Thursday, 12 July 2018

Been in Hospital

Not been around as much as in June I got an abscess which landed me in hospital for nearly a week

It was near the site of the surgery I had for the cancer & taking the lymph nodes so my doctor was worried that it may have been more than just an abscess

I went straight to the hospital & was kept in put on antibiotics which they gave me through the canulla 3 times a day I had it drained which has left a hole

So now I am having to have it packed every day until it heals I was told that I may get infections because of having the lymph nodes taken out which is what I got which in turn in to an abscess.

I had a copy of the written letter which goes to my GP it says that I had stage 3 cancer having had a radical Vulvtectomy on the left side with sentinel taken out which had cancer in & lymph nodes which had microscopic particals of cancer but now all has been removed 

I am now trying to get back to being able to do stuff but first need to sort out my stash well all what it is stored in as it has all been put in to the shed which I have to sort out & as I want to start thinking of quilting I do need to do that

I have to see the nurse every day with district nurse coming in at weekends so not getting time to do anything as can't really do too much but I will keep you posted on how I am doing