Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pinwheel Method & Socks

I have cut all the fabric for the 1930s pinwheel quilt i am doing which is for DH's Cousin Wedding in May I am going to use the Missouri Star pinwheel method click  Here   to see video only difference is that i am using layer cake size (10 inch squares)
I haven't managed to do any actual sewing as i have had a bout of Vertigo so no sewing for me, also i have packed up my machine so it can go for a service also to get the dog feed sorted as i can drop them using the slide lever but it won't come back up after using it
I been watching some of the DVDs i got which are the Quilt in a Day ones, well i need to think about what i will do my DD quilt in as she gets married in October so need to decide on that & the fabrics but not too worried yet as as need the cousin's one done & out the way
I just finished an 2 sock order which has been done in ONline Yarn their Forest Colour Range which is 75%  Virgin Super Wash Wool & 25% Polyamide the colour is 1296 & 1297
I will show you the colours in the range & then you can see the socks themselves
Forest Colour 1296
Forest Colour 1297

The socks will be on their way to the USA soon

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Socks & Quilting

Here is socks I finished 2 pairs of socks which was for an order
I used ONline Yarn the 1st pair which is the blue ones I used Spot-Colour Range & these are for a ladies US 5/ UK 2.5 
The 2nd pair which is the grey/black ones I used Canadian-Colour Range & these are for a Man US 10/ UK 9.5
I have spent the last of my Christmas money I had & have ordered some Quilt in a Day DVDs these are to go along with the books I already have they are Egg Money Quilts, Quilts Through the Seasons, & Underground Railroad Sampler, I also got the book Flying Geese to go with a DVD I already had so getting a nice collection of Books & DVDs to learn & work by

Spot-Colour 1230
Canadian-Colour 1290

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy St David's Day & an Angel for March

St David's Day this is the Patron Saint of Wales so if you have any connections to the Welsh wishing you a Happy St David's Day
Also here is your angel for March wishing you a good month they say if it comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb so we have to see what it will be like
Angel Of March

~In testament to richness
With elegance sublime
This angel of the month of March
Her heart be so inclined

To share her wealth with those of you
Who need a special hand
She casts her coins upon the land
This gift will always land

Within your heart you capture gold
The kind you always seek
These are the coins she spreads about
To make you rich with peace

To find a coin that falls from sky
To see it glisten bright
Just pick it up to make you rich
All bounty in your sight

For gold it cannot measure
All the beauty that she gives
It is her special way to say
In wealth you always live

Treasure things that fall from sky
Riches never part
The beauty of the gold she sends
Will gather in your heart.~