Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Books & Knitting

I haven't been doing much sewing of late not that I not been looking & having ideas

I am in a couple of Christmas Swaps so ideas been rattling around in my head (well just shows how empty it really is lol) 

I got a new book come that i got from Amazon you can look inside here

Pot Holders, Pinchers and More: 20 Colorful Designs to Brighten Your Kitchen 

I also got this e-book from e-pattern Central you can see further images the above

Sewing Season's Greetings 

I have also knitted a pair of socks the socks are done in yarn from Knit Picks the yarn is  felici  yarn I have used Rainbow for this pair doing a Waffle pair of socks


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aran Sweater

Here is the Aran Sweater i been working on I finished it yesterday Wednesday 5th Sept, I started it on Saturday 11th August so it taken just over 3 weeks to do

I used Robin Aran 75% acrylic & 25% Wool the pattern is 8 row repeat, this is going to be a gift am hoping that the person will like it I hope to get it sent soon

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Angel for September

Here is an Angel for September for you All

Angel Of September 

~Waiting to hear call
To come from the sky
September's sweet angel
Is ready to fly
Bringing you peace and
Love on the way
Kissing you softly
As gently you pray
Asking for guidance
With eyes cast above
Looking to Jesus
To guide all with love
Wanting to be there
Close to your side
September's sweet angel
Your friend and your guide
Reach out to touch
The gentlest wings
Know that you're greeted
With love that will sing
High in the clouds
So peaceful and fair
September's sweet angel
A beauty so rare
Soar to the heavens
With peace of a dove
A most special gift
From God in His Love~