Monday, 18 October 2010

Emotion Socks

I have felt better this week in as much as the room not spinning but do still feel as I am on the edge of it starting as if I move my head too quick I don't feel great even turning in bed can make me feel a bit off.
I haven't done any sewing well seeing a needle going up & down won't help I know you don't actually look at but as you are watching your work it is in the eye line.
I been knitting so finished a pair of socks I used Online 4 ply yarn the Emotion Range these are for a gift so will be put aside to be given for Christmas.
I didn't go to my Quilting Group on Saturday & I have to finish the table runner that we started last month well no sewing since then.
I do hope to attempt some sewing this week as I really want to sew plus I have a fair bit I need to get done in time for Christmas which is getting closer 
Well the socks I mention are below
Emotion Socks


  1. Glad to hear you are starting to improve even if it's just a bit here and there.

    Your sewing may be getting behind but your knitting is moving right along nicely. More fun socks :)

  2. Glad to hear there's some improvement for you. I hope that carries on but at least you are still able to knit so you are achieving something.

  3. Hello Janice, not easy when one is unwell....take your socks.....sewing will always be there....Warm Regards Lyn

  4. Hope you are feeling better, and I have gone through what you have, so know wht it is like.
    Love your socks!


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