut fabric for a lotto that I am in on my online quilting group It called Quilting4All we have members from around the world, anyway in a couple of weeks time from Friday to Sunday we will be having a Online Retreat.

Bev One of my Moderators came up with the idea saying as we can all go to a retreat the retreat can come to us so we use this time or part of it to try to do some of the things we want to.

Anyway back to the Lotto Bev picks out a block this time it a 9" Friendship Star Block using Medium to Dark Blue with Yellow star for each block you sign up to your name goes in so 1 block 1 entry 2 blocks 2 entries ect I have done 5 so I get 5 entries on the Sunday night Bev's husband will draw out a name & they get all the blocks.

My blocks I used two different blues I did 2 in a Royal & 3 in a Dark blue the photo may look like the blues on the same block is different but they aren't it the lighting the top left & middle ones are the Royal Blue ones.
Not sure what I will be doing next, today is shopping day have to get the groceries so we can eat I guess lol so we will be off to Wellingborough to shop this week, don't know why but the supermarket there is slightly cheaper petrol than the same one at Kettering so we go there when we need to put some in, I will be posting the Shoo Fly block off today so that will take around a week or so to arrive, I hope if i don't do much else I can get some fabric out to at least be ready to cut it ready to sew tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Above Tea-Towel & Yarn
Below the Table Topper

Above the bag & FQs
Below all the Goodies laid out

I just had a knock at the door it was the postman who had a package for me which is my Mid Year Swap my online group had done, I had a lovely lady Donna Russell as my partner.
I got spoiled that for sure i got a nice table topper all done in my favourite fabric Thimbleberries, plus some FQs of this wonderful fabric, I also received a bag which has a lovely machine embroidered 3 ladies, also a tea-towel that been handy punch plus yarn & some ring markers & a lovely friendship card Thank you so much for all of this Donna I love it all but especially the Thimbleberries table topper.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Shoo Fly Block (I forever Blowing Bubbles)

This Block is the Shoo Fly Block & is for a lady on one of my online quilting groups it a 9.5" so when in a quilt it will be a 9"

The lady requested Pink & I had these in two FQs the centre square & the half triangles is a sort of mixed coloured squares in shades of pink & the plain Squares & half triangles well that is sort of bubbles, makes you think of the song I be forever blowing Bubbles lol it will be off in the post in the next few days & is going to the USA

Saturday, 1 August 2009

My Star Sign & what it says about Me

Have to ask DH about the kissing part lol

Well the conversation part means i am a chatter box so that right lol

I saw on Khris's blog about star signs & what it says about you well here is mine I think it fairly acturate what do you all think