Saturday, 16 January 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

Well I did do 2 blocks had hope to do better but it better than nothing, the blocks are ones I am doing for the Dear Jane quilt but with a big difference they are not tiny these will be a finish of 9 inches I am doing 18 different blocks but 2 of each I will be keeping one set & the other set will go to my friend in the USA she will be doing the same so we have 36 blocks in total when finished, my friend Lynnette was kind enough to give me the fabric for my birthday 18 months ago & we still not finished them lol we are using P&B Textiles Moroccan Spice range we have 3 colours most of the blocks will be in the 2 you see with some using a 3rd colour, this colour will also be used for sashing or border will know more when I come to that.
If you look at the blocks they are not strictly the same I done them alternative but didn't realise until I was taking the photo that they are not quite the same I don't think it matters as they will be in different quilts.
I hope that I can work on more blocks before next Friday's Sew-In so I can be working on some projects I really need to do but I guess I have to see how I get along this coming week.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

I have joined the Friday Night Sew-in this will be starting Friday 15th
I will be posting on a Saturday on what I did on the Friday so keep reading or better still join in you find more info by clicking on the link on the side bar
This will start on my youngest Grandson's birthday Benjamin will be 2 tomorrow boy don't time fly past

Monday, 11 January 2010

Table Runner Challenge

As I said a post my online quilting group I have done a Table Runner Challenge we now have to 10th March to do the pattern, which we can change a bit I will as I will want it to be bigger
Now if you would like a copy of this table runner then   click here   to go to the site & then scroll down to the pattern Bloomin where you can download it, this is in a pdf file
It will be interesting to see how different people do this & the fabrics they use so will be posting more as my group which is Q4A   We started this today so this gives us a nice length of time to choose or get fabrics before starting it 

Sunday, 10 January 2010

What a Start to the New Year

Well had a bit of a start to the New Year with all the cold weather & snow we been having in the UK my boiler decided to pack up called the engineer out & it needed new part which he didn't have so had to be ordered
So we was without central heating or hot water for few days we do have a gas fire in the sitting room & we put a electric fan at the bedroom end of the bungalow but we really was cold when we wasn't in the sitting room took hot water bottles to bed & had to boil the kettle to wash & do any washing up.
The engineer was due back on a morning call on Friday but he got stuck on other jobs so it was late afternoon before he came, but he fixed it & we could have heat again let the place warm up it was so cold that even walking on the carpets with nothing on my feet they felt cold/damp but by Saturday they are okay.
We had a hot bath to help us get really warm & the boiler seems to running fine now.
Because of all this I had to move my trolly drawer which on top of that I also have stash on as well as in the drawers so had to listen to DH saying how much I have well I can't help it if I don't have space to put that lot away lol
I now put the place back to normal that the problem if there is a problem or even just a service on the boiler I have to move my stuff to allow the engineer to have room plus don't want him damaging any of my stash now do I lol it does make me realise that I do have a lot of fabric not as much as some but for the space I have it over flowing so I really must make more of a effort to use it well if i use it I can always get more lol
Well hoping that next week will be a better one & I will start on some project will be telling you about the quilting challenge that my online quilting group will be doing & linking a pattern for you to see.

Monday, 4 January 2010

2010 Challenges & Plans

It is the beginning of the first full week of a New Year, here in the UK we have had & still having some very wintery weather this morning it was very heavy frost & icy roads the weather report for the country showed it was minus 14c in the Highlands of Scotland & even around this area it was minus 8c & the forecast for the coming week is that we could be getting snow well there is snow on it way it whether it misses where I live.
On to what I hope to do, well I issued a Table Runner Challenge to my online Quilting group  Q4A  What I am doing is that I have a pattern I got from a free site which I will send to those on group who signed up, I will post the site & say which pattern after Next Sunday when the group would have received the pattern.
The idea is that they will do the pattern can of course make some adjustments I know I will as I would like it longer, choice of fabrics & colours are theirs also as this is a No Post one it will be for themselves or to give away but at least I will not have to track who sending what lol they will have until 10th March to complete they will send me a photo so I can add to a album on my group & then we will vote & the winner will be shown on homepage.
I have also signed up to a table runner swap this is with a different group that I belong to so will need to do that one have to February to do that one.
I will also be doing a single quilt for me I have decided that this year will be the year I do more for my home & me as all the quilting things I have done most has gone for gifts I only have some placemats so I want more in my home.
The other thing that will be a ongoing thing is that I will be doing 1 gift a month at least it like the Weekly Christmas Challenge I set myself but at present it only 1 gift a month it will need to be increased I guess later on in the year when I know who will get what but all the gifts will go in a gift stash which I can dip in to during the year if need be.
So while I have not set any New Year Resolutions I am setting myself Challenges the age old one is also along in there I want to weigh less this time next year than I do now I have managed it that I weigh less than I did this time last year but still have a long way to go before I don't need that to be one of my challenges.
So what Plans, Challenges or Resolutions are you setting for yourself? one thing do take time for you as without you your family would be lost so make that time to relax chill out & do what you want not what others want Last but not Least a Very Happy New Year to All my Followers & Anyone Else who reads my blog

Friday, 1 January 2010

Angel of January

Happy 2010 I hope that this finds you all well, I have not posted much in December I not been on the computer as much as I had been previously hope to be a better blogger this year.
Here is your Angel for January may she guide & guard you throughout the Month & may you go will God's Love & Blessings

Angel Of January

January's angel
She holds love in her hands

Protects the world above

Watches over land
Her majesty revealed

Her strength within her wings

This beauty of the heavens

Harmoniously she sings
Winds to echo softly

The Philharmonic strings

She guards us and protects us

With strength from up above
She is standing in the wonder

Of God's devoted love

Chosen from all others

To protect us from afar
This angel great and mighty

She just blends within the stars

Look up at the power of

The beauty of the sky
See the colors she reveals

To every precious eye

A protector of the majesty

In everything she holds
The world it is her captured guest

Her heart will just unfold

January's angel

A joy from way above
Sends to you the compliment

Of God's eternal love