Saturday, 26 September 2015

Quilt Shows

I went to two local quilt shows these are local quilting group & they done an
Exhibition showing their work

The first is at Kettering then you will see my friend Pat in between that one & the one called Higham Piecemakers as it at Higham Ferrers near me

Click on the album that says Local Quilt Shows Sept 15

Kettering one we thought was much better & have several ideas we then went on to a shop & picked up some binding which was nice plus a sort of ribbon but not ribbon as such as it has writing on it

I did get a bargain at the Kettering show 9 FQ for £7.50 so that was very good for her & it Tilda fabric

So if you wish to look at the work click on the above link

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What Picture Cloth is It

I have knitted a Wash/dishcloth & would like to know if you see what the image is knitted on the cloth is please do post a comment & if you can your setting so i can reply so please don't be noreply
if your right i have put more than one photo & the clue is another of my crafts tools

The pattern is   Here   so you can check if your right

I would like to know your opinion of the cloth please

Friday, 18 September 2015

Aran Sweater

I have done the Aran Sweater that I started on 24th August finished yesterday 17th September the colour is called Meadow & is by Stylecraft I used 7 x 100 grams the pattern calls for 8 I actually bought 10 balls so have 3 balls left
I had bought 10 balls of two other colours which are Raspberry & Pomegranate you can see all the colours 


I used Pattern Tivoli 2036 this pattern is also known by other makers it does the pattern in Double Knit, Aran & Chunky Yarns it does do a twisted rib but I did just 1x1 rib 

Here is my sweater