Sunday, 28 August 2011

What a Month

What a month it has been, first at the beginning of the month my uncle Charlie passed away he was a week short of his 84th birthday he had learning difficulties & had been in care most of his life 
Me & Uncle Charlie
Uncle Charlie
Greg(DH) Me & Pam St Clement (an actress) with uncle charlie

Whether it was the war or just the times but he lost contact with the family in the late 1930s in to 1940s but i managed to find him in the early to mid 1990s so have been visiting him at the care home he was moved up to near where i use to live as the place he was in was closing down anyway.
Well he passed away so i had to arrange the funeral which was a creamation & am arranging for his ashes to be intern at the crematorium near to where i live now.
Then DH has been having tests done, plus a week ago he had arthroscopy on both knees he should have been a day case but they wanted him on oxygen for 12 hours so he stayed in over night.
He not doing too badly, much better than he was when he had this done years ago & then it was 1 knee at a time, this is good as he has to have a hand operation in the next couple of months or so so needs to be over this.
On top of this i am working on a quilt for DD who gets married early October so it seems i am kept busy.
I did have before this all happen my eldest 2 sons stay & i took the older one to see the latest Harry Potter film he went back & we went to see my uncle & DD & had her son to stay so had to take him to see the film as well lol, his time was cut short due to my uncle passing away.
But while this DGS was here he saw a pair of sock i had done in the gift drawer so he had them plus picked out some yarn for a pair of socks which i did, i have also done DH some below is a photo of a pair they are 2x2 rib down to the ankle & they done in a burgundy colour yarn 
so it will be interesting to see what the next month brings
2x2 rib Socks

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Angel Of August

I hope that August will be a good month for you full of God's Blessings
As the months pass & we go from season to season we can see so much to be thankful for & the beauty that this world holds
Look & Think with your heart as well as your head & eyes & look for the good in everyone
Hope that your angel will keep you safe

Angel Of August

~She's regal in splendor
This angel of love
Cascading her flowers
From heaven above
To fall from the sky
To land with her peace
The angel of August
Her heart always seeks
To bring you a glow
That makes life complete
The flowers you gather
That fall from the sky
Her gift of the spirit
That soars way up high
A scent in the air
A petal that lands
In velvet she greets you
Wherever you stand
She touches your soul
With all of her love
Sprinkles her softness
With joy from above
Look up to the sky
To see heaven's light
It's the angel of August
That gives such delight~