Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What Wadding/Batting do You Use

I was wondering what wadding/batting do you use for quilts & do you use different weights types depending on what you do.

I did a single quilt using some polyester type I used 270 grm weight which is 9.5 ozs, I can get the same wadding in weights of 200 grms 7 ozs or 70 grms which is nearly 2.5 ozs

I have used Warm & Natural 100% cotton which is nice but find it is a bit flat & also not warm enough for me when I use it as a quilt

I know you can also get 80/20 which is 80% cotton & 20% polyester & other waddings

So which do you go for & why & how do you find it wears, the single quilt I did I have found even that was a struggle to get in to the washing machine so I don't think I will use that thick wadding again may be when I have to get a new washing machine I know I will be going for one that is a much bigger load plus a wider door, so will look forward to some feed back on the Wadding/Batting


  1. I like the thickness of the polyester wadding, but it's harder to quilt with... so I use the lovely cotton wadding!

  2. Janice, I like to use Thermore for hand quilts up lovely and soft.
    Julia ♥

  3. I have used Hobbs Polydown for a warmer feel. It is a bit puffier but I quite liked the finished look and it is cosy.

  4. I used polyester when I first started quilting but switched to Warm & White cotton and love it. I like how thin it is. Alot easier to quilt with and wash. If I need a warmer quilt, I just pile a couple more on :)

  5. It depends on what I am doing...hand quilting or machine quilting, but I do like Warm and White cotton...I also like Hobbs when I want a plumper look.

  6. I like to use either Warm and Natural or Hobbs 80-20. I only do machine quilting these days and my mind has gone completely blank of what I used when I did hand quilting.

  7. Janice, like Jan I use 2oz polyester but for wallhangings, table mats and so on I use cotton or 80/20. Ros


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