Sunday, 15 August 2010

More Cotton Socks

Here is another pair of cotton socks I have finished these are for a gift which will be sent in the next few days.
I used Regia Cotton yarn again & these are a bit bigger than the other ones I have done as the person size is bigger than me.
I have some other news I may be getting a sale for some socks it could be the other Cotton socks & the Bamboo socks I have knitted & posted recently they may be going along with 2 other pairs of Men's socks which I will have to knit so a order for 4 pairs of socks.
Okay I won't be rich but I will make enough to cover the yarn plus some for me I have been asking what prices do people think knitted socks go for & I have had prices range from as low as $12 up to $100 well working in USA dollars $12 wouldn't cover the yarn but while I would love to get a $100 I don't think I would.
Here in the UK people wouldn't buy them may be someone who had or knows how nice hand-knitted socks are may buy some but very rare so any sales I get I think will be from the USA possible Canada 
I am thinking of trying to sell on Etsy which is something I hope to try I would like to know what is the average sizes for your country, here in the UK 4-5 for a ladies & 8-9 for men are the most popular sizes I do knit my socks slightly smaller than the standard size as while I am that size for part I am shorter in the foot so at least hand-knitted socks will fit me lol 
Regia Cotton Socks


  1. Hand knit socks are popular right now, so selling the on Etsy seems like a good idea.

  2. Just gorgeous Janice :o)) x

  3. Hand knit socks do seem to be popular here in the US.

    I like these too :) The colors are nice.

  4. Great news on your first order. Good luck with selling more, hand knits really do seem popular at the moment.

  5. Janice, I would buy your socks, I need to talk to you about a pair I wish to order my lovely. I love my socks you made me. So warm. jan

  6. Hello Janice, good luck with the sale of your socks...I love hand knitted socks.....especially for the winter months ...hugs lyn

  7. In the United States, the average size for a woman is 7-8. Good luck with your sales of the socks!

  8. Are you children comfortable.? Buy them these socks.
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