Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not posted for a while

I haven't posted for quite a while, so will give you updates on what has been happening with me & my husband

I have been knitting a few pairs of socks, but most of the time i been reading as Greg (DH) got me a kindle for my birthday

I am not sure if i have mention having some memory problems which has been ongoing for a while well earlier in the year they decided that i should have a MRI just to see if anything is causing it.

Big surprise i have a Meningioma (Brain Tumour) which is benign so after another MRI I went to see a specialist in Oxford 

He said i could have had it for years so he will see me in 6 months for another MRI to see if any chances if not they won't do anything just monitor me so it fairly good news

Greg has had shoulder surgery he had work done on the bone plus repair to a ruptured muscle & work on tendons he had it done early August & still in a lot of pain plus he had pain elsewhere so he struggling more these days

I been working on a quilt this was from a few years ago i did so many blocks doing 2 of each which i sent the 2nd set to a friend in the USA she did the same so the blocks are done by both of us i have now made them in to a quilt with photos below

I am hoping to work of some projects now the big  quilt is out the way