Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 3

Well end of the week 3 of this challenge (21st-27th) & again I have only managed one gift which is a pair of socks these are done in Regia Bamboo yarn which I got the the other week it was down as a discontinued yarn so it was reduce it come in 50 grms balls & of course needed 2 balls I do have some over but not enough for another pair of socks.
I an trying to do more this week, & have some quilting gifts done apart from needed to do them I am trying to keep more busy this week, as I approach the date of my mum's passing I must say I am getting a little weepy as I think back to this week a year ago as I spent each day with her in the care home & knowing her life was drawing to a close but at least she not suffering anymore which towards the end she was but I am also remembering some happy moments along the way of that week one was how happy she was seeing the sock I done.
Sorry if I am getting a bit soppy but we all love our mums & miss them when they are not longer with us, don't forget to check out the Give-Away in her Memory that I am doing it the earlier post & the lucky name will be drawn out on Monday 5th so entries close on Sunday.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I'm Having a Give-Away

Above Me & Mum in Scotland she knitted the Arans we wearing taken when she was around 86 (1997)
Above Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 6

Below 10 Novelty FQs It is coming up to the 1st anniversary of my mum passing she passed away on the 5th October 2008 age 97, she was a avid knitter & loved knitting Aran garments she was never a quilter so I don't get too down i am doing this Give-Away which I know she would love.
She was also fascinated with the way I could chat to people all over the world & how generous they were, I am in a knitting group where I do some swaps & when I did some would send things for her as well as me, & when she was ill off & on over the last few years before her passing both knitters & quilters sent her get well cards & she couldn't get over how strangers would send her cards.
So in honour of her I am doing a Give-away which will be drawn on the 5th Oct the anniversary of her death to be in with a chance you leave your comments, to get one entry & if you mention it on your blog you get 2 more chances do give your blog so I can check it out, so there is up to 3 chances of winning, now you may be saying what will you win well you get a book called Gooseberry Patch Christmas book 6 plus 10 novelty FQs, 1 name will be drawn on 5th October Good Luck to you All

Above my mum & dad taken at a char ladies ball around 1951
Below my mum in 2004 age 93

Thursday, 24 September 2009

My Thimbles

I been asked to show my thimble collection off so here it is the first photo is the one cabinet which is the one I have the longest it has quite a few Christmas ones plus others.
The second photo shows one of the 3 cabinets I have on another wall I have only just got these cabinets & this photo shows the cabinet which is full of famous people
The third photo is a matching cabinet to the 2nd one but this has places in the UK.
The last photo show the 3 cabinets on the wall, the top cabinet which don't have many in I am using to keep ones that my DH gets me I know he getting some which he not given me as he do that at Christmas as he said he has to get me things as he sees them & if he gives me them now I have nothing for Christmas lol I have asked him for more cabinets as I still have a few to put out plus I have a small corner all shelf which I have a few tall ones which are too tall to go in the cabinets I hope you like looking at my collection.
Above is a cabinet on another wall Christmas & other thimbles
Above famous people thimbles

Below is the 3 on one wall
Above is the places thimbles

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bluebird Quilt is Having a Give-Away

Bluebird Quilts is having a Give-Away so do pop over to her blog, Lyn who is Bluebird is a lovely lady from Australia & once you been to her blog I am sure you like me will want to follow her blog

Goodies for me

Today been a good day, I had my order of templates & A3 cutting mat arrive plus I was in a swap which the part that you have to do is a dish/face cloth I had sent mine off & it had been received the lady don't have a blog, & today I received mine.
We had chatted in e-mails & so she knew I did quilting I had sent her a bag & hotpad, so she asked about what I would like so of course I said a quilting magazine as we don't get the American ones here so got Quilt Sampler, plus some love sock yarn feel wonderful, & some cotton called "I Love This Cotton" some Sugar 'N' Cream cotton plus 3 cloths, there was a little chocolate marshmallow which didn't travel so well so ate that straight away lol plus another little chocolate mmmmmmmm
I will enjoy reading the magazine from the quick look I have I am wanting to jump in to the pages that show the quilting stores & start shopping they are so nice nothing like I seen over here
So all in all a good day for me getting packages oh yes I received some cotton I ordered & some thimbles as I collect them not open those yet as need a clear space & was sewing at the time.

Applique Hotpad/Pot Holder

This is my attempt of applique I done a hotpad/pot holder it not that great so I will be keeping it apart from anything else I also tried the bought binding & am not too happy with it first I put it on wrong for me so then struggled with having to hand sew the binding which is not good for me but I am fairly happy with the applique part of it & it was a throw together one anyway.

Monday, 21 September 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of Wk 2

Well end of week two of the Christmas Challenge, I have only manage one item for the gift stash this week but that is the challenge to do at least one item, the reason it only been one item I was busy doing the Dutch Nine Patch Blocks so now they are out the way I hope to be able to do more gifts.
With the Dutch 9 patch blocks I did finish the last off but guess who was so happy to finish them & get them in to their envelopes no photo was taken of the last few.
The socks below are a plain/solid brown colour not so happy with the yarn when knitting as it does feel a little scratchy but once knitted & washed they are fine these will be for DH
I got as I said before some more sock yarn & I have started another pair of socks for DH this is out of Regia Bamboo yarn it a discontinued like & I got some blue flex type yarn so DH will wear them but I do have to be so careful when looking at yarns if any are for him he so fussy lol that said he not so bad if I do them as a trainer/sport sock as he says they not seen inside the shoe so he will wear a bit more of colour mix.
Well how are all of you doing with this challenge I not seen this on anybody's blog you know the weeks & days are ticking away fast & before we know it we be in holiday season so do start to get those gifts started & let me know I would love to see what you are up to
On a slightly different note some who leave comments are on no reply so as welcome as they are I can't comment back to you it not that I don't wish to so please do bear this in mind if you post a comment I love hearing from you all so please do continue leaving your comments

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Quilting Group Project

Yesterday was my Quilting Group I have had the newsletter earlier giving suggested supplies well as I need to see something before I can say I would like it in this or that colour I went with the suggested colours we did have a picture of it on the newsletter but it was dark so hard to see anyway.
Well off I go with my machine & supplies scared like a chicken thinking no way will I be able to do this, but Jan is a great teacher she helps you along which she did with me.
The project is a quilt/topper or what ever you want it to be it will finish at 40"x40" so not sure what I will do with it yet may be a Christmas gift if it finished in time.
Well I cut out all the pieces on Heat & Bond (web bond) well I say me I had help as I struggle with having to cut out with sccissors but all pieces cut & then put on to the right colour fabric & then put on centre panel fabric it looking good well I think it is.
As the machine I take I only had a few months & only ever gets used when I am at QG I wasn't sure of the settings so I couldn't do the sewing around the basket & flowers I will practice on some scraps on my regular machine before starting to attempt it on the basket but it will make me remember to take the instruction book with me to the machine but the other thing is that this machine hasn't a clear foot like my regular machine.
Anyway as I didn't do anymore on the basket I started to do the 4 patch which will go around the the panel before adding a strip all around that which would have had some vines & leaves added to it but that is for next month I just have to get the stitching all round the basket, leaves, stems & flowers plus add the 4 patch all around before next month.
I must say this is my first attempt at doing applique & I am enjoying the look will say more when I attempted to do the sewing all around the pieces lol so this is my centre panel so far I will have to give it a light press again as bringing it home I noticed it has got slightly creased so need to press it before I start to sew.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Even More Dutch Nine Patch Blocks

Here is some more Dutch 9 Patch blocks the top & bottom are Red with white/cream & middle one is with pink.
It been a funny day today we left to go shopping around our usual time but DH had a Dr appointment first the Dr was running late so by the time we got out of there is was later than we usually do our weekly shop
To add to this we went to a different supermarket well we went to 2 first one we got most of the bits plus extras then the next one we got stuff that we can't get at the first one & in between the two supermarkets we went to the freezer shop.
So we got back late so got shopping away & had lunch, I had some packages first a lovely Thimble from Lyn in Australia then I got more sock yarn & then the templates & cutting mat I ordered when it arrived I realised that I actually wanted a A3 not the A4 I ordered well that what I get the whole order seem to go weird, I am okay especially after the blocks did go together so well seem to not have any problems with them.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mid-Week Report

It is already mid-week, & so far I haven't done as much as I would like well have spent some money that I can't afford lol I ordered some Plain/Solid colour sock yarn it is Regia 4 ply I got a Dark Green & a Brown these will do for DH, I ordered on Monday arrived Tuesday.

I then went & ordered more sock yarn from the place which is in the UK & if you spend over £10 postage free I ordered 8 more balls but this time I have some Bamboo yarn well it still Regia but it discontinued & it 40% bamboo the balls are only 50 grm so need 2 balls for a pair of socks so got 2 different shades so that the 4 balls & the other 4 balls I ordered some self-patterning one.

I have also ordered some Non-Slip squares & a A4 cutting mat the mat is so I can take it to my quilting group the squares are 5.5" 8.5" & 15.5" I thought the large one would be good for doing some blocks for bags I like to square up what I do & I am trying to build up my collection of templates.

My DH went off out & he found me some lovely thimbles as I collect them well I do but hadn't bother in ages then I was talking to someone in Australia & we doing a swap & it got my interest up again so I got some more little cabinets & DH has put them on the wall I keeping one just for the ones he buys me then rest can go in the other 2 cabinets that he put up.

No photos to share today may be tomorrow if i can finish the blocks I am working I must say while I like the Dutch 9 Patch I much prefer it if there is more than one to do in the same colour than if I have to do each one separately in different colours so will be glad when they are finished.

I hope everyone is busy with their projects I have nearly finish the 1st of a pair of socks for DH with yarn I had I do want to put these away for Christmas for him that the only think he does see me knitting & I know he knows the plain colours are for him lol you all have a good day now

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge End of WK 1

Here is what I done in week one of the Christmas Challenge, I managed to do 2 cloths & a back scrubber, no sewing gifts done this week still been working on the swap blocks I need to do then I have them all done.

I will be starting some socks to give my hands a rest as I do find knitting on the thicker yarns & needles hurt my hands a bit but I do prefer thicker yarns as it knits up so much quicker.

So please let me know what you have done in your first week of this challenge if you let me have your blog or photo albums url if you put photos of your gifts on there i will then during the course of this week put them on here so others can see what you done I am sure we all be interested.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

More Dutch Nine Patch Blocks Greens

Here is more Dutch Nine Patch blocks these are Greens 3 are two shades of green & 1 is Green & Cream myself I prefer the green with the cream.
This is showing how different fabrics can look in the same block which even if you dislike the colours or fabric it interesting to see how different colours can make a difference

Where Did We Begin

On Daisy Quilts she has come up with a question which a we are answering where did we begin or how did we start quilting so this is my story.
I had always knitted but due to hand problems it was getting more difficult I had started to take a sewing course but we decided to move so I couldn't continue but before we decided this I had gone to a Quilting shop as I thought I like to do a quilt well I got some charm packs the cutting mat, rotary cutter & a ruler & then it all got packed away as I said we thought we would move.
After we moved knitting became impossible for me to continue & I had started to look on ebay for supplies & found a lovely lady called Lynnette who sold me some squares we have since become very good friends & with her encouragement & nagging after a year I took the plunge
I did a lap quilt using scrappy squares which I gave to my mum it took a while after that before I did another quilt this was better than the first which looking at it now wasn't very good & since then have made a few the last ones I feel I can really see the improvement still not anywhere near as good as I would like but so much better than my first one so I feel I come a long way since my first quilt but still have much further to go

Another quilt for one of the Granddaughters

Above Grandson's quilt I did these 3 all in a short space of time for the 3 eldest grandchildren

Above 2nd quilt this & the one below are for my Granddaughters

Above First full size quilt

Below my first quilt before it finished

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Christmas Gift Challenge

I was thinking about the days ticking by to Christmas you can see how many on the counter on the side, well I thought I would issue you all with a challenge & that is to do at least one gift a week any craft this is for you so no costly postage well not unless you have to post it to family or friends what it is you do at least one gift a week for the next 15 weeks so that you have at least 15 less presents to worry about.
Each week on the beginning of the follow week I will post what I have done & you can all comment on what you have done & if you take photos & share your blog or album in the comment each week I will post them so everyone can see what you done, week 1 will run from 7th to 13th week 2 is 14th to 20th & so forth.
Ideas for you if you knit or crochet you could do hats, scarves, mittens, face/dishcloths, back scrubbers, pot holders or coasters/mug mats
Quilting well lap or larger quilts, wall-hangings, placemats, table runners, pot holders coaster/mug mats or bags
I am sure there is plenty more ideas out there, I will be listing what I have done each week, & posting photos & as I said if you have a blog or photo album where you post what you have done I will list them, please do let everyone know as I think this may be a good challenge so do sign up & follow each week as I am still new to how blogging is done not sure if I will be able to put a list on the side of those who sign up will try.

Monday, 7 September 2009

More Dutch Nine Patch Blocks

I have done some more of the Dutch Nine Patch Blocks these are in the Brown/Earth & Cream group that I have to do, as I do the rest of the blocks I will post photos of them this will show what the blocks look like in different colour combinations for you so know 11 of 21 blocks have been done I hope to do the Greens next not sure what fabric I will use for these I have the greens it what is going with it a lot will be decided on what is requested as well as what I have in stash.
Today here in the part of the UK I am in is overcast & breezy, I have been out today with DH in to town well may be he stop calling me Bear why does he call me that he says I like to hibernate & don't go out this is because he goes out most days & I don't well wouldn't get my sewing or knitting done if I did lol
The birthday bash was nice I enjoyed the meal I didn't go too mad but did have a little of everything as it was a Indian meal which was a buffet style each as much as you want for the price but still didn't go overboard.
I hope to go & start some facecloths also want to do some back scrubbers as I need to get more in the gift stash if you look on the counter on how many days it is until Christmas you see we soon be down in to two digit numbers as this year is going by fast & it will be Christmas before we know it & then you could be rushing around trying to finish all the things we need to.
So I challenge All of you to complete one gift a week from now until Christmas that would be 15 gifts that 15 less off the gift list, so do post what you are doing & how it is going between now & Christmas

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dutch Nine Patch Block

I have some Browns & Cream cut ready to start on tomorrow then I have to cut more fabric in other colours, certainly won't be today as I am off for a meal out it DH's brother's 60th birthday in the week so their sister & her husband is taking him out for a meal what he don't know is that the family will also be going so we will be driving down there later it about a hours drive away, well it saves me cooking lol

Saturday, 5 September 2009

At the Square Block

I managed to get 2 blocks done yesterday these are for a TB group lottery for September not a bad block I must say I don't like doing the 4 triangle pieces when doing them but do like them in blocks lol the block is called AT THE SQUARE which is on Quilterscache.
Today I want to start on the blocks which is for my group Q4A we are doing a ongoing swap & this one we are doing is the Dutch Nine Patch which is a nice easy block two names are drawn each month until all those who signed up have been drawn rather nice really.
I know I won't get too much sewing done tomorrow as I will be off out going to have a meal to celebrate DH's brother 60th Birthday with DH family well it gets me of cooking duty lol

Friday, 4 September 2009

Just Like Christmas

This Morning doorbell rang & it was the parcel man who had a delivery for me I did know this was coming but it not was going to be in this as this was a belated birthday present from my friend Lynnette click on her name to go to her online shop.
Well I proceeded to open up this box & it was my Birthday & Christmas all rolled in to one as you can see I have bee so spoilt thank you Lynnette
I received a pack of P&B FQs there is 22 in this pack, then there was 4 packs of FQs in which there was two with 4 FQs & two with 5 FQs in (hope you keeping count) then I received two packs of 5 inch squares (think you call them charms) & one pack of 4 inch squares no idea how many squares in each pack but a lot, then I also got a pack of 2 inch strips of fabric, so i received 40 FQs 2 packs of 5 inch squares 1 of 4 inch & 1 pack of strips Lynnette had said in a card this should keep me sewing until next holiday well I think it will for several holidays now how luck am I am not sure what I will do with them as yet I am still admiring them & overwhelmed with her generosity it certainly Christmas here in my household today.

Above all my Goodies
Below is in more detail 4 & 5 inch squares
Below 4 packs of FQs two are 4 in a pack & the other two have 5 in

Below a pack of 2 inch strips of fabric

Below is P&B FQ pack of 22 FQs

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Angel of September

Today is the first day of September so here is a Angel for you it call Angel of September Wishing you all a Wonderful Month

~Waiting to hear callTo come from the skySeptember's sweet angelIs ready to flyBringing you peace andLove on the wayKissing you softlyAs gently you prayAsking for guidanceWith eyes cast aboveLooking to Jesus To guide all with loveWanting to be thereClose to your sideSeptember's sweet angelYour friend and your guideReach out to touchThe gentlest wingsKnow that you're greetedWith love that will singHigh in the cloudsSo peaceful and fairSeptember's sweet angelA beauty so rareSoar to the heavensWith peace of a doveA most special gift From God in His Love~