Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Check This Blog & Give-Away

Check this blog out   Lila Tueller    is having a give-away here a photo of the give-away what not only a truely beautiful quilt but very inspriational & of course very generous, there again don't go there as I would love to win this lol

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sock Yarn Arrived

The yarn I was waiting on arrived yesterday, the top one is called Irish Colour next is Emotion Colour both are 100 gram balls of  4 ply the Emotion one I have had before just these are new colours, the last one is Wellness Colour & these are 150 gram balls of 6 ply
The Irish colour I seen on pattern & ball now & it shows it knitted & does look better than in the photo actually the photo don't do it justices, well at least I have enough sock yarn to keep me going for awhile I get the yarn from Germany that why I tend to get in one go can't just pop to a local yarn store for it well can't get sock yarn very easily from the LYS here in my part of the UK

Monday, 22 February 2010

Applique Table Runner

Here is my latest table runner the top photo shows it fully & the next two one shows the back & the other a bit closer up.
It was a nice one to do & will be given as a gift which DH will give to them.
I really like this normally I am not one for really bright colours but these have worked well the middle square is applique & top & bottom is 9 patch the corners on both borders have the same fabric as in the 9 patch the darker one.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fabric I have Bought

Well we had several inches of snow which started yesterday & was still snowing when I went to bed, but it was frozen like before so me & my friend Pat could go off to a quilting shop called Bramble Patch at Weedon in Northamptonshire as they have a 2 day sale today & tomorrow, can't go tomorrow as it quilting group.
Well got over there & they had some nice fabrics but not a lot that i wished to buy but did buy some I got 2 metres of the four fabrics shown in the photo.
Not sure what I will do with it there is no special project it was bought for but I am sure that my stash will welcome it with open arms lol
The top two are pinks & the bottom ones are green did think that the 2nd pink one down could be fussy cut in to a block or used in something & I guess the same could be said with the 1st green down as well as these two are larger prints compared to the top & bottom fabrics.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Table Runner

It is snowing again today here in my part of the UK they say that some parts could get 2-6 inches but I don't think we will get it here it is coming down heavy & settling, I am hoping that it will be gone by tomorrow or at least the roads will be okay as I am hoping to go to a quilting show which is about 45 minutes away as they have a 2 day sale starting tomorrow I haven't been to this shop before so will be nice to go.
I have bought some sock yarn which is coming from Germany it should be here fairly quickly I got 1 lot of a line I already have just different colours, then a new line plus another line which is not like the others which are 4 ply this other line is 6 ply so will be able to do some nice warm socks with that, will show you all when it arrives.
I still have another runner to finish I need to quilt that which will be in the next few days, Saturday is my quilting group I go to not sure what I will be doing as I only know the supplies I need not what we are doing some of the ladies will be doing blocks for a Dear Jane quilt but as I am already doing blocks for that I opted out of doing that.
I have finished this table runner this is not the table runner challenge one that will be shown once the deadline & voting is done well I know that some who are doing it look at my blog so don't wish to influence anyone lol. this one it a nice long one which will is for a table runner swap I am in so will be packaging up ready to be on it way

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Socks & This & That

I haven't posted much to my blog which I can only say sorry for.
The weather here in my part of the UK has been cold & today we had snow first thing but nothing really came of it just looked like someone been around with icing sugar lol then later we had another heavy burst which settled but again not too much as the sun came out & it has now disappeared.
I been working on projects, I have done the table runner but can't show that yet, & I have a top of another done but needed to get some wadding which I did this morning.
Yesterday I did the middle block of 3 for another table runner this is applique on the  middle block then top & bottom of it will be 9 patch block I will show that when it finished.
On the Knitting side well I have had a break after doing a cloth which went in to a swap & is winging it way to the USA.
I then started some socks for me which that I can show as you will see from the photo below, the yarn is what I have received in a swap last year, they are a pinky with green/blue in the other parts I don't think that the photo shows the colour off well.
I asked DH how was the socks I have knitted for him, & he said that now he wears them nearly all the time as the ones we have bought from a shop are a bit thin so he prefers them which means I am going to have to get back to knitting more for him, he is that bit harder to knit for as he don't like the yarns that is self-patterning like the ones below he likes plain/solid colours which is fine but don't like knitting blacks, navy or other really dark colours.
I had been bidding on ebay for some more sock yarn (not for DH) I have won one lot from my favourite sock yarn seller & am waiting on the others one lot I know I am outbid on but won't increase it as the colours are not as nice as ones I am bidding on I am hoping I win at least one of the two lots left one I really like so I can see me trying again if I don't win it as what I won today has taken a while to win within my price range.
I hope all those who are affected by snow or any other weather, that they will be okay & stay safe.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Angel Of February

Here is your Guardian Angel for February this month is for Lovers with Valentine's day not far away but it a month of Love so do remember all your Love Ones especially this month may the angel be with you & keep you safe throughout the month

February's angel

Filled with so much love

Bearing all the fruit of life

God's greatest gift above

She offers with extended hand

The joy of love in peace

Only when you seek her out

Her loyalty will reach

To show you how to care for all

To love from deep inside

Knowing all that she can give

She is your perfect guide

Teaches how to truly love

From deep within your soul

To know this beauty of her gift

A heart can always hold

To capture hearts with so much love

To hold them all steadfast

Forever to be grateful for

This love that always lasts

Learn from her this way of life

Your destiny be told

The love that she does give to you

Will capture hearts with gold.~