Friday, 30 January 2009

Puss in the Corner Blocks

Here are 4 blocks I did they are call Puss in the Corner I had originally done these for a swap but they came out small, I am blaming my DH as the whole time i was sewing he kept calling me & need my help for a job he as doing I know I cut the fabric correctly as I have checked but they came out small so have to do some more.

I have done one already different block totally it is slightly harder yet came out fine so not sure what went wrong i will be able to use them in something no doubt or if i need them a little bigger I could border them so they won't go to waste

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Front & Reverse side of Pinwheel Quilt

I have finished the Quilt below is it done & the photo to side is showing a closer view of top in part & the reverse side which is a flannel fabric which has Nursery Rhymes themes on it such a Hey diddle ect.

I am rather pleased with the outcome of it I used a soft & bright wadding (batting) for this so it warm but light in weight, which I think is good for a young child.

While doing the sewing during the day I have managed to be knitting in the evenings while watching some TV & have finished one sock & have started on another so will finish them this week.

As to next project I do have a couple of tops that I need to know what to do with one will make a single bed size quilt (3ft bed) while the other could be a lap quilt or may be a tablecloth am not too sure with that one yet, the single bed one is nice just not sure who I could do it for or should I do it for my home as I have single beds in one room will decide later as to what to do or who for.

Finished Pinwheel Quilt

Finished Pinwheel Quilt

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Pinwheel Top

I finished the Pinwheel Top I have done the sashing (the in between blocks) in WoW (white on white) fabric & done the borders in a purple, I can thank my DH for those two choices as I asked for his imput & he said what he thought would go so I looked at what I had in my fabric stash & came up with these.

I am more than pleased with how it gone so far & hope to cut the wadding (batting) & the backing fabric in the next few days

Monday, 19 January 2009

Pinwheel Blocks

I have been sewing I have sewn the triangles which is 16 trianges of each colour then I had to put 4 triangles to make 1 block I done 4 blocks of each colour so got 16 blocks of the Pinwheel pattern block to put in to a quilt each block at present is 8.5 inches so it will give a size of 32 inches by 32 inches before I put any borders on or if i do any sashing not full sure how I will do yet, you will see when I done it

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Jacket for a 1 year old

I Just finished a jacket for my grandniece's first birthday it not just yet but thought I get it done.

I used a yarn that similar to Sidar Snowflake Chunky as this is a pain to cast on or even pick up I decided on using a Aran yarn for the ribs that a nice Lilac & I used 4.5mm needles for the body I used 5.5mm needles, the yarn is a sort of bobble yarn but is so soft the colour is Mauve.

Friday, 16 January 2009


Here is a photo of my youngest Grandchild who was 1 yesterday he is Benjamin, a rough & tumble sort of chap he will try all sorts of foods as well he like his dad he loves his food lol

Friday, 9 January 2009

Confetti Yarn Scarf

Here is the first of two scarves I am doing I am using the same yarn Sidar Confetti but different colours this one is called Eggshell the other one which is more a mint colour both are done on 7mm needles & I have just done a garter stitch I am still working on the 2nd scarf, this is taking 3 balls of yarn which are 50gms each ball.

Once you can get the cast on & first row done it fairly easy, the yarn is not the easiest to work with & hard if you either drop a stitch or have to undo any as it a bobble style with the thread being thinner but it does feel so soft when knitted up.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Merino Wool Socks

I finished a pair of socks these are for me, well I thought I would be the guinea pig for a change lol the yarn is 50% Merino wool 25% Bamboo & 25% Polyamid the yarn is what I got from Germany it felt lovely & soft before I knitted it & it has knitted up very nice, & I have enough yarn over to do another pair just shorter leg should do it.

I have been ordering some yarns for me to do some gifts out off & am waiting on that to be delivered plus I have ordered some patterns for the yarn I ordered plus some baby patterns, the patterns are really nice & they use a chunky yarn which is very unusual as normally most patterns are done in Double Knit so will be interesting to see how they go when I do them I do have some nice Lilac chunky yarn so that will do nicely