Thursday, 17 April 2014

Wall-Hanging & Socks

Well not been posting much have had a few problems with one thing or another

Anyway I am in a swap & I did a wall-hanging for my swap I didn't have a pattern to follow so it an original design by me well sort of I got ideas from different books & then did it
A Wall hanging for a swap

I did the FMQ on it but the thread wasn't great as everytime I got to a certain colour in the variegated part it would break but I got it done so was pleased about that

I also have done some socks for an order i used Knit Pick Felicia Sugared Violet

Socks for an order

I did some items below as i am doing a gift stash in which I do a gift a month so come Christmas I will have a head start on gifts I hope to do at least one a month

A Wash set 

Socks for a gift 

Friday, 31 January 2014

A New Year & Projects

Happy New Year a bit late but better than never lol

Well we went away to Scotland for a Coach holiday in December 19th-23 then on 24th went to our youngest son for Christmas got to see the other two children plus of course all the grandchildren

I am not too bad have to go for my MRI on 17th then on 26th for the results this is at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford for my Menginoma ( Brain Tumour) if no change then should be no treatment but we see when i go for the results anyway that enough said about that

I got a order for a pair of socks from my friend Janet which i done 

I also worked on a quilt for my friend for her 60th Birthday next week below is the quilt

I went to my sister in law's 60th birthday last week  25th & here is a nice photo of me & my brother Patrick taken at the party

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Not posted for a while

I haven't posted for quite a while, so will give you updates on what has been happening with me & my husband

I have been knitting a few pairs of socks, but most of the time i been reading as Greg (DH) got me a kindle for my birthday

I am not sure if i have mention having some memory problems which has been ongoing for a while well earlier in the year they decided that i should have a MRI just to see if anything is causing it.

Big surprise i have a Meningioma (Brain Tumour) which is benign so after another MRI I went to see a specialist in Oxford 

He said i could have had it for years so he will see me in 6 months for another MRI to see if any chances if not they won't do anything just monitor me so it fairly good news

Greg has had shoulder surgery he had work done on the bone plus repair to a ruptured muscle & work on tendons he had it done early August & still in a lot of pain plus he had pain elsewhere so he struggling more these days

I been working on a quilt this was from a few years ago i did so many blocks doing 2 of each which i sent the 2nd set to a friend in the USA she did the same so the blocks are done by both of us i have now made them in to a quilt with photos below

I am hoping to work of some projects now the big  quilt is out the way


Sunday, 21 July 2013


I haven't posted in a while I have done a sweater in Aran Yarn it a tweed effect i done it in Stocking Stitch it a green flex 

I need to do some more socks as this sweater plus other knitting that i will be doing is for a holiday we booked it a coach one Monday to Friday & it in the Highlands of Scotland we going in December that why i am knitting we may need warm items lol

The holiday is what is called Turkey & Tinsel so it means that they do the evening meal on one day as a Christmas Dinner then night before we go it be like new year's eve as it just before Christmas it will have the a good feel i should think

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Baby's Quilts

My Cousin's daughter just had a Baby Girl, & I have done her a quilt plus a playmat one I had to wait to do the labels, plus the playmat while doing it my machine went wrong so had to take it to the sewing doctor 

The man at Silver was great he had it done on a very quick turn around, so could go & get it

As DH has had a operation on his thumb i been very busy he got a call on Wednesday to say he could go in at 12.30 that day which he did 6 hours later still not been done as they couldn't find his notes

So Thursday they sorted it out called him & they had a space with a different surgeon the next day so he went & had it done on Friday he okay of course in a bit of pain & no heavy lifting not that he can anyway so that 1 surgery down & possible future surgery we know more when he goes about his shoulder next month

I will be seeing the memory nurse earlier than originally said from her last visit in March so instead of 6 months from then she coming back next month after my Doctor wrote to her so will see what they say 

I not done much crafts in the last few months i had to push myself to do the baby quilts anyway here is the quilts & the labels i did using the method i saw on YouTube  which i tried

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This, That & Some Others

 I haven't posted for a while so what have I been doing well as the title says This, That & some others so here goes

Just finished a Aran Sweater for DH, when I did this didn't think it was going to fit I think that while it came to size his shoulders would be the next size anyway I washed it & it has dropped slightly plus just eased as he said it was a bit tight going over his head but after the wash it don't I would do the next size when I do another one for him but in no rush lol
Chocolate Aran Sweater

I also been playing around doing what is called Fabric Boxes I am not sure if that the correct description but that the title in my friend's book these you can put cotton wool or some other bits even your sewing bits in, i also had a go at doing a tissue holder just the sort you can put in to your bag
Fabric Boxes & Tissue Holder
Inside fabric box
Inside fabric Box
Tissue Holder

I also knitted 2 cloths which are quilt inspired for a swap then i done 2 pot holders to go with them they are friendship Star & Nine Patch 

Nine Patch Pot Holder

Nine patch Cloth   
Friendship Star Pot Holder
Friendship Star Cloth

Here is also some other pot holders i have sent in swaps

I have also been getting some templates I got Log cabin Trim Tool got 2 one is for a 
8 inch block & the other is for a   6 & 12 inch   block the 8 inch video is not on there now

I also got    Kaye Wood's Hexagon templates    She shows in the video how to do a nice pot holder/Kitchen Quilt

I also got Square up rulers which has the middle cut out for fussy cut they are the June Taylor's Get Squared    I got the 6.5, 8.5 & 12.5 inch ones which give 3.5, 4.5 & 6.5 inch fussy cut I also got   Clearly Perfect Angles   I haven't tried it yet 

I also got a book   Love to Sew: Mug Rugs   i also have on order Quilted Flowers it not been released yet

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What I been Up to

First let me wish you All a Very Happy New Year hoping that you will have a wonderful 2013

Well here some of the things I have done I did a Sweater for 2nd granddaughter i had done her sister a Aran sweater which is in September blog.

The sweater used Aran yarn but a plain one

I  did myself a pair of long pair of socks I used a 6 ply yarn

I also done a quilt which I actually finished on New Year's Day as I had to do the binding which I attached by machine on front then flipped & hand sewn on the back

I used the Binding Tool for the first time as it says about leaving a gap of 12 inches so on small projects not worked out if i can cut down the size you can see the video of this   here   It shows you how it works

Well here is the quilt the 1st photo is the quilt on the bed I couldn't get further back to take a better photo, 2nd photo shows the top border with the last one being 10 inches
3rd photo is of the blocks showing the floral fabric of Hydrangeas & it diamond in a square, the last photo is the label I put on the back

Friday, 9 November 2012

Stained Glass Window Table Runner

I have just completed a Table Runner for a swap I am in 
I thought I would do a sort of Stained Glass window one as last year I went to local exhibitions & saw some lovely ones which I took photos of which the link is on an older post you can get to the lin by clicking her

Anyway  it was from seeing them that I took my inspiration from the one I mean is photo 35, I done Free Motion quilting on the runner which will be off early next week to the person who is getting it

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Books & Knitting

I haven't been doing much sewing of late not that I not been looking & having ideas

I am in a couple of Christmas Swaps so ideas been rattling around in my head (well just shows how empty it really is lol) 

I got a new book come that i got from Amazon you can look inside here

Pot Holders, Pinchers and More: 20 Colorful Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen 

I also got this e-book from e-pattern Central you can see further images the above

Sewing Season's Greetings 

I have also knitted a pair of socks the socks are done in yarn from Knit Picks the yarn is  felici  yarn I have used Rainbow for this pair doing a Waffle pair of socks


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aran Sweater

Here is the Aran Sweater i been working on I finished it yesterday Wednesday 5th Sept, I started it on Saturday 11th August so it taken just over 3 weeks to do

I used Robin Aran 75% acrylic & 25% Wool the pattern is 8 row repeat, this is going to be a gift am hoping that the person will like it I hope to get it sent soon

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Angel for September

Here is an Angel for September for you All

Angel Of September 

~Waiting to hear call
To come from the sky
September's sweet angel
Is ready to fly
Bringing you peace and
Love on the way
Kissing you softly
As gently you pray
Asking for guidance
With eyes cast above
Looking to Jesus
To guide all with love
Wanting to be there
Close to your side
September's sweet angel
Your friend and your guide
Reach out to touch
The gentlest wings
Know that you're greeted
With love that will sing
High in the clouds
So peaceful and fair
September's sweet angel
A beauty so rare
Soar to the heavens
With peace of a dove
A most special gift
From God in His Love~

Sunday, 19 August 2012

It is Not Fair

The subject of this post is it not fair why you may say, I seen some lovely yarn for socks at   Knit-Picks    click to see it well this place don't do international shipping so that not fair being tempted & can't buy even this morning I seen more lovely yarn on there at such a good price compared to the UK 

The good thing is that I have some coming as Friend is getting me some but still not fair that I have to do it in such a roundabout way of getting it plus couldn't get yarn from here all the time because of this.

The same problem happens with   Connecting Threads    They don't do international shipping either both of these have like pages on Facebook so why have pages that is on a international site & then not ship to them

It the same with some give-aways/competitions that are on FB I seen one this morning concerning a Amish book & yet it says you have to reside in USA, Canada or Australia well what about the rest of us

Moaning done, I am working on a Aran Sweater am hoping that I will finish the back today or tomorrow.

I still have my quilt which is for me to be quilted but DH had painted the hall & you all know what that like can you get me this or can you do that so didn't want to start & then get called away, he then had his last 7 teeth pulled so he struggling to eat while it healing 

I have joined   Pinterest   which gives photos of such lovely projects not just quilting but all sorts of things below is some photos from there these are some of which is on   My Board 
 Deck The Halls: Quilts to Celebrate Christmas, by Cheryl Almgren Taylor

Love needle-turn applique!

Detail Harlequin Stars 

Love all the Bonnet Girl patterns


so sweet - this is beautiful

 double wedding ring table runner

9 x 9 trivet