Monday, 13 September 2010

1st Hat

Here is the 1st hat I have knitted I did it on Double Pointed Needles (DPs) I started off with the stitches being over 4 needles but found it a bit awkward so went down to having them on 3 needles.
The pattern is from Lion Brand & is called Lake District   Hat   If you click on hat it will take you there it does say do it as garter stitch which is every row knit but they using straight needles by using DPs or even circular you knit every round but it comes out as stocking stitch.
I had wanted to use circular needles but the set I have are 100cm (40 inches) which was way too long I have ordered a set which is 50 cm these will be bamboo like the other set of circular plus my needles & DPs since I started using bamboo needles I really like them.
Anyway below is my 1st attempt of doing a hat, the yarn is not one I would normally gone for it is a 4 ply but I hate knitting with it when I knitted socks once the socks are done & washed they fine just not as nice & soft as some of my sock yarns

My 1st knitted Hat


  1. Looks great to me! Well done! Now sit and have a nice cup of tea - I will too and think of your great accomplishment!

  2. Now hats I can knit. I love making hats. They are usually quick and easy.

    Your hat looks great!


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