Friday, 29 October 2010

My Ist Postcard & Feeling Old

I agreed to go in to a postcard swap so this is my 1st attempt at doing one to send, I did one when I was at Quilting Group as Janet made me she had fetched the stuff along but this was my 1st one on my own with nothing but me to work it out & design it, now it is in the mail on it way to the USA.
My 1st Postcard

Last night I got in the bath & don't ask how as I am not even sure but I got in & was standing ready to sit & I slipped & fell out, I managed to knock the plastic edging off the shower screen DH made & not sure if it was on that or what but I cut my elbow or just under it & have badly bruised it with it feeling like I have bruises elsewhere.

DH heard me & came rushing in so had to say don't or he would have whacked my head as we have a bathroom that you can't swing a cat in lol
Anyway he starts to get angry saying I have to wait for him to get in the bath ect he only got bad because he was worried & scared I done some real damage, he did ask if I had come over dizzy & said no it was slipping in the bath
Anyway I am well padded as my mum would say so no damage done nothing broken just sore & hurts like mad when I move my arm so having to take it easy, why is it that when I want to sew something else happens lol

Monday, 25 October 2010

Canadian Colour Socks

I have used the Online yarn again & for the first time I been disappointed, as I had nearly finished the 1st sock which is the one on the bottom out of the 2.
I had a join in the yarn it was when i was on the green it had a little of the washed out pink bit then went back to green so cut out that bit & joined it so it be all green & finished the sock which wasn't that much more anyway.
Go to try to get to the start for the 2nd sock & it was out of order the yellow came after the green not before so had to undo the whole ball & re-wind it so it now in correct order.
But for those who have a keen eye will notice a slight difference with the yellow it has much more green in it so it not quite the same as the first so I am not a very happy bunny.
The socks were done in Online Yarn Canadian Colour 4 ply yarn
On a happier note I got some sewing done yesterday I managed to do a table runner top so now have 2 table runners & a single quilt to quilt which I hope to do this week.
I was looking for some labels I have well it took a good hour I thought I knew where they were so I looked & looked in all the places I have fabric & I finally found them yes you guessed it where I thought they were they were hiding under some FQs looking like FQs lol
As you may have guessed I am feeling better than I have been I still have to watch what I do no sudden head movements & if I have to look up or down I have to be careful but am better than I have been Thank You all for your kind thoughts, prayers & concern.
Canadian Colour 4 ply

Saturday, 23 October 2010

AccuQuilt Give-Away

Letting you all know that there is a give-away for the AccuQuilt at   Irish Muses  Blog now don't everyone rush over there as I have entered & would love to win this but if you do good luck 
I am sure that once you visited the blog you will return even after the Give-Away is finished which is on 5th November which also happens to be Guy Fawkes Day here in the UK the day some guy tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament back in 1605 so may be I will have my own explosion with me winning the AccuQuilt lol
You can read more about the  AccuQuilt   at their website

Monday, 18 October 2010

Emotion Socks

I have felt better this week in as much as the room not spinning but do still feel as I am on the edge of it starting as if I move my head too quick I don't feel great even turning in bed can make me feel a bit off.
I haven't done any sewing well seeing a needle going up & down won't help I know you don't actually look at but as you are watching your work it is in the eye line.
I been knitting so finished a pair of socks I used Online 4 ply yarn the Emotion Range these are for a gift so will be put aside to be given for Christmas.
I didn't go to my Quilting Group on Saturday & I have to finish the table runner that we started last month well no sewing since then.
I do hope to attempt some sewing this week as I really want to sew plus I have a fair bit I need to get done in time for Christmas which is getting closer 
Well the socks I mention are below
Emotion Socks

Monday, 11 October 2010

More Socks

Not done much in the way of crafts I still not been too good, I been to the doctors this morning who try to see if she can move the crystals back which this is what she saying is causing the problem with the dizziness.
I now can't bend my head low or look up high plus have to sleep nearly upright for a few days.
I done a pair of socks which is for my DH for Christmas they are done in Regia 4 ply yarn in a dark brown colour 
I must say I do prefer to do knitting with the yarns that are self-patterning as while it mindless knitting when you are doing knit it changes as you go along so it not so boring plus being such a dark brown was harder to work with.
Here in the UK the clocks will be going back by an hour on the week-end 30/31st I always say it on the Saturday which is the 30th but officially it 2am on Sunday 31st I wonder will that make it that my son who's birthday is on the 31st get a extra hour for his birthday lol 
Dark Brown Regia 4 Ply Socks

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In Memory of my Mum

It been two years today since my mum passed away so here are some photos of her
She was 97 when she passed
Mum taken July 2004

My mum & Dad taken abt 1956/57

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Socks Finished

It been a funny week what with me not being great with the vertigo, I have stopped taking the tablets for it now & will see how I do without them well need to know if it cleared up off medications & not just while I am on medication for it.
I have finished a pair of socks these are for a order in the UK I used the Online Make the Emotion Colour range this is from the 1st of the 3 different colour ranges in the emotion colour as there is emotion II, & III each having 8 different colours in their range it made from 50% merino wool, 25% bamboo & 25% Polyamide the same make up is in all of the Emotion colour ranges.
Well below is the socks I finished, I will taking a break to start a couple of books I want to read so won't be starting anything new for a few days or a week depends on how much reading time I can get in.
Emotion Colour Range a 4 Ply yarn