Sunday, 22 May 2016

Oven Mitt

I got to do a small sewing/quilting project this is for a swap which is way over due but it will be given this coming week

I wanted to do some Oven Mitt the type that is one length & you put your hand in each end I got this pattern
from Crafty Gemini you can see the  Easy DIY Double Oven Mitt     On YouTube  so below is my 1st attempt at doing this I have added a brass ring to be able to hang it up


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Hello, Not Posted for a while as I had my cataracts on my left eye done at the end of March the week before I had it done I passed out in the supermarket & it been my blood pressure being low also had blood test & it showing an under active thyroid but nothing being done until I have another blood test next month

When having it done I was having it done & they had to stop & put an needle to be able to take some drugs to lower the eye pressure in the eye as it went too high

I had even before the operation finding if I was watching TV or looking at one area for a bit I would get double vision anyway I had my eye test for my new glasses & it turns out the left eye goes to one side a bit boss eyed they are hoping the new glasses may help correct it but said when I get tired it will still happen

I had not done any crafts until this week when I have knitted a picture washcloth it called Dutchie's Windmill you can see my one below & this pattern plus many more at  Rachel's site   I could go mad getting these patterns

I am hoping to get to do some quilting it been the craft that I have not started since my eye operation as I am still finding that I am feeling tired so struggling to get to do what I want


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Wash Cloths

I have been knitting wash cloths a couple of the photos may come out sideways but figure it out I think

I got the Patterns from   Knitwit Heaven & digknittydesigns  I have done 3 new ones the first is a Celtic Cross the second is a Tractor & the third is a Wishing Well 

I am sorry that the Celtic Cross is a side view I figure out what I was doing wrong I took it with my tablet & when sending it to myself I kept it as original size but with the Tractor I resized it when it asked & it came out correct the Wishing Well I took with my camera after I had charged the batteries up 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Mug Rugs & Knitted Cloths

I have done a Mug Rug for a swap I used felt & did it as a Cupcake sorry that it a side view it not like that on my computer

I also been knitting some dish/washcloths I had done some for a swap but forgot to take photos of those but have done a couple of ones for my gift stash again photo loads as a side view can't understand why this is
The heart cloth is done in Tea Rose & is Heart's delight from it comes under Valentine's heading 
The other one is just a diagonal one 

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sampler Quilt

First let me wish you All a belated Happy New Year this is my 1st blog of the year

I been in charge of doing a KYO BOM which is Keep Your Own Block of the Month 

I started May 2015 & it will finish in April 2016 but as I had to pick them I have finished the list & done it so I could get on with other things also I wanted to do the blocks in to a lap/single quilt which I have done the finish size is 49" x 62 " below is photos of the quilt I used a flannel for the backing it a light blue but can't really tell by the photos & I did a random/meandering style FMQ using a variegated thread which had red & white & colours in between

Lap Quilt Sampler

Lap Quilt Sampler

Top half of Lap Quilt

Bottom half of lap Quilt

Close up of Reverse size of Lap Quilt

Reverse size of Lap Quilt

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Non Craft

This post is a non craft one, my DH has always said when he replaces wardrobes in his room he wants old/second-hand as he don't like the new stuff

Well a few weeks ago he saw a Wardrobe which was in a Charity shop still up for a lot of money so everytime he would go there it was there it had dropped a little

Last week I had gone with him & he said you have to look at it & must say it was really nice it had dropped but still expensive but not when you look at it if you know what i mean

They said there is a dressing table priced £300 also with it & showed us the maker is S&H Jewells of Holborn London the lady said they closed early 1900s the dressing table was beautiful as was the wardrobe  

So I asked if they do delivery & if they take an offer so with a bit of negotiation got it with a further drop, as much as the dressing table was beautiful we didn't have room for that 

But we saw a what i think is a Gentleman's cupboard so that was added with me getting a little off Below is photos of the Wardrobe which i think is Walnut or parts are then the cabinet which is a darker wood could be Oak 

I am sorry that I can't show the photo correctly but for some reason even with it being correct on my laptop when putting here it tends to load with it on it side so am sorry for that but I don't have the knowledge to correct this

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Here a cushion I have made it for a gift
But I didn't want it to be a Christmassy one so not done a Star or used Christmas fabric that said the red does have a little Christmas feel to it

While it is a square the photo is on it side the white bit should be on top as that my sewing machine

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

KYO Block December

I have done December's block which is a   Cluster of Stars   I hope you like it you find it at Quilterscache but if you click on the block name it the link
I still have January, Febuary, March & April left in this Keep your Own (KYO) block then I will turn all the blocks in to something may be a quilt not sure yet

I have also added the pair of socks I have done for a gift they are done in a denim colour 4 ply Regia


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Some Gifts I Have Given

As I had posted in Yesterday's Blog here is some gifts I did 

I did a cushion cover & put in the insert I used a pattern from Quilterscache the pattern is   Starflower  it very much like a Christmas Star Pattern on other sites or on Pinterest I put in Christmas Star Quilt Block & you can see some images of some  Here 

 I also did a Table Runner which is the Last Minute Table Runner you can find the Tutorial on   YouTube   there is variations of this as well I put in 10 minute table runner & came up with these  LINKS  ignore the first couple of ones on the list lol

So enough chatter here is the photos there is one of the cushion & two of the runner

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming & today we went to Milton Keynes which is a shopping centre/mall they had their Christmas bits out so took a few photos with my phone so not great shots

This is just a little taster of what was there at Christmas is the one time I wish for a small one that still believe in the magic of Christmas & all that goes with it 
Now days it all about sales & pushing the goods so it don't have to go in to the sales & a lot of people don't even think hand-made items is worth having they don't realise that it can be more expensive to do an hand-made item than just going out to buy something or give money 
I think making something for someone gives me a lovely feeling I am putting all my love & prayers in to it even if it don't always come out quite as I expected or wanted 
We soon be in to December & the final countdown to the Big Day I have been tempted to put up the Christmas tree for a week or so but that because I have been watching Christmas films 
I am knitting a pair of socks at present for DH  will possible do a few other small bits this side of the year as come the New Year I start my Gift Stash.
What this you may be asking well I try to do at least 1 gift each month be it knitted or quilted some months if I have worked on a large project for more than a month I may not get something done but then there be months where I do more than one item so it balances out 
May be you like to think about joining me I will share more towards the end of the year
I will also be sharing some gifts I done recently that I Haven't shown so keep tuning in 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Farewell Mr Kringle

You may be asking why I put that as a title of this Blog
Well Farewell Mr Kringle is a film in it a reporter called Annabelle stays in the town of Mistletoe at the Holiday Inn nothing much there but there is a quilt on her bed that I fell in love with & have wanted to do for years.

I taken some shots from the TV so you have an idea what the quilt I needed to one to see the pillows second was the border 

Photos are not great but it gives you an idea i had previously done some designs on my EQ so the below images are ones I have created NOT DONE but it gives you an idea of what I have thought so apart from the border I think I have the pattern right

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

November's Block

For those who are following my KYO (Keep Your Own) Block of the Month well I have done November's on it is 
Contrary Wife which is on   Quilterscache

I have used the same 3 colours as I have used in previous Months I will as I have said before using these 3 colours or 2 if the block calls only for 2 colours

If you look at earlier postings you will see the blocks I have done I started doing the blocks since May 2015 & will finish in April 2016

I will say for some reason the way it shown the width should be the length & length is the width so look at it from the side so the top middle Red points to Middle Left, & Left Middle to Bottom Middle hope that clear


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

It is looking like Christmas

I say it looking like Christmas as I have done some Christmas Items & if you look on the side you see the count down to how many days it is to Christmas

But before that I will share photos of my holiday in Scotland it was a coach trip so if you like to see the photos go to the link & click on the Scotland 2015 Album 

While on holiday I got myself a broach which is Scottish Thistles with stones sorry I can't get it the right way around


I had got my DH a wide angle lens for Christmas which I gave him early so he could take photos on our trip

He had had a go on my larger tablet & it was so slow he asked me if I wanted a new one so he got he a Samsung Galaxy 10 inch one 

Here some table runners I have done the 1st one is Chevron pattern  which is on Craftsy for free

I then did a couple of Last Minute Table Runners
You can find the tutorial on  YouTube   this is just one of many

 The one above is using Poinsettia fabric with ornament fabric

 The one blow has ornament plus holly fabric

Monday, 12 October 2015

Celtic Cross

I have done another cloth it is the Celtic Cross I rather like it the photo shows the red darker than it really is more of a brighter red like the postbox red I would say

If you like this you find it on this   LINK    go down the page to see it 

I have found out from a friend that there is some very nice Free Wash Cloth patterns on Ravelry so if you are a member look on there for some


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Got to meet up with a Friend

I don't know if many of you know I do Genealogy well years ago I had contact from a lady who Gt Grand Uncle Married my Gt Grand Aunt we have kept in contact & become very close friends more like sisters than friends

Well today we finally met when I drove down to meet her it was a lovely time I took her the Christmas cloth which is shown on previous post

I also took her a cloth which says   FRIEND   on it look down on the link page to see it if you wish the pattern

So below is the cloth plus my sister/friend Lesley I am the one with glasses on


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Christmas Cloth

This Cloth is called   A Christmas Dishcloth Story   which is where you can find the link 
I knitted this in Sugar "N" Cream cotton a Sage Green colour

I will say that to me it looks like an error on the side of the house but it not I have done it to the pattern I think it just the way I knit

I have several different photo patterns like this that I want to try so keep coming back to check also keep an eye open as I also hope to be able to post some table runner that I am doing these are Quilting items have several ideas & projects i want to do so when I have done them I will put them on here

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Quilt Shows

I went to two local quilt shows these are local quilting group & they done an
Exhibition showing their work

The first is at Kettering then you will see my friend Pat in between that one & the one called Higham Piecemakers as it at Higham Ferrers near me

Click on the album that says Local Quilt Shows Sept 15

Kettering one we thought was much better & have several ideas we then went on to a shop & picked up some binding which was nice plus a sort of ribbon but not ribbon as such as it has writing on it

I did get a bargain at the Kettering show 9 FQ for £7.50 so that was very good for her & it Tilda fabric

So if you wish to look at the work click on the above link

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

What Picture Cloth is It

I have knitted a Wash/dishcloth & would like to know if you see what the image is knitted on the cloth is please do post a comment & if you can your setting so i can reply so please don't be noreply
if your right i have put more than one photo & the clue is another of my crafts tools

The pattern is   Here   so you can check if your right

I would like to know your opinion of the cloth please

Friday, 18 September 2015

Aran Sweater

I have done the Aran Sweater that I started on 24th August finished yesterday 17th September the colour is called Meadow & is by Stylecraft I used 7 x 100 grams the pattern calls for 8 I actually bought 10 balls so have 3 balls left
I had bought 10 balls of two other colours which are Raspberry & Pomegranate you can see all the colours 


I used Pattern Tivoli 2036 this pattern is also known by other makers it does the pattern in Double Knit, Aran & Chunky Yarns it does do a twisted rib but I did just 1x1 rib 

Here is my sweater