Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Postcard & Hat

Saturday was my Quilting Group that I go to Well Janet who runs it is also on my online quilting group & she been hosting a postcard swap, which I have said no way am I doing one plus don't know how to do it.
Well she had fetched the stuff & got me doing one myself I think it okay nothing to write home about (for give the pun lol) but there again as everyone says you never think your own work is as good as others.
I also have finished the 1st hat of a 2 hat order I will be doing the 2nd in the same yarn just different colour the yarn is Online Spot Colour range
My 1st Postcard   

Hat Online 4 ply yarn in Spot Colour Range


  1. I saw you on Janet's blog with your pretty postcard. I've never tried to make one, but maybe someday. Love the hat.

  2. Both the postcard and the hat are great.

  3. Both the hat and the fabric postcard are lovely. I have swapped many a card. They are fun to make!


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